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00:01 Well, welcome back. Welcome back.
00:02 And we're making some thyme,
00:05 thyme chili corn muffins.
00:08 We're making thyme muffin. We're making both.
00:11 We're making both.
00:12 Okay, let's go look at the ingredients then.
00:14 Oh, let's do it.
00:42 Okay.
00:44 Now, I've done this recipe, believe it or not,
00:46 this cornbread recipe on other shows.
00:48 But I've also now come back and learn other ways
00:50 I can actually add and mix it so.
00:52 Sometime our program is more of the basic stuff like
00:55 when I do my biscuits and that kind of thing
00:57 and then I begin to adding things to it.
00:58 So this is a very simple recipe.
01:00 It just calls for.
01:02 I'm gonna put that pastry flour in.
01:05 And they can get this at any store.
01:06 At any store, whole wheat pastry flour.
01:08 If you would, go head on and get that--
01:11 You want to take the almond milk and oil.
01:13 You gonna mix those together for me and, Curtis, use this.
01:15 You want me to whisk it or what?
01:17 You use that in here.
01:18 In the meanwhile, I'm gonna ahead
01:19 and put the cornmeal in, okay.
01:24 And I'm gonna put in the red pepper flakes.
01:27 Almond or soy milk, does it really matter?
01:29 Almond milk, soy milk, rice milk, okay.
01:33 I'm gonna put in the fructose.
01:35 All right.
01:36 I'm gonna put in the baking powder aluminum free.
01:40 I'm gonna put in the salt.
01:43 I'm gonna put in the vegan parmesan alternative.
01:47 Now, where you can get this, this may be new,
01:49 I'm just assuming someone
01:50 may be watching this for the first time,
01:52 the vegan parmesan alternative.
01:54 Grocery stores, everything now...
01:56 Regular grocery store.
01:57 Yep, yep, yep.
01:58 Your grocery stores have those,
02:00 you know, because lot of people have
02:01 actually going to a lot more the--
02:04 more natural more of the vegan type
02:06 or more natural organic type foods,
02:08 so lot of stores are bringing things in
02:10 that you've never seen before.
02:11 Remember now, we told you also on 3ABN
02:13 if you see something, tell the grocer,
02:16 after all you're paying the money out.
02:18 They want your business.
02:19 And the reason why vegan parmesan alternative,
02:22 we mentioned this before in some of our programs,
02:25 vegan cheese, I mean not vegan cheese
02:28 but cheese, parmesan cheese
02:31 is one of worst foods for your kidneys and egg yolk.
02:36 So again, that's why we're moving away from the cheese,
02:40 particularly the parmesan cheese.
02:42 It really wreaks havoc on the kidneys
02:45 and also the egg yolk, so that's why vegan parmesan
02:48 is a better alterative for that.
02:50 And not to mention Alice in Wonderland.
02:53 We talked about eight, cheese is being
02:54 one of the major key component.
02:56 Eight foods and particular you know,
02:57 cheese is one of those eight foods
03:00 that would trigger that.
03:01 You can stir those, go ahead,
03:02 I'll go head and stir, you go and pour the almond milk in
03:05 and also it's got the oil as well.
03:08 Now, you didn't get a chance in the living room
03:10 but you have some experience with migraines over the years.
03:13 Of course I'm talking about that in the PMS area.
03:16 Oh, okay, well, we can wait till the PMS--
03:19 Yeah, because I want the two things for here
03:21 and I got two, I have muffin pan,
03:25 they had for six and then I have one
03:26 it's going to do some actual muffin sticks.
03:30 So you'll say they're stored before.
03:32 Yeah, yeah, yeah, let me just get in.
03:34 I just want to beat this and stir up
03:35 just so that you can get it moist
03:37 and you don't want to beat it too much
03:38 because you don't want to create more
03:40 a gluten in there, so it's where it goes.
03:43 Which one is going in first?
03:44 I'm gonna do the muffin tins first.
03:46 Okay.
03:47 Okay, and remove those dishes out of the way there for me.
03:51 And just take that away.
03:54 I must give you the fork also to put in there.
03:56 Now, I could do just go ahead on
03:57 and fill up my muffin tins first.
04:01 Now, is that greased first or?
04:02 It's already been greased.
04:04 Oh, it's already been greased.
04:05 If they had one that's got a tip on, Curt,
04:06 you don't have to do that.
04:07 Oh, okay.
04:09 But this is yeah, greased it.
04:11 I'll just go ahead and push that in there,
04:12 yeah, okay like that.
04:15 Let me hold it for you. Okay.
04:17 At least you gave me something to do.
04:21 The more you give me something to do,
04:22 the more I stay out of trouble.
04:23 That is a true statement. You know what I am saying.
04:25 Yeah, I know what you're saying.
04:27 And I think the camera crew can vouch for that.
04:28 I heard somebody laughing too.
04:30 Hold up. It's just the camera crew.
04:31 Don't turn it so fast
04:32 because I can't get like I get it in there.
04:33 Okay, baby.
04:34 All right. Okay, here we go.
04:36 All right.
04:37 Right there in the middle.
04:38 And these go into the oven for how long?
04:40 This goes in oven at 375. Okay.
04:42 In for about 15-20 minutes, okay.
04:44 Oh, okay.
04:45 And they will be nice and ready to go.
04:48 Okay, nice. Look at that, nice and chunky.
04:49 Do I need to shake this?
04:50 No, no, no, don't shake, they sit down.
04:52 Then give me the other one there.
04:53 How can it even now look bigger?
04:54 No, no, no. No, no, no.
04:56 And then for these, I like this
04:58 because you know, actually I found this,
05:00 your mother loves to make this corn sticks
05:03 every time I go to her house.
05:05 You got the corn sticks go and that's the first thing
05:07 I reach for is corn sticks because they're wonderful.
05:10 I love them. Yes, they are.
05:11 Okay, and we gonna put those, put this in here.
05:15 And it goes in the oven. Okay.
05:17 And it will be ready and so guess what?
05:20 When the show comes back, you will see
05:23 the finished product, so stay by.


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