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00:01 You ever had one of those mornings
00:02 where you just want to sleep in?
00:04 Our favorite time is on Sunday morning.
00:06 But let me tell you something,
00:07 today, on the show we're doing brunch ideas.
00:11 And you know, when you see me by myself,
00:12 you know what it means.
00:14 It means that Curtis is somewhere nearby,
00:16 and we are cooking on the entire show,
00:18 so get your paper and your pencil
00:20 and meet us in the kitchen.
00:57 Well, welcome, welcome, welcome.
00:59 This is Abundant Living,
01:00 my name is Paula Eakins and this is my husband...
01:05 Curtis Eakins. Curtis Eakins.
01:07 Whenever they see a show
01:08 where I come on by myself in the beginning,
01:10 they know that it's gonna be all cooking.
01:11 All cooking.
01:12 My girlfriend says whenever she sees that
01:13 she goes and runs and grabs her paper and pencil,
01:15 calls people on the phone and say--
01:16 They're on, they're on, all cooking, all cooking.
01:17 There at least three recipes, minimum.
01:21 So, you know, I like on Sundays,
01:23 Sunday morning, you know, to just chill.
01:26 Don't, don't jump up, you know, start the day off.
01:29 Sunday morning is the best morning,
01:31 Sunday morning.
01:32 As a matter of fact-- Yes?
01:34 My friends know, they know for a fact,
01:37 they know that do not call on Saturday evenings
01:41 and don't call on Sunday mornings,
01:43 because that's our time together.
01:45 That's our time together. If we're not on the road.
01:47 If we're not on the road.
01:48 Oh, but when we are home, it is all--
01:50 But if we are on the road, they all know
01:51 how to get in touch with us anyway.
01:53 That is a true statement.
01:54 Well, Curtis, I like this show, it's called Brunch Ideas.
01:57 Brunch ideas.
01:58 So just-- I'll tell you right now,
02:01 people ask me all the time,
02:02 do I pick all my recipes or do I develop them myself?
02:05 You know, my background is
02:06 in the food science of nutrition and so,
02:09 some recipes I developed from scratch.
02:11 I remember back in the day, that was a while back,
02:13 I remember back then when,
02:15 I actually was trying to convert,
02:17 because at that time vegetarianism was not really
02:20 as big as it is right now.
02:21 And veganism and raw that's really been took over.
02:24 You know what I'm saying?
02:25 And so I was trying to convert recipes
02:27 that had like the pork and shrimp and crab and butter
02:31 and all that kind of stuff that's not,
02:33 that's injurious to your body,
02:34 I didn't you know, and it was hard.
02:36 Those recipes took a lot of work.
02:37 Okay, I cried a lot and then I prayed a lot
02:41 and God said I'm in charge of all the food
02:43 so if you need any help just ask Me.
02:46 Okay?
02:47 And so with that in mind,
02:49 I remember, that more recipes came out,
02:52 and so because my background is food science
02:54 I can basically, Curtis will tell you,
02:56 look at a recipe and say, that ain't gonna work.
02:59 I can tell you right now, it's not gonna work, okay.
03:01 Because there is a chemistry about food
03:03 that actually goes together that make things,
03:05 those ingredients that has to go together,
03:07 to make the final product look really good, all right.
03:10 You are gifted for that, you really are.
03:12 And sometimes we go to a restaurant,
03:14 and we'll sample the food and I ask my wife,
03:16 okay, honey, what are the ingredients in here
03:17 and she'll say, oh, it's this, this, that
03:19 and you can just tell what's in that food, yeah.
03:22 Well, you know, our very first recipe
03:23 is one of those kind of recipes.
03:24 It's a recipe that I actually saw
03:26 and believe it or not,
03:28 it had in it-- I'm gonna do the recipe
03:30 and then I'm gonna talk about how we made a difference
03:32 and a change on that recipe and it is so, so good, okay.
03:35 So let's look at the actual ingredients.
04:16 Okay. Now--
04:17 This, this arugula.
04:18 On a recipe, it actually called for,
04:23 you ready for this?
04:24 You ready for this, Rebecca?
04:25 Ten eggs, scrambled. Ten eggs?
04:29 You heard what I say it. Ten. I said ten eggs.
04:30 We didn't hear that on the recipe
04:31 so you took that out.
04:32 No, that's why we're changing things out, like I said before.
04:33 So that was a major change right there.
04:35 Oh, yeah it was a major one.
04:36 Okay, and the other one was a half a pound of pork sausage.
04:40 Oh, okay.
04:42 So in the place of the scrambled egg,
04:45 we're going to be using this soaking--
04:46 Tofu? Okay.
04:47 Tofu, soaking tofu.
04:48 'Cause it looks like and it mashes up like eggs
04:50 when you see it.
04:51 And we got the turmeric is gonna help that with that.
04:53 The color? Yeah.
04:54 So I'm going to turn my fire on and you start doing that.
04:55 Now the pork will be the mock--
04:57 Yeah, the pork is going to be the crumble,
05:00 which is Gimme Lean sausage crumble.
05:02 It actually, it comes in a tube
05:03 and you actually just use a little bit of oil
05:04 and you actually crumble it up.
05:06 Now, honey, you mentioned about arugula.
05:08 That's something maybe you--
05:09 Arugula is a part of the herbal family.
05:10 It's a part of the actual lettuce group.
05:12 It's a herb. And so--
05:14 It's a new one and a lot of people are using now,
05:16 you've heard, you know iceberg,
05:17 you've had your red leaf lettuce,
05:18 the green leaf lettuce, the romaine lettuce
05:20 all those different ones out there.
05:22 And arugula is an herb and it's actually the one
05:24 that's now used in salads.
05:25 And that's gonna be a part of our pizza as well, okay.
05:29 Now I also have soy cheese,
05:31 and there's other new ones on the market.
05:32 I'm gonna tell you, when we first got started
05:34 it was hard to find cheeses,
05:36 I made a lot of cheeses from scratch,
05:37 but I'm telling you there's a sundry of things
05:39 out there now for the people
05:40 'cause people are trying to get healthier.
05:42 And with that in mind,
05:43 a lot of new products have hit, okay.
05:45 And when they do that, I go out,
05:47 I do a lot of testing and trying out things
05:49 before I put those recipes together
05:51 'cause I want to make sure it's gonna be okay.
05:53 That's important. It's got to be okay.
05:54 I hear you. I don't blame you.
05:55 Okay, so we're gonna start off with,
05:56 I'm gonna go ahead on and put the soy margarine in,
05:59 so I can go ahead and let that get started.
06:01 Okay. Okay.
06:02 And, that's going to start melting
06:04 and I'm also gonna go ahead on,
06:06 and we've got to make this,
06:08 this soaking tofu look like eggs,
06:10 okay, so we're going to go ahead on
06:11 and just start by mashing it up a little bit, okay.
06:14 And what you're gonna do-- I'm gonna get this started
06:16 and once I get this started then we're gonna go ahead on.
06:18 'Cause another thing I want them to see,
06:20 that is the flat bread, right there.
06:23 Okay. Whole wheat flat bread.
06:24 That bread, whole wheat that bread,
06:26 they used white bread.
06:27 A white flat bread and I said, no, no, no, no, no
06:30 so this is a whole wheat, the one I'm using.
06:32 So this recipe is, was-- Completely modified.
06:35 A lot of saturated fat. A lot of sodium.
06:40 A lot of cholesterol, a lot of trans fatty acids.
06:44 Now this recipe is saturated fat free,
06:48 zero cholesterol, and low in sodium.
06:51 There you go. Okay.
06:52 There you go. All right.
06:53 I have to mention you turmeric is a very,
06:55 very good for you as well.
06:56 So that's a part of it too.
06:57 That turmeric is gonna be the thing
06:59 that's gonna help to turn this into another color, all right.
07:01 So I'm gonna go ahead on and put in--
07:03 All that goes in there, okay.
07:05 So this will be in place of the egg.
07:07 Now tofu doesn't have a taste. Nope.
07:09 Which is a good thing. That's a blessing.
07:11 That's a blessing, okay. Absorbs all flavors.
07:13 Because it does not have that, it doesn't have that many--
07:15 hold on, keep this going.
07:17 Because it does not have that, then that means
07:19 it will actually take over the flavor of anything
07:21 you put next to it.
07:22 That's what I like about the whole thing
07:23 with the soaking tofu's.
07:25 I use this one to do the eggs,
07:27 I also use it for when I'm doing my sauces,
07:29 I also do this one when I'm doing my cheesecakes.
07:33 Oh, yeah.
07:34 We got to serve a cheesecake. Yes, I do.
07:36 I have all kind of cheesecake recipes that we use.
07:38 Some of those cheesecakes are no bake.
07:40 They are, a lot of them are no bake
07:42 and they are actually done in a springform pan.
07:44 So I make them up with the graham cracker crust,
07:47 then I've got the soaking tofu and I've got my mix,
07:50 whether it's lemon made mix or vanilla made mix
07:52 or I do carrot ones, I do pumpkin ones,
07:55 depending on the season.
07:57 And I'm known for those, okay.
07:59 And so we use that in the springform pan.
08:01 When you take it out... The cherries on top.
08:02 Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah. You be working it, baby.
08:05 I don't say anything a lot of times
08:07 because there's something about the fact
08:08 that when you say the word tofu,
08:10 people get themselves so worked up,
08:11 you know what I'm saying?
08:12 You get that serious attitude. Attitude.
08:15 They say, well, tofu doesn't have any flavor.
08:18 I say neither does eggs but-- and the Bible says that.
08:21 That there's no flavor in a egg but that nobody stopping--
08:23 They're still eating eggs. Yeah, but okay.
08:25 We got to put the turmeric in.
08:27 Because we eat with our eyes, so now it turns a, a color.
08:30 A light color yellow.
08:32 And I'm gonna go ahead on
08:33 and put in also the salt as well.
08:35 Okay. Okay.
08:37 And what you're gonna do,
08:39 I did a sausages for times sake,
08:41 already got the sausage ready to go.
08:43 We're going to turn this that yellowish color
08:45 because we want to look like that of the eggs, okay.
08:49 And what you're gonna do is this.
08:50 I want you to take-- together you've got the arugula.
08:53 Now this is going to go on after the pizza's done,
08:56 but you're going to just show them how to do that.
08:57 You're going to take the olive oil
08:59 and add it to the arugula along with the lemon juice.
09:01 Let me just put this over here, okay.
09:04 And that's gonna actually--
09:06 Add it here? Yeah.
09:07 Just go ahead and add it in.
09:08 All right. Okay.
09:10 And when the pizza is done,
09:12 that's when you're actually going to put that on top
09:14 and you'll see the empty air.
09:15 Oh, I see. Okay?
09:16 You see that nice yellow,
09:17 the light color yellow coming in there.
09:20 So it has that look.
09:21 Do I need to mix this in a little bit?
09:22 Yeah, you can use that fork and mix that in, okay.
09:27 But now, this, this recipe was loaded with cholesterol.
09:31 Yes it was. I mean, how many eggs?
09:33 Ten eggs. Ten eggs.
09:34 Ten eggs. Okay.
09:35 And Mr. Oink Oink.
09:37 Yes, all that. All that.
09:39 Now, you know the main thing,
09:40 you know is, of course when you're talking about cooking,
09:42 it's got to look like and it's got to have
09:43 the assimilation of something that people are used to.
09:45 Because we eat with our eyes and so in that respect,
09:48 it means that if it looks like something a person has eaten
09:50 before they're more opt to actually eat it again.
09:53 I'm gonna turn this down.
09:55 Okay, and now I already mentioned to you about the fact
09:57 that we have-- let's look at this here.
10:00 That the flat bread, whole wheat.
10:02 Flat bread, which is another one
10:03 because used to be a lot of pocket bread
10:05 that people use them pocket bread,
10:06 and the flat bread is another new one
10:07 coming out on the market too
10:08 so you can bring that over here.
10:10 Because we're gonna get ready to put this together.
10:12 Move those things out the way.
10:14 I'm just gonna put one here, I'm gonna put one here, okay.
10:17 We're gonna move this over, like this.
10:19 This is going to be used, remember now,
10:21 at the end of the program,
10:22 when we finish cooking the pizza completely,
10:24 you will-- we'll put that on.
10:25 I'm gonna move it like this.
10:27 Okay. All right.
10:28 And the first thing's gonna go on, and that is gonna be--
10:31 Now this is the soy-- This is the soy cheese.
10:34 Cheddar cheese, right? A soy cheddar cheese.
10:36 A cheddar, a cheddar cheese. Okay.
10:37 And like I said before,
10:38 there's a lot of new one's on the market too,
10:39 they're all melting, okay.
10:41 Now-- and yeah make, make sure that the cheese
10:45 that you're using will melt.
10:46 It will melt, okay. Otherwise--
10:48 Okay, there's one in the market
10:49 that I really like, it's a new one,
10:51 it's put out by a group called Delia.
10:53 And that Delia group,
10:54 it has the cheddars and the mozzarella
10:56 and all the different types as well.
10:58 So why don't you go ahead and put a little bit on here
11:00 'cause we got to save some
11:01 because that's going to go on top of it when we get done.
11:04 Okay, just a small amount on 'cause all you're gonna do
11:06 when you put it the oven is you want the cheese to melt,
11:09 and these are cheeses that will melt,
11:10 so save a little bit so that we can have it for then end.
11:12 Okay, and then what I'm gonna do,
11:14 is we're gonna--
11:15 I'm kind of messy over here.
11:17 Okay, and make sure it all stays on the pan
11:18 so that way it doesn't get-- it,
11:20 it goes in the oven, we don't want it to...
11:24 If we get that pan all,
11:26 cheese all over the pan that means we got extra,
11:28 extra work we're gonna be doing.
11:29 Okay, I'm not gonna use that spoon right there,
11:31 I'm gonna use this one.
11:33 And what we're gonna do is we're gonna take--
11:35 So now this is going--
11:36 This, and we're gonna start putting it on the pizza.
11:39 Oh, I see. Looks like eggs, doesn't it?
11:41 Okay. All right.
11:44 How did this recipe come about?
11:46 Like I said, I found, I saw it--
11:47 You mean, you found it
11:48 and you just started working with it and--
11:50 Yep, when I saw the different things
11:51 it was going down I said, no, no.
11:54 No we got to change this.
11:55 But it look nice, I mean it looked really good.
11:56 It looked nice. Okay.
11:59 Let's go ahead and get that second one, if you will.
12:01 Just clean that up on that one side here for me, honey.
12:04 Right here? Okay.
12:07 Now of course, you know,
12:08 we're just doing a simulation of what you,
12:10 what we've seen.
12:11 Of course, you would have a lot more,
12:13 'cause I make about four of these.
12:15 Okay.
12:17 It'll probably come out to the sides or...
12:19 No, you're going to have a bigger pan.
12:21 But I'm just talking about, I would make this,
12:22 I'm just making two so they can see these two.
12:24 That's how they do it, more than anything else.
12:26 Okay, you want to make sure that you keep the edges,
12:29 don't have it all the way out to the edge.
12:30 Oh, so that's purposely-- Like a pizza?
12:32 Oh, okay, the edges is not.
12:34 Now, now I'm gonna take the sausages.
12:37 We've already done this.
12:38 This is the Gimme Lean sausage. Gimme Lean.
12:41 And I'm going to hand-put that down on here.
12:44 You're gonna do it with the hand?
12:46 Now Gimme Lean has a good, mouth feel, a good flavor.
12:49 It does, it does, it does.
12:51 Even for those who are used to eating meat, sausage,
12:55 this has a really nice flavor.
12:57 And this gives the simulation of the sausage as well.
13:00 Once again, you know
13:01 just putting those on there together,
13:03 that would-- you know the eggs and sausage
13:06 that's a normal meal
13:08 that people would actually eat on a Sunday morning.
13:09 That's true. Or early in the morning.
13:12 Now we've got the sausage and the eggs
13:14 and the cheese on top of the flat bread, okay.
13:17 And cholesterol free.
13:18 Cholesterol free, cholesterol free.
13:20 Quite healthy brunch. Now this is--
13:22 Oh, wait a minute, hold up, I just thought about something.
13:23 We got arugula, right?
13:24 No, no, no, no, that doesn't go on
13:26 until we actually bake it in the oven.
13:27 After you finish baking and then this goes on top.
13:28 Yep, we got to get all this on
13:29 'cause it'll be nice and healthy.
13:31 Okay.
13:32 Okay? All right.
13:34 And, we're gonna end with a little bit of--
13:37 Oh, that's why you saved the cheese for the end.
13:38 That's why I said save a little bit till the end.
13:40 It has a nice, melting look on top.
13:45 And you know what, this is very, very pretty.
13:47 It's going to go in the oven at about 400 degrees
13:51 and it's only about 10 minutes
13:52 because what you want is the cheese is gonna melt
13:54 and then all around the edges
13:55 it going to get a nice kind of a golden brown.
13:57 And so we're gonna go put that in the oven.
14:00 We're gonna take a break
14:01 and then we're going to do another recipe
14:03 so stay by.


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