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00:01 Well, welcome back. Welcome back.
00:03 This is a very easy quick salad.
00:04 We're gonna go through the ingredients.
00:36 Tabbloulch.
00:37 Now, yeah, this is-- Tabbloulch its actually--
00:39 Let's talk about that.
00:40 It's an Indian dish, okay.
00:43 Its actually cracked wheat that we use see in regular wheat
00:46 but it' a cracked wheat and so actually I have a dry,
00:49 the dry mix of how it looks when you first see.
00:51 This is whole wheat,
00:52 this is actually in a wheat family.
00:54 Tabbloulch it's actually-- So this is dry--
00:56 Dry cracked wheat, all right. Okay.
00:58 And believe it or not' once you add water to it,
01:01 like I actually had one cup of regular bulgur, the bulgur.
01:06 Right here.
01:07 Yes and I added a cup of water
01:09 and after about a couple of hours
01:11 voila, you get all this.
01:12 Okay, so a cup of water to this right here--
01:18 we can get a close up again.
01:19 A cup of water of this--
01:21 Now, that's demonstration now.
01:23 I'm just showing what it looks like, okay.
01:24 Add one cup of water and you get this and now--
01:27 That's right, this is how much it comes from it.
01:28 Wow, okay.
01:30 Okay, It swells up, it makes an excellent breakfast cereal
01:33 as also actually one of dish you use in Indian cuisine.
01:38 Okay, Indian foods as well and other ones as well.
01:41 But anyway this is how it swells up
01:42 after a period of time.
01:44 If you do it within let's say a few minutes,
01:46 15, 20 minutes you'll get a small amount.
01:48 But if it sits overnight
01:49 it will continue to swell up, okay.
01:51 So it's just very easy.
01:52 All I'm gonna do Curtis is I want you--
01:54 you are gonna be mixing in this the olive oil,
01:56 the fresh lemon juice, the salt and the garlic.
01:59 And if you go ahead an stir it up for me, okay and that--
02:02 and then what I'm gonna be doing
02:04 is I'm just gonna ahead and put my tomatoes in my bowl.
02:07 You want me to whisk this.
02:09 Yep, whisk that up. Okay.
02:11 And I'm gonna put in my parsley.
02:14 This is a quick and easy salad.
02:17 I love it. I'm gonna put my scallions in.
02:19 It's very, very decorative as well.
02:22 This might be-- you make sure you take all the goodies out.
02:25 And I'm gonna put in fresh peppermint.
02:30 So this is gonna go over the salad?
02:33 Believe it or not it's actually go into the bulgur.
02:38 I mean, that's gonna go-- I'm sorry baby,
02:40 that's actually gonna go in here.
02:42 Yeah, go ahead and put that in with that for me.
02:45 Slow so because you want to go all the way around here,
02:47 yeah, yeah, yeah.
02:49 Drizzle, saturated. Okay.
02:53 All right, this is a very pretty salad
02:56 and it has a lot of good, good nutrition in it
03:01 and talking about the women in PMS
03:03 once again this is a cold salad.
03:05 You want to put that back over you have two seconds there.
03:07 All I'm gonna do is mix this all in.
03:10 So now it goes in the tabbloulch
03:14 which is a cracked wheat.
03:15 Cracked wheat.
03:16 And people can get this any grocery store,
03:19 you don't have to go to health food store for it?
03:21 No, you don't No, you don't.
03:23 Okay, and then all I'm gonna do is just mix it in.
03:28 Now the one thing,
03:30 this is a very nice tasting salad.
03:32 It's called the cold salad.
03:34 I like to serve the salad up believe it or not
03:36 on pita bread with a little bit of a--
03:39 we have a cucumber dressing that
03:41 we make from scratch from cucumbers.
03:43 Okay.
03:44 Inside that pita bread pocket and it is delicious, okay.
03:48 Avocado with it as well, okay.
03:50 So you can put just about anything in here.
03:52 I mean, avocado, olives or just--
03:56 Oh, you could olives in it.
03:57 I would not, I mean, I would not put olives in here.
04:00 Okay. We know you love the olives.
04:03 Maybe just some more bias with olives, okay.
04:07 Okay. Okay.
04:08 But you can, but not in this one.
04:10 You know, I got to get the olive story out right.
04:11 Because those of you who know about
04:13 Curtis and olives know that
04:14 we have actually go into churches
04:16 and they heard Curtis, they have see Curtis
04:18 sneak olives on our show
04:20 and we've actually going to do presentation at churches
04:23 and when we go to the cooking school portion
04:25 which we are over, would you believe that
04:26 people actually come up to me
04:28 and say, I got a gift for Curtis.
04:31 And it's all wrapped.
04:33 Olives wrapped in.
04:34 Had a bow around it.
04:35 It just can't believe it and they will say,
04:37 would you give this to Curtis for me.
04:39 I'll say sure I will.
04:41 You are gonna put in your recipe.
04:43 But they are giving to me not to you.
04:45 Well, they gave it to you
04:47 but they gave it to me to give to you.
04:50 And if I need olives on that show
04:52 you better believe in a cooking class
04:53 those olives are going in a salad.
04:55 Now you tell-- at the end I do say honey,
04:59 so and so gave you some olives.
05:00 A brother so and so.
05:02 Or brother so and so and then you will say
05:03 oh, where are they?
05:05 And I'll say in the salad.
05:07 Yes, okay, if I get two halves its all right.
05:10 But though, so next time just give me
05:11 the olives personally, directly.
05:14 But this is good. I'll show--
05:15 Now does this going to chill in the refrigerator or?
05:17 No, that's the one thing about this salad--
05:19 once again its cracked wheat, all right.
05:21 So we got all those seasonings,
05:23 all those herbs in there so you really want to sit,
05:25 we say at least two hours in a refrigerator.
05:28 I like to make it the day before
05:29 and that will has a chance for all the good seasonings
05:32 to come in and mess with each other
05:34 and give you a real good tasting salad, all right.
05:36 And like I said before I serve it on my pita bread
05:39 along with either my cucumber dressing
05:41 or you can avocado mash, guacamole.
05:46 There's many variations you can do this.
05:48 So we are gonna go away put this in the refrigerator
05:52 and when we come back
05:53 you will see the finish product.
05:55 So stay by.


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