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00:01 Okay, welcome back, welcome back.
00:02 We're talking about Going Red. Going Red.
00:04 We talked about women and heart disease,
00:06 number one killer of women.
00:08 We talked about all the different things
00:09 to look forward, those numbers and everything.
00:10 Symptoms and everything, yes.
00:12 And I think this is an appropriate
00:13 to time to have prayer.
00:14 Okay, yes, for the women out there, go ahead, honey.
00:17 Yes, yes.
00:18 Father God, we just once again thank You
00:20 so much for the opportunity to be able to do this show.
00:22 We thank You for the information
00:25 that we've given out today.
00:26 We ask for those women who are stressed out
00:28 or going through different changes,
00:29 don't know their numbers, that You would be with them
00:31 in a special way, Lord God.
00:32 And when something is going on and we're not feeling right,
00:35 we need to get to the hospital.
00:38 Continue to bless us, bless this program
00:41 and, Lord, we just thank You for this opportunity.
00:43 In Jesus' name, amen. Amen.
00:46 Paula, it's been a wonderful good program.
00:48 You know, I remember one cardiologist said that
00:52 trust your women's intuition.
00:54 She said that those who'd a heart attack,
00:56 90% of women knew that something was wrong
01:00 but they've refused to go to the hospital, 90%.
01:04 So women trust your intuition
01:05 and again it may not be indigestion,
01:10 and not be just sweating profusely,
01:13 that neck pain, it could be symptoms of a heart attack
01:17 and or a stroke and sometimes we just not cognizance that
01:23 that can be a symptom of that because it's not chest pain.
01:27 Yes, yes, yes. So that's go for women.
01:29 Now, so we got sampling to do
01:32 on this program, what do you think?
01:33 Yeah, we gonna sample afterwards
01:35 but you talk a lot to the women
01:36 so make sure that the men talk to the women as well.
01:39 Well, John 10:10, Jesus said I come
01:42 that they might have life and have it more abundantly.


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