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00:01 Welcome back. Welcome back.
00:04 We want to know why are you laughing?
00:05 We have two recipes we are gonna be doing
00:07 and one of them is our pineapple orange smoothie.
00:12 So let's go to the ingredients on this one.
00:13 Okay.
00:23 Okay.
00:24 This is a quick and easy one--
00:26 Quick and easy.
00:27 I think glasses already here?
00:30 All right, you got the big bowl here, don't you?
00:32 Yeah. All right.
00:33 Yeah, so we're gonna put in,
00:35 I'm gonna pull over the orange juice in first.
00:37 All right. Little smoothie.
00:40 And then we're gonna go ahead and put in the bananas here--
00:45 Now, these are frozen--
00:47 Yep, frozen bananas.
00:48 Okay.
00:49 Go ahead, point little bit
00:50 further down in here, so it won't pop.
00:51 Okay.
00:55 There you go. All right.
00:56 And then you are gonna put your pineapple in there.
00:58 Pineapple.
00:59 Yummy, yummy.
01:00 This goes straight from the can or in this natural juice.
01:02 That's regular, that's a regular,
01:04 that's a whole pineapple.
01:05 They are cut.
01:06 Oh, regular whole pineapple, okay.
01:10 And that's it?
01:11 That's all, that's all. That's all, you're gonna add--
01:13 Just some orange or--
01:14 No, no, no that's one not right there as we are top on one.
01:16 All right.
01:18 Okay.
01:31 Let's go, one more time.
01:33 You just-- you just like to hit the button right.
01:43 Yeah, yeah.
01:45 It comes down all by itself.
01:46 That's all coming down, coming down.
01:49 Okay, this is a simple one, easy one,
01:50 we are talking about PMS and we're talking about PMS,
01:53 we are not talking about menopause and so.
01:55 With that in mind,
01:57 you get chance to taste a smoothie.
01:59 Oh, okay.
02:01 Up this side.
02:02 Yeah, that's yours. That's fine.
02:04 Okay. Okay.
02:06 Pineapple, banana, orange smoothie.
02:11 All right. We have a toast.
02:14 That's fine.
02:16 To the ministry. Hey, yeah.
02:18 All right, drink up.
02:23 Well, this is excellent.
02:25 Delicious.
02:27 Honey-ous, one more time.
02:33 Oh yeah, this work.
02:35 Very easy, very, very simple.
02:37 Now you know what else I like, I like pineapple number one.
02:40 And our friend Rebecca gave me
02:44 a pineapple-- a new gadget,
02:47 a pineapple turns the pineapple around
02:50 so that's comes right out of the pineapple.
02:51 It takes the taste of core right on out.
02:53 Core out and then you got the whole big circle,
02:55 you could do your thing with.
02:56 I love it, love it, love it, love it.
02:57 Thank you, Rebecca.
02:59 Any who, guess what, we have another recipe.
03:02 So this one is also being--
03:04 its gonna be use in pineapple too,
03:05 so let's go to the screen.
03:07 Okay.
03:42 Okay, that's gonna be a good one.
03:43 I can tell that right now.
03:44 I love kabobs.
03:46 I love because you can do all kind of things with them.
03:48 And what you are gonna do is for me is--
03:50 we're gonna be cutting up this--
03:52 these are the pieces-- of course, you know,
03:54 we want them in large, in large pieces.
03:56 So you can get the green one and do the green.
03:57 Oh, the green ones, okay.
03:58 We need them pretty big, because they got to go on it.
04:00 That stick there.
04:02 Okay, I will just follow your lead.
04:04 Yeah, just gonna do a couple of them right now.
04:06 Oh, just a couple.
04:07 Now we just gonna cut them. I cut like here and I cut here.
04:10 That's it. Okay?
04:12 Because you're gonna put them on a stick.
04:14 There and there, so big pieces.
04:15 There you go. Okay.
04:17 All right, we're gonna get this together
04:19 so that it's all ready, ready to go
04:21 and the chicken was already--
04:22 I already thawed it out so its ready to go as well.
04:25 This chicken too?
04:26 Yes. All right.
04:27 And this is mock.
04:30 Mock dough is really different.
04:33 You can do chicken and you can also do beef, okay.
04:37 I think I cut mine's a wrong way.
04:38 Just-- I just need six pieces.
04:40 Okay, well.
04:41 What to do?
04:42 Well, just go ahead-- I don't have either.
04:43 Go and do four, that's fine, that's fine.
04:44 Okay. Okay.
04:47 Well, I do four then. Okay, I'll do it this way.
04:50 All right, and I'm gonna give you a screw stick.
04:55 Okay. Now--
04:56 One for me, and then you just start putting it on here,
04:59 you gonna thread, I'm gonna thread--
05:01 Whatever you do I'm gonna do just the opposite.
05:02 I'm gonna thread.
05:04 I think I put of piece of chicken on here.
05:05 I put the chicken on. In the center.
05:08 In the center, okay.
05:09 I'm gonna put pineapple on there.
05:11 I'm gonna put the red, because I'm gonna be different.
05:14 I'm gonna put the green on here.
05:16 I will put the pineapple, what time we got,
05:18 okay, that good time here.
05:20 I'm gonna put some more chicken on here.
05:23 And I'm gonna go with the green.
05:26 And I gonna do red.
05:29 And I want to do the chicken.
05:31 I will do pineapple.
05:34 Its better we need to talk it out, isn't it?
05:38 Okay, time up.
05:40 Well, I'm gonna go back.
05:42 Okay, see--
05:43 Yeah, okay, you mess me up, baby, okay.
05:46 This is not just hard. It's not hard to do it.
05:47 It's not hard to do. it isn't really--
05:49 It's not that difficult to make, okay.
05:51 Okay, and I'm gonna end mine's with red.
05:54 Favorite color.
05:55 Therefore, I want to end mine's with green.
06:00 Right, okay. How about--
06:01 I think they get the final one there.
06:03 There, how about that?
06:04 Now how about that? Do that?
06:06 Okay, now we're gonna make sauce to go over top of that.
06:07 Okay, sauce. Now I'm gonna do the--
06:09 We gonna whisk together.
06:10 Go ahead and put in,
06:11 that's the pineapple juice preserved.
06:13 Pineapple juice-- And we got the margarine.
06:15 The butter and the margarine. Yeah, margarine.
06:16 We got the marmalade that goes in here also.
06:19 Let me just kind of do this?
06:21 Oh, no, no, here you go.
06:22 Oh, yeah, you don't want that in here?
06:24 No don't. Okay.
06:25 Okay, and you want to gonna go ahead with--
06:27 I get that ginger ready for it too
06:29 I'm gonna move this back to the back.
06:30 All right. Now we're going to paint.
06:35 Oh, I guess I'm gonna move it to the back.
06:38 We're gonna paint the shish kabobs with this.
06:41 Yep, I want to put this back in here.
06:44 I'm gonna just let them see, as they are gonna see,
06:45 I mean, you know how to make the shish kabobs
06:46 so we just doing that, so they can see
06:48 with that looks like.
06:49 And it makes about four of these,
06:51 real good four, good nice little slice
06:54 is depending on what size you want.
06:55 And I want to go here
06:56 and just do a little bit of ginger.
06:58 Okay.
07:00 Little bit of the ginger, that's gonna go in here also.
07:02 Oh in here? In here.
07:04 Okay. All right.
07:05 All right. Looking good.
07:06 Go ahead and put that in.
07:08 And we got a little brush right here
07:11 and we are going to brush it.
07:14 Okay, brush it.
07:15 And this is going to go in oven.
07:18 And it's gonna go in at 400 degrees on prior.
07:21 You're gonna keep an eye on it.
07:22 When you come back, guess what?
07:24 You will see the finish product so stay bye.


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