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00:01 I guess all that cooking help me
00:02 not to worry about that, power surges.
00:04 Power surges.
00:06 This will help prevent power surges.
00:07 And easy quick foods to fix,
00:09 you don't have to go through lot of changes.
00:10 These kabobs you can make them
00:11 with the mock bean or mock chicken,
00:13 whichever you want to do.
00:14 I love making smoothies.
00:16 All different types of smoothies,
00:17 all kinds of fruits and stuff in them very, very good.
00:19 Okay, now it's in that
00:21 well, create those power surges.
00:24 No, but you think-- Not in this meal.
00:26 And more natural sugar is not the only sweet stuff, yeah.
00:29 That will be one, yeah.
00:30 So we have a need of word of prayer
00:32 with the ladies, honey all those are going through
00:34 those power surges strengths.
00:36 Let's do that this time, all right.
00:37 All right, Father, we once again
00:38 thank You so much for the show
00:40 and all those that are working.
00:41 We ask You bless those out there
00:43 that are going through different changes
00:44 with their bodies and continue to guide
00:46 and direct is our prayer, in Jesus name, amen.
00:49 Well, it's always John 10:10, Jesus said,
00:51 "I come that they might have life
00:54 and have it more abundantly."
00:58 See you next time.


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