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Alzheimers Disease Pt.2

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Participants: Paula Eakins, Curtis Eakins


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00:01 Well, we wanna welcome you back.
00:02 Okay, welcome back to our kitchen.
00:04 We're gonna making enchilada casserole and so
00:07 we want to go to the ingredients on this.
00:09 Okay, let's do that. It calls for:
00:41 Enchilada casserole. Now I've already started
00:44 sautéing the onions for times sake also we want
00:48 to get those onions nice and done
00:49 and what you have as a couple of thing
00:51 we're gonna set to put things together.
00:52 Okay, this is over here. Now I want to show them
00:53 the Boca burger that's what I'm using as my crumbles,
00:55 okay. And Boca ground and this is probably
00:58 one of the best, not imitation but mock
01:03 ground beef that they can get on the market,
01:05 yes, turn the box there.
01:07 You can get this at some of your major food store
01:09 chains as well. I think it looks like this too.
01:12 Alright, and I'm gonna go ahead and put in my hand
01:15 though but we gonna put this in place now.
01:18 Yeah, they can see it in a few minutes.
01:19 Why don't you go ahead and pour it into a bowl
01:20 and let them see what it looks like.
01:22 After all we are the ones... yeah that's right,
01:24 we are gonna be eating this right,
01:26 you can see the crumbles how the crumbles
01:27 actually look. It has the same kind of texture
01:29 looks like ground beef. Like it's been done
01:30 really and truly, okay, and we're gonna pour
01:33 into the bowl. I think you like this particular one
01:35 better than other type of mock ground beef.
01:37 I mean the texture, the mouth feel is better
01:40 than some of the others out there.
01:42 This is my favorite because it has the texture
01:43 in a mouth like, regular meat, and it comes
01:45 in pouches, three pouches in a pack.
01:47 One pouch takes a one cup of actual mock
01:50 or protein base type foods so one cup okay,
01:53 alright, now we're gonna ahead and start
01:56 we call doing a little dumping here.
01:57 Curtis go ahead and put the beans
01:59 and if you will and okay, and these are your
02:02 pinto beans, 4 cups of pinto beans.
02:04 Now, you don't drain these. I drained both
02:06 of that of early. Most of it, okay.
02:07 And of course it calls for the onions, this is the
02:11 onion going on and also. That's onion are really
02:13 smell out the whole place.
02:14 Yeah, and maybe even brought a new
02:16 camera person for the onions.
02:18 Okay. Okay, now I have quite a few seasoning.
02:20 So, let me we get all the goodies, all the goodies.
02:23 Now the seasonings in this is actually calling
02:25 for 1 tbsp we say garlic powder, onion powder,
02:29 cumin and sage all of that and cayenne.
02:33 Everything is in my bowl, alright. Okay.
02:35 So we're gonna just dump it on in it.
02:36 To be well seasoned casserole, okay,
02:39 taste good. Okay, and I'm gonna stir
02:40 this up and if you would while I am doing
02:42 that go ahead and take that yellow that bowl that,
02:45 and cover the bottom and just mix,
02:47 cover the bottom of that if you will please,
02:49 just the bottom, okay, alright. Alright,
02:51 we're gonna cover that bottom because
02:53 we want to put those shells on top of that.
02:54 Now you going to save some of this for later on
02:56 Yea, you won't do all of it, use one just do it
02:58 enough just to do the bottom and normally
02:59 after about I say about two cups we'll just
03:02 bring that around like this, okay.
03:03 So, it bottoms covered, aright and why I want
03:06 to use this recipe by the way this is a
03:07 revised recipe from my book.
03:10 Vegetarian Cooking Made Easy alright,
03:12 we've revised it, instead of making the Tortilla shells
03:14 all one in each other, we just gonna take it
03:17 and lay our soft Tortilla shell right inside
03:20 the casserole dish, alright this is enough
03:23 and one of thing I like is that even if you wanna
03:26 get your sides in there and lets move this over
03:28 you want to get your sides in. You just go ahead
03:30 and cut this down center and we can actually
03:35 put that over on your sides okay, okay
03:38 that we get all the... have enough shell to go
03:41 everywhere. And now... You can get
03:42 this shells anywhere, any grocery store,
03:44 you don't have to go to an health food store,
03:45 no, no, no you can have that. When you're talking
03:47 about plant based foods and we want to make
03:48 sure that we're getting plant based foods in.
03:50 alright, now what I'm gonna do now,
03:51 I'm gonna actually pour in, I'll just turn up,
03:54 you can pour the beans in there for me,
03:56 beans and this is a meat & beans combination
03:58 and cover the whole bottom. I'm gonna cover
03:59 the whole body, okay, okay so, it's a good way to get all
04:03 those grains and cereals in.
04:05 I can tell this will be nice and seasoned. Okay,
04:07 all the goodies out Curtis, all the
04:09 goodies out, yes dear. Alright, okay,
04:12 there you go, okay and we're gonna then just
04:15 take and move it all the way around and
04:17 this dish itself, cover all parts.
04:21 This is gonna bake in the oven, okay and the
04:24 temperature is gonna be 375 degrees
04:27 and it's gonna bake for approximately about
04:30 45 minutes, okay, okay I would like to cover it
04:33 the first time around and then from after that
04:35 you can just leave it uncovered for just about
04:38 5 minutes still in the oven as well,
04:40 just like to get us. No, no, we're gonna,
04:41 we're gonna put our top on and the top
04:43 is the top. The nutritional yeast flakes,
04:45 the nutritional yeast flakes as we're gonna
04:47 using right, okay so we will put the next
04:49 topping on, okay. And you want me cut this,
04:52 yes you can cut in the half, okay you wanna
04:54 make sure that you cover it. Okay.
04:57 And that's gonna be the best part of this
04:59 make it covering. And now we're gonna put
05:02 this one on the side here, and that one there.
05:05 Oh! Okay. Okay, and at this point what
05:09 we are gonna do is we are gonna go ahead and pour
05:10 the sauce lightly over the top of that, and rest
05:12 of the sauce just pour over top. Oh! Okay.
05:14 Alright. We're gonna pour it over top and make
05:18 sure we cover it completely the tortillas
05:21 shell in the bottom of course is soft, it is gonna
05:23 get nice and seasoned because of the beans
05:26 and all the spices we put in already and then
05:28 of course this is on the top is gonna soften
05:32 the shell, can I use all of this all that goes
05:34 on top. Okay. Okay, let me get my spatula out
05:38 and we're gonna move this around
05:39 and how we're looking for our time.
05:41 And we're coming down the time, honey. Alright,
05:43 so what we're gonna do then we're gonna go off
05:46 and you gonna see the finished product when
05:48 we come back so you want to just stay by.


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