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00:01 Well, we have completed show fish and more.
00:04 This is the more.
00:05 And for these recipes of course abundantlivingtv.org
00:07 is where you want to go.
00:08 We did fish cakes.
00:10 Fish cakes, golden brown, honey.
00:12 We made a tartar sauce to go with it.
00:14 Yes, we did. All right.
00:15 And then we did potatoes, oven herbal potatoes.
00:18 And we ended with the coleslaw.
00:21 Looking mighty good, baby, mighty good.
00:22 So fishing more, fishing more. Yes.
00:25 Now, let's...
00:27 You know, I've never really tasted the tartar sauce.
00:32 And may be it will be good with that
00:35 tartar sauce on top of the fish.
00:38 Okay, we'll do that when the show comes to an end.
00:41 Okay, Well now we're really at the end now.
00:45 So therefore...
00:46 So I don't have a plate or anything...
00:48 Or you say you were not prepared at this time.
00:51 And why is that?
00:53 Because I know you're gonna ask that question,
00:55 so I didn't bring anything with me.
00:57 Okay. That's good.
00:58 Well, your hair looks nice too, I like that.
01:00 Is that a new style, Paula?
01:01 Anyway.
01:02 Okay.
01:03 Anyway.
01:04 But, so what about the potatoes though, honey.
01:06 He is still trying to get it--
01:08 he is still trying to do it.
01:09 You know, we talked about this...
01:10 You said Atho, who is Atho?
01:11 We go out to different shows, they talk about you
01:12 and all of it for eating, you want to eat all the time.
01:15 You know, all the time want to eat, all the time.
01:16 Let me feed you.
01:17 We gonna close the show out.
01:18 I'm gonna feed you.
01:20 Okay. Okay, yeah.
01:21 You feed me.
01:22 Oh.
01:25 Good, Okay.
01:26 I think it's time to closure, yes.
01:28 As always John 10:10, Jesus said,
01:30 "I come that they might have life
01:34 and have it more abundantly."


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