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Alzheimer's Disease, Pt. 1

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Participants: Curtis Eakins, Paula Eakins


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00:01 Well we want to welcome you back, okay, and
00:02 we made our salad bowls we actually cooked it in
00:04 oven at 475 degrees for about five minutes, it
00:07 got brown on the outside, we are going bring it out
00:09 and cool it off and then it comes right out
00:11 of that custard dish very easily.
00:13 What we've done is we've added in our spring salad.
00:15 Spring salad, which has all the veggies
00:18 or what. We got salad vegetables in there with
00:21 the bitters and this is red peppers,
00:26 radishes are in there, cabbage and all kind
00:29 of stuff we got tomatoes.
00:31 No, no, honey, I see some chicken here.
00:33 Now of course this is a vegetarian program
00:35 of 3ABN so what's with the chicken.
00:38 This is not chicken at all believe it or not
00:39 this is just actually tofu
00:41 so, I have might have known so you know
00:43 this is tofu and also of course I said a surprise
00:47 for Curtis and I don't want him to know
00:48 what it was because this salad is really not
00:50 complete. The reason why I didn't finish is because
00:52 the special thing I had in here under my dish
00:55 which I really didn't want him to see it all
00:58 the olives, now we have a salad.
01:01 If I had have shown him these they would never
01:04 be on the end of this show.
01:05 Let me help you, we're gonna put some olives
01:08 on this salad as well, you can put a couple of
01:10 olives on Curtis. Why don't you just give me
01:12 the can and you take this. No, I don't have a
01:13 can with me. What happened to the can,
01:15 I got to destroyed it. Destroyed it?
01:17 Why did you do that, okay, probably look
01:20 with black olives too. it probably would.
01:22 Do you some black ones too. No I don't.
01:24 Go ahead and put those on there, okay, the rest
01:28 of these are mine? No, we want to put them on
01:30 salad so we can see how it looks.
01:31 You could do it with black olives you can do
01:34 the green olives as well to give more esthetics
01:36 to the salad itself.
01:38 Now you have one more olive then I have so
01:40 we will take this over here. Now you know it's
01:43 very, very funny guess what not too long ago
01:45 some friends of ours came to visit with us
01:47 and they were out in California and they came
01:50 by and you're not gonna believe this they brought
01:52 us a case of green olives, okay a whole
01:56 case and mainly 'cause they say were thinking
01:57 of Curtis how much he loves olives and you
01:59 all know how much Curtis loves olives,
02:00 everywhere we go people we have cooking classes
02:03 people bring Curtis a can of olives as a gift
02:05 and we use them in the class, okay, we sure do.
02:07 We don't want him to eat the whole thing on
02:09 his own. Now on top we also added any kind
02:12 of favorite salad dressing you might have,
02:13 we have quite a few of them in our books as
02:15 that you would drizzle that on top of your
02:18 salad. This is just, this is one of my
02:21 favorite dressings that I actually use on this
02:23 one and its going to be drizzled on top,
02:26 just drizzle. And you want to remember you can
02:27 actually eat the entire thing the whole salad.
02:31 So now you can eat the salad and also the
02:33 contain of the dough too. that's right,
02:35 eat a dough, the crust and everything.
02:37 Yeah, I will put a couple of spoons on
02:38 yours. You want me to just drizzle or pour?
02:41 Yes, go ahead and just drizzle some across
02:42 there, okay, alright, and all of it, and you
02:46 it's going to soak down that because of the fact
02:48 that we had that bread bowl, it's not going to
02:51 soak through the bread by the way as it is too
02:53 thick. Yeah. Now, I know that because we are
02:57 coming towards the end of the program that you
02:58 gonna I know what you gonna do you gonna ask
03:00 me a question so you know what already got
03:01 him taken care of and that is I made him his
03:04 own salad bowl that we can go out of the show.
03:07 Okay we got a problem because this one is
03:11 smaller, it's smaller because we're going
03:12 out on the show and I don't want them to
03:15 actually, we don't want to destroy the big ones
03:17 yet. Okay, so this is mine?
03:19 That's ours, ours, okay alright,
03:22 we wanna make sure you stay by because there
03:26 is a part two of this program so you don't
03:27 want a go and tell your friends to tune in back
03:30 in again. Remember next week it's going to be
03:32 Alzheimer's disease part two.
03:33 We will talk about herbal medicine, to see
03:36 if we can really reverse Alzheimer's disease,
03:38 it's going to be very powerful.
03:40 So as all always Jesus said, John 10:10,
03:43 I come that they might have life
03:46 and have it more abundantly.


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