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00:01 Well, welcome back. Welcome back.
00:02 Welcome back. Yes.
00:03 We've accomplished the thyme chili corn muffins.
00:08 Before it was a part of this my actual
00:10 corn bread recipe that I've had in the past
00:12 and I have added some new things to it
00:14 by putting the red pepper flakes into,
00:16 also the vegan parmesan alternative in there.
00:20 You know, and also the thyme off,
00:22 so that just need a little difference you know.
00:24 You sure did it.
00:25 Even though it's there, is coupled with that
00:27 my tomato soup also
00:29 which is I want like creamy tomato soups
00:30 in my global cookbook.
00:32 You know, if you get that recipe
00:33 that means you have to actually send
00:35 to abundantlivingtv.org. Okay.
00:38 Abundantlivingtv.org. Cut away.
00:40 So I made it, believe it or not I made the cornbread,
00:44 the thyme cornbread before, so then I said
00:46 what if I try to make muffins out of it.
00:48 Oh, yeah.
00:49 And ye, yeah, Muffins and corn sticks.
00:51 These are different shapes.
00:52 Same one, same one.
00:53 All right, okay.
00:54 And, you know, you made a comment about that
00:56 Alice in Wonderland.
00:57 You dealt with Alice in Wonderland experience.
00:59 Yeah, back in the day. Back in the day.
01:01 Okay, Once again, you know,
01:03 and I remember, I mean bad,
01:04 bad migraines to the point where...
01:06 And this is BC, before Curtis.
01:09 Okay, before Curtis. Okay.
01:10 But anyway I used to have real bad lights flashing,
01:13 I had to go underneath of the lights,
01:15 I didn't want the music, I didn't want no sound.
01:18 But you know, what lifestyle had made the difference
01:20 is changing the lifestyle,
01:21 and also the alternatives what you were saying
01:23 from healthy standpoint,
01:25 migraines left and all the other stuff
01:27 and I'm--- I didn't used the drug at all.
01:28 Right.
01:29 And I'm so-- it's available
01:31 and it's there to help us
01:33 Yeah, the main thing is that
01:34 we don't want people to just simply use the herb
01:37 from back in the thing but we want to...
01:40 make some modifications to the lifestyle,
01:42 so that you don't have to use the herb
01:43 or any other protocols as well, so that's what you did,
01:46 you didn't use any of the herbs.
01:48 But the migraines crashed and went away.
01:50 Yeah, I did, what the thing was that
01:51 I did some of the herbs but the bottom-line
01:53 was I looked at the whole lifestyle like you said.
01:55 Bed on time, you know,
01:56 not get myself all stressed out.
01:58 Yes, stress.
01:59 The weather did, does make a difference.
02:00 Yeah, the weather, yes.
02:01 But God is good.
02:02 I mean, you know, one of the things I always say,
02:05 if we put our self in the position for healing
02:07 which means doing all you can do,
02:09 then God will do the rest, but just keep on doing
02:10 whatever you gonna do
02:12 and then think God's gonna do it,
02:13 that's not gonna work.
02:14 Yes, okay.
02:15 And also the doses to on the Butterbur is 50 milligrams.
02:19 Based on clinical study, we're talking about
02:21 50 milligrams of the Butterbur as well.
02:25 Feverfew is good but Butterbur works
02:28 a little bit better than Feverfew,
02:30 so just want to put those out there as well.
02:32 And don't get that mixed up with butter, butter.
02:35 Right, It's time to close, Jesus said John 10:10,
02:38 "I come that they might have life
02:40 and have it more abundantly."


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