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00:01 Welcome back.
00:02 Welcome back. So what so funny, baby.
00:05 Nothing. Oh, okay.
00:06 So you know, that much again two hours
00:09 we want actually in a refrigerator or overnight
00:12 so you can get all the flavors of the actually garlic
00:15 and olive oil and all that in there as well.
00:17 As it sits along well the better it gets.
00:19 Marinade.
00:20 Marinade and then like I've said
00:21 before we got that pita bread
00:23 that you can actually serve with that.
00:25 With pita bread, with the cucumbers or--
00:27 And cucumbers and tomatoes
00:29 all that like just-- it can be a full meal.
00:31 This kind of stuff that you have, yeah.
00:33 Yeah, you can put that in here together
00:34 or you can either separate.
00:35 Okay, with tomato wedges and stuff with that as well.
00:40 Good, good, good, good, good, good.
00:41 Some kind of good.
00:42 Okay, so I know, I know that you know,
00:44 I just want you to know that we on 3ABN
00:47 we are always praying for the audience
00:49 and so I know those of you
00:50 who might be going through some chances with PMS
00:53 you know or got friends like that as well,
00:55 tell them to tune into the program
00:56 and get more information.
00:58 Have a word of prayer. Quick prayer, honey.
00:59 Okay. Father, once again we just thank You for the show.
01:02 We thank You for all those are involved here Lord,
01:04 and we ask You'll be with that individual
01:06 that's experiencing PMS
01:07 and got friends and family members Lord God,
01:10 and as You put ourselves in position
01:11 for healing, heal the body.
01:13 In Jesus name, amen.
01:15 Well, it been a wonderful program
01:16 and its been interesting program.
01:20 Hopeful you'll help a lot of the women out there
01:22 and girls and the mothers
01:24 and sisters and cousins as well.
01:26 So John 10:10, Jesus said
01:28 "I come that they might have life,
01:32 and have it more abundantly."


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