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Alzheimer's Disease, Pt. 1

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Participants: Curtis Eakins, Paula Eakins


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00:01 Well we want to welcome you back,
00:02 and we are going to be doing
00:04 a Salad Bread Bowl.
00:06 So we gonna go to the ingredients on this one.
00:09 It calls for:
00:36 Well we are busy working right here in this part
00:39 part of trying to get this dough ready,
00:40 so you can see how we do it.
00:42 Curtis is rolling on his dough,
00:43 and I am rolling out mine, and all we are doing is
00:45 making it large enough to go over top of a
00:47 bowl and he will be making one salad and
00:50 I am making one. I am using flour on my
00:52 roller, rolling pin, how big you want.
00:56 You want to make it large enough to go
00:57 over top of a bowl, you know this gonna be a
00:59 bowl that you can put it in any oven,
01:00 we will have to put on oven pre heated at 300
01:03 sorry 475 degrees also, okay.
01:05 And at this point how is your looking I don't
01:10 know should be little bigger or what.
01:12 Yes, got to be bigger because that don't go
01:13 with that bowl, okay.
01:15 Salad bowl now this is a one, it will be a
01:17 one meal. It is a one meal yeah and they have
01:19 gonna see that. Let me tell you right away that
01:21 what happened was we took that flour we had
01:24 the unbleached flour and the whole wheat flour
01:26 we put that together, we add our water with the
01:29 yeast and water and honey and
01:32 onion garlic powder you put altogether, made a
01:34 a bowl out of it and we actually put over it on
01:36 a side that will sit for about five minutes and
01:39 I am gonna show you this now because yours is not
01:41 not just ready Curtis, okay.
01:42 You know you need to have a baking custard
01:44 bowl which you can put in the oven and what
01:46 I am gonna do is I am actually gonna take a
01:48 little bit of the olive oil because you need
01:50 something in your hand to be able to work with
01:51 this, just a little bit of olive oil and you
01:54 want to actually use the olive and Curtis you
01:57 you might wanna go ahead and start that,
01:59 you would actually put the olive oil on the
02:00 bowl, on the bowl with my hand, yes on a hand
02:03 and then put on the bowl, okay, okay.
02:04 And we are gonna get the bowl nice and oiled
02:07 because we gonna get that crust off of it,
02:10 that salad bowl off of it when we get done.
02:12 And then all we're gonna do is we have a pan
02:15 over there you could bring that pan here
02:17 Curtis and put it right there in the middle of
02:18 us so they can see what's going on here and
02:21 I usually sit my bowl...
02:22 I am gonna sit mine here, put it here in
02:24 the sideways, so they can get
02:25 a chance to see both of them, okay, okay.
02:27 You wanna sit it down and you're gonna pick up
02:31 that dough and we're gonna lay it across the
02:34 the bowl and we're gonna pull it around the sides,
02:37 make sure lets see if you can get that.
02:40 I hope they don't stick, okay, okay.
02:43 Gonna pull it around the sides of our bowl and
02:46 it's going to be some real good fixing,
02:47 it's going to go inside of this and usually
02:49 what I do Curtis, I push this up, so you make
02:51 kind of decoration around the edge of it.
02:54 You want to make sure it's secure around
02:56 the bowl. Remember now it has yeast
02:58 in it so you wanna make sure that there is no
03:01 loose ends on it, how about that it looks good
03:04 Curtis. Sometimes I do little scallops edge
03:07 which is just taken with your hand in there.
03:10 I know what to work in. I'm making a little
03:12 decoration in the middle, you call this a
03:14 scallop? Yeah. And what's going to happen
03:17 this going to go in the oven and bake and we
03:20 bake it for about five minutes at 475 degrees
03:24 and when it's finished you gonna see what the
03:27 product looks like but what we gonna do is we
03:29 take our break because we come you will see
03:32 the finished product, so stay by.


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