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00:01 Well, welcome back. Welcome back.
00:03 You know, we talked about that Sunday morning--
00:06 Brunch.
00:07 This take-it-easy brunch and every now and then
00:10 we like to watch a real good nature movie
00:11 or something also in that same time frame, you know.
00:14 Lifetime. Unless we go out of town.
00:15 Now we go out of town quite often.
00:17 Now maybe once a month we're going somewhere
00:19 so we really value the time that we are at home.
00:23 Those Sunday brunches, I mean, just marvelous.
00:25 It will last me a full, at least 6-7 hours.
00:28 It's all decorative. Yes it is.
00:30 And I have trays with all the stuff on it.
00:32 All the fixings.
00:33 All the fixings, all the fixings.
00:35 I think I already told you that we ask our friends,
00:36 don't call us on Sunday morning because that's the day--
00:38 Or Saturday evening.
00:41 You know-- No weekends.
00:43 Well, you know, and we're talking about this,
00:45 we're talking about brunches and that's because
00:47 we like to take those breaks, you know,
00:48 you need to take a break, a time out,
00:50 and that time out is so important, it's so key.
00:53 And so with that in mind, this one here is another recipe
00:57 that I like to do and it is another recipe also,
01:00 once again as I said before,
01:02 it's a recipe that is already out there.
01:06 But once again, you know what we do,
01:07 we like to tweak it, make it different,
01:10 make it more healthy.
01:11 Okay, because we're really trying to make sure
01:13 that we don't have issues with things like heart disease
01:16 and diabetes and those kind of things
01:17 and these are the kind of foods
01:19 that really are more beneficial to you, okay?
01:22 A lot of times people get in problems,
01:24 get in trouble because of the deserts.
01:26 Absolutely.
01:27 A lot of refined sugars and...
01:29 so this is a sweet dessert
01:32 but doesn't have the refined sugars
01:34 that most desserts will have.
01:35 So this is the key to health.
01:37 Now let's go to some of the things that you're using
01:39 because it may be new to a lot of people--
01:40 So why don't we do the actual recipe itself first.
01:43 So they can see what it's actually going to be.
01:45 All right.
02:07 Now I really like this recipe
02:09 because it can serve as a dessert
02:10 but also can serve as a morning,
02:13 or as we're talking about now, brunch, um, parfait as well.
02:17 Okay? Okay.
02:18 And yes, you're right when you say it does not have
02:19 all that sugar in it, as a matter of fact,
02:21 when I do my um, tofu--
02:24 Granola.
02:25 My granola, which I have in my book,
02:26 you know, I do my granola--
02:28 Because when you really buy a lot of granolas
02:30 at a regular store, it's got a lot of sugars and stuff in it
02:33 that we should not have and so, you know,
02:35 we've talked about that before on our program, you know,
02:37 in order for them to hide so much sugar in the granola
02:40 to make sale they will actually change those words up
02:42 you know, they'll say dextrose and maltose
02:45 and they'll say sugar, it'll say honey
02:47 and really and true, if you put all those together,
02:49 because actually whenever you're doing a recipe,
02:51 I mean, whenever you're buying a item,
02:53 they have to have the, the one that's the most
02:56 at the very top and so when you see things like
02:58 if they want to hide, two and a half cups of sugar
03:00 in that granola, they will change the words up.
03:03 You spread it out. Spread it out. Okay?
03:05 Yeah, so a lot of the times
03:06 granola is like glorified candy.
03:08 Absolutely and so that's why we make
03:10 our own granola ourselves and that way
03:12 we're more assured as to what goes in.
03:13 Not only that, a lot of the things we try to make sure
03:15 we keep up with that as well.
03:16 Then did you make this? Not this one.
03:19 I did not make that one.
03:20 I actually got that from a whole food market
03:22 where they actually do the granolas
03:24 which are more natural, all right?
03:26 But I have a granola recipe in my books as well, okay.
03:30 And now we're also
03:32 in parfaits they use a lot of creams, um, you know,
03:35 half and half's or yoghurts or whatever so,
03:37 because of the fact that we're not going to be doing that,
03:39 I'm going to be using the silken tofu
03:41 and I'm going to be using that vanilla mate mix and also,
03:44 I'm going to be using the vanilla,
03:45 and a little bit of honey because that kind of helps
03:47 this parfait to really have the pizzazz
03:50 and have that kind of character and personality
03:52 as regular creams.
03:54 I remember now because we don't do the milk
03:56 and the eggs and the cheese and all that kind of stuff.
03:58 So we're doing a simulation, and once again,
04:00 we eat with our eyes, so if it looks good,
04:03 it smells good, I know it's going to taste good.
04:07 And so, we're going to make this parfait up
04:09 and you're going to really be surprised at how it looks,
04:11 it's really good.
04:12 Now one last thing about this, uh, mate mix.
04:14 Mm-hmm.
04:15 Uh, 'cause there's other flavor too
04:17 but we're not going to mention?
04:18 No, there's other flavors that go with it,
04:19 but the thing I like about this,
04:20 now when you look at the Vanilla mate pudding mixes,
04:23 they have natural cane sugars in them
04:25 and all natural ingredients so it's not going to be
04:27 anything in there that's going to harmful also, as well.
04:30 And it acts just like regular, you know,
04:32 that jello instant pudding mix?
04:33 It acts just like that jello instant pudding mix, okay.
04:36 So we need that also to help give that flavor
04:38 and that as well.
04:39 So what I'm going to do is I'm gonna go head on,
04:41 I'm gonna go ahead and put the tofu in my food processor.
04:45 Okay.
04:46 It's going to have little bit, uh, when you buy this tofu,
04:48 it actually comes in a, um, retort
04:51 with an actual um--
04:53 Carton?
04:54 Carton, and it's sealed up so therefore--
04:57 It'll have little bit of moisture.
04:58 I love it, because of fact, yes, you're right.
05:00 It actually can hold for a while, for a period of time.
05:04 Okay, and you don't have to refrigerate 'em
05:07 unless you open 'em up.
05:09 So I like that as well.
05:10 Okay, and this time, we do all kind of things,
05:13 we make creams and puddings and cheesecakes and--
05:17 And now we're going to make an actual cream.
05:19 Yeah. Sauces. Right, okay.
05:20 So I'm gonna go head on and get this going.
05:26 All right.
05:44 Now I'm going to stop that because what I want to do is
05:46 I want to make sure that we get all, okay.
05:50 Thank you, I just needed your help,
05:53 that's why I did that.
05:54 I was pretending. I'm you're help meat
05:56 Help meat. Help meat.
05:58 Okay, want to make sure we get that all that down in there
06:01 and now what's going to happen is I'm going to turn this
06:02 back on and this time when I do it,
06:04 I'm gonna go ahead and add in the--
06:06 What honey and--
06:07 The honey and also the vanilla and then I'm going to
06:10 slowly pour in the vanilla mate mix, okay?
06:13 Okay. So, put that on there for me.
06:15 Alrighty.
07:08 All right, this the last time,
07:09 we're going to turn it one more time.
07:11 We're trying to get a cream base
07:12 that looks like the regular cream
07:14 that people use and we're not going to, you know,
07:16 simulation of that of a yogurt, all right.
07:19 And while you're doing that the vanilla mate mix
07:22 can be purchased?
07:24 Ah, believe it or not, I actually bought it
07:25 at regular grocery stores as well.
07:27 You know, the grocery stores are now to the point
07:28 where they really know when there are a lot of people
07:30 trying to eat more healthy, so they have a section called
07:32 the Natural Food Section's.
07:34 Look for it in your grocery store,
07:35 and you'll be surprised at the different things they have.
07:37 And as I said before on our show,
07:39 if you see something on a show and you're interested in it,
07:42 why not tell the manager about where you got it,
07:45 you know what I'm saying?
07:46 I know what you're saying. I know what you're saying.
07:47 Okay. Okay, let's do it.
08:01 Okay.
08:03 Now you know, I really should have had,
08:05 I'll tell you what, just take that bowl back there
08:06 'cause I want to go ahead and take this out.
08:08 It's going to be a lot easier to handle,
08:11 if we just take it out.
08:12 There you go. Want this bowl here?
08:13 Mm-hmm. Oh.
08:14 And I'm going to take the blade out
08:15 and that way we gonna go ahead and scoop.
08:17 You want me to lick the blade?
08:19 No, no I don't want you to lick the blade.
08:20 Hold that. Oh.
08:21 I want you to just put that in a bowl.
08:25 Lick the blade... Put this in the bowl?
08:27 Mm-hmm. Okay.
08:28 In the bowl. I got that.
08:29 Did you say lick the blade? Yes I did.
08:31 Did he say lick the blade?
08:34 We're not going to let him do that.
08:35 'Cause he's got a lot more shows he's got to do
08:37 and we can't have that, okay.
08:39 Put it all in there.
08:41 Okay, there you go.
08:44 My boss is, put that in there.
08:47 That's not bossy. Okay.
08:50 Okay, there you go.
08:52 Okay.
08:54 It's nice and creamy.
08:57 All right.
08:59 Now, let's sit this back here.
09:05 Okay I'll stop.
09:06 That everything? Well, just about.
09:08 Okay, okay, now I've got my spoon.
09:12 Now it's time to-- Now, and we--
09:13 Let's go ahead on and move this
09:15 food processor out of the way.
09:18 All right. Okay.
09:19 And our parfait glasses.
09:22 We got our mixed berries already going over here.
09:25 I love that.
09:26 And them I'm going to just go head on and just do,
09:28 on the bottom first, I'm going to go head on and put in.
09:32 Now can I follow your lead or what?
09:34 Yeah, you can-- you might want to use that spoon.
09:36 Oh, okay. Okay.
09:38 All right, what we gonna do here we're gonna--
09:40 You might try to get it right in the center there.
09:41 Okay.
09:43 Uh-oh, I missed it.
09:45 That's good.
09:46 Um, okay, that's going to be yours.
09:48 Alrighty. And we're going to put in--
09:50 Let me take my finger but.
09:52 No, don't do that.
09:55 Let me do it behind because the camera's still on me.
10:00 All better now, okay.
10:03 Guess I have to use yours. Okay.
10:05 I'm just gonna put the berries in.
10:07 So, um, very colorful berries, strawberries and--
10:10 What can happen is you can actually keep on going,
10:12 think you just want to make sure that you fill this up
10:14 to the top, that's what you're trying to do.
10:15 Yeah, okay, very colorful.
10:20 And now I got the granola.
10:23 Mm-hmm.
10:25 Let see here.
10:30 my finger's so big.
10:32 Yeah.
10:33 See, how am I going to do that?
10:36 Okay. I have--
10:38 Okay, honey, honey, what I did was I just took this,
10:40 like that, baby, and I just put it in there.
10:44 You got--
10:45 Okay, put it in there, like that.
10:47 Okay, like that. Like that.
10:49 Okay.
10:51 I'm so glad you're helping me today.
10:53 Okay, and then when you do your little scooping,
10:56 when you scoop, you want to scoop right there
10:58 in the middle like that.
10:59 What, I thought I was trying to do that.
11:01 Right there, like that. Okay.
11:02 In the middle. Okay. All right.
11:04 Now time for the berries again?
11:06 Time for some more berries.
11:07 What time do we have there, okay.
11:09 You want to talk about the tea too?
11:10 Yeah.
11:12 Before we run out of time, honey.
11:13 Okay. I'm just put a little--
11:14 Go ahead and talk about that. All right.
11:15 Now you know- And I'll help you doing this.
11:18 Now is that gorgeous?
11:19 Now one of the things too that we like to do
11:21 and that is to, we have a tea we make up,
11:23 and the tea is actually a peppermint tea
11:26 and it's made with apple juice
11:27 so let's look at the actual ingredients.
11:40 Well, we've finished everything.
11:43 People always ask the question about,
11:45 I'm trying to keep from putting a lot of sugar in my tea,
11:47 what's the best way to do it?
11:48 The best way to do it is I take apple juice
11:50 and I actually put the apple juice
11:52 on the stove and heat it up.
11:53 And then any kind of tea you want to use,
11:55 that's the decaf tea, that is, mint teas,
11:58 red zinger, any kind of tea you like, is your favorite,
12:01 you take the apple juice to sit over to the side
12:03 and you stick your tea bags in there,
12:05 you put the lid on top of it,
12:06 make sure you don't have it on boil,
12:08 'cause it's over, and you actually get that flavor.
12:11 And sometimes I will take that tea,
12:13 I will actually put it in an ice cube tray
12:15 because I hate to have a drink that is soggy on me,
12:17 where it tastes watered down.
12:19 With the ice cubes.
12:20 Well, if you take and put your ice cubes,
12:21 put the tea in the ice cube tray,
12:22 you actually have it that way as well.
12:24 And so I love it, I've got the orange and the mint in there,
12:28 it has a very, very nice flavor,
12:30 and you can change it up any kind of way you want to.
12:32 What can I say, except that this is a good brunch.
12:35 So no sugar is added?
12:37 No sugar added, no sugar added.
12:38 Okay. 100% apple juice.
12:41 Okay, and the rest of the recipes we have here?
12:44 Let's talk about the--
12:45 You got that parfait and of course the parfait
12:47 instead of using cream, you can see that
12:49 we actually used in it instead that tofu
12:51 and that vanilla mate mix
12:53 and then also we made those breakfast pizzas, you know.
12:57 Mm, looking good.
12:58 And these pizzas actually are made with uh, egg
13:00 and the mock scrambled, sausage also as well.
13:04 Very good at it, very, very light, very, very good.
13:07 A wonderful brunch.
13:09 It was a brunch idea. Yes, brunch idea.
13:11 Okay, and this is a good idea, right here for the brunch.
13:14 Yes. Let's go ahead and close.
13:15 In John 10:10, "Jesus said, 'I come
13:18 that they might have life,
13:20 and have it more abundantly.'"


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