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00:01 Well, we just got finished on all those patties
00:03 and we've also did the tartar sauce.
00:05 And now we're gonna make the potatoes up
00:07 because these oven potatoes so let's go to the recipe.
00:11 Okay.
00:32 Now, we've already got the other ones going
00:33 so I'm just gonna do that oven potato
00:35 because I know people know how to cut wedges.
00:36 You know what I'm saying? Yeah, okay.
00:40 So, all I'm gonna do is
00:41 I'm just actually gonna cut the potato.
00:43 And we're gonna make wedges out of it.
00:45 In half. Okay.
00:48 And I like to use russet potato as well.
00:51 Now why the russet?
00:52 Because I just want to use like these for this recipe itself,
00:56 it's a heavier, its heavy it's got more starch in it.
00:59 I like this kind of potato.
01:00 Whether in a Yorkshire Gold
01:01 or let's say some of the other potatoes out there.
01:03 But we're just gonna do the wedges.
01:07 And what I can have you do Curtis,
01:08 for me is if you'll go ahead on and take that olive oil
01:11 and put it into that dish, that bowl right there for me.
01:13 Okay.
01:15 In the bowl and then you're gonna go ahead on
01:17 and put in the onion powder and garlic powder.
01:23 Okay, and I know that you're just dying to do a wedge
01:26 like the potato thing in here.
01:27 Well, I mean, I'm not really dying to do--
01:28 Okay, well, I thought--
01:29 If you want me to do it, I'll do.
01:30 I'm gonna move it over
01:31 'cause there I just already cut in two's
01:32 you're gonna actually see how I did
01:34 while I go ahead and get it thyme ready.
01:36 I'm gonna finish doing this. You got those two there.
01:39 And then I'm just gonna take-- this is fresh thyme.
01:42 I'm gonna just take a little leaves off of it there.
01:46 Put in there because this is thyme.
01:49 You can smell it?
01:50 No, that's your favorite term of the year.
01:55 And my favorite one is, just saying.
01:58 Just saying.
02:02 Okay. Okay.
02:03 It's just kind of, is this too thick, honey?
02:05 No, that's fine. Oh, that's fine.
02:07 When we do the potatoes you want it to be nice chunky.
02:10 Okay. Okay.
02:11 This is kind of thick and chunky.
02:13 Is it? No, I think that's fine, babe.
02:15 You cook that perfect.
02:17 All right, now what we're gonna do now,
02:19 just a bit we're gonna stir it up a little bit.
02:21 All right.
02:22 Just now we've cooked the potatoes in there.
02:26 You want to put the potatoes in there now?
02:27 You want to do that?
02:28 You're gonna coat them for me
02:29 which you're gonna make sure they get nice covered
02:31 and completely with the olive oil and thyme.
02:35 Baby, you're gonna put like two
02:36 or three of them in there at a time.
02:37 Then just going, just roll in it.
02:39 Roll in here, you know. Okay, okay.
02:42 Now, I don't want you to roll in it, I want--
02:44 Yeah, that's a little bit too small of a bowl for me
02:46 to roll it in here.
02:48 Can't knew we do it same.
02:49 Put in. You're silly, so silly.
02:51 Silly. Silly.
02:52 Honey, they're not gonna be respond though, I don't think.
02:53 Yes, they will. They will respond.
02:54 Yeah, they will. We make it a email.
02:57 Yes, they will. That's right.
02:59 Put in right here.
03:00 Yeah, I want to try. Now we start about that.
03:01 We'll make an email on that one.
03:06 Okay. There will be one layer thick.
03:08 Just one layer. Okay.
03:10 Okay, when you get done that. I coat this on.
03:14 Let's make sure it's nice and coat.
03:16 That is so-- its got a real nice flavor
03:18 and it smell delicious.
03:21 You smell delicious, too. Thank you.
03:23 Just had new cologne? You had it this morning?
03:26 I wear perfume, is that cologne?
03:28 It is what, perfume-- Look, I wasn't thinking, I said that.
03:33 Well, let's just keep cooking.
03:39 Okay, I think we're through here.
03:40 Ladies perfume, men cologne.
03:41 Yeah, okay. I got it, honey.
03:42 Okay, now what I'm gonna do with this baby,
03:44 I'm gonna put some of this on here
03:45 'cause we had that to do.
03:47 And I'm gonna take this, oh, yeah.
03:49 Oh, you're gonna--
03:51 Pat it down on here. Oh, okay.
03:52 Yummy, yummy, yummy. Okay.
03:55 I want you just, you always start on that,
03:56 much through that, I put more of that.
03:58 My hands are already kind of-- No.
04:02 Yeah, okay. Yeah, these are so good.
04:05 You know we've done potatoes
04:06 before different kind of combination of potatoes,
04:09 with different herb on top of it,
04:11 definitely the skin on you know, and--
04:14 I'll just do this.
04:16 Yeah, why don't you do that? Yeah, okay.
04:18 Okay? There you go.
04:20 Already, and of course
04:22 you will see this at the end of the program.
04:26 Once again that thyme is coming in here.
04:29 This is 425 degrees--
04:32 These are baked, oven baked potatoes.
04:34 Yes, indeed. Nothing deep fried.
04:36 No, no, no, no. Okay?
04:39 This is from your garden too, right?
04:41 No. I didn't do thyme this year.
04:45 Time, thyme whatever. Whatever.
04:51 425, it's gonna go in the oven, 10 minutes on each sides
04:54 it's gonna get that nice golden brown.
04:55 It's gonna have that real good flavor in it.
04:57 Always salt it when it comes out of the oven
05:00 and so we're gonna then go to our very next recipe
05:03 because we got to make us some coleslaw.
05:04 Oh, coleslaw. Let's do it.
05:29 Okay, okay, I mean now when think about,
05:31 no we've done the fish patties.
05:33 Fish patties and tartar sauce.
05:34 And we've done tartar sauce
05:36 and then we've done potatoes, baked potatoes.
05:39 I mean, seriously you done my fish and more.
05:42 All right. This is the more part.
05:43 If got to have a corn that have to have Kosher bag.
05:45 Oh, I do want to say, the head opportunity goes to England
05:49 where you do the fish and the potatoes
05:52 and they, they actually wrap it in newspaper.
05:55 By the way that was back in--
05:56 Wait a minute, wrap the fish in newspaper.
05:58 No, when they fry the fish up
05:59 and they had the potatoes and stuff with it,
06:01 they actually had it wrapped in regular newspaper.
06:04 They ran out of paper bags?
06:05 No, no, that's just kind of the style
06:06 I guess or may be its just paper
06:07 it looks like wax papers got printed stuff on it.
06:10 Anyway, anyway, anyway,
06:12 that was back in a day, back in the day--
06:14 Now, back in a day for those who, sometime ago--
06:16 I was not always a vegetarian,
06:18 okay and I definitely was not always a vegan.
06:21 So over period of time the transitioning--
06:23 That is truth.
06:26 You know, I definitely was not always a vegan,
06:28 praise the Lord.
06:29 You know, He came into my life, He pulled me, He pulled me--
06:32 Yes, He did. Okay.
06:33 Now, this coleslaw, you know a lot of times
06:35 you have to have cut the cabbage
06:37 all over everything, how about out now in a market
06:39 now they already have the broccoli, the carrots,
06:41 the red cabbage and the regular cabbage,
06:44 they mix all it together and they put it in own slaw.
06:46 You have a slaw mix and I like to make this up.
06:49 It's got a good flavor to it.
06:50 So that's what called the slaw mix.
06:52 Yeah, the coleslaw mix.
06:53 All right, coleslaw salad mix is already made up that way
06:56 you are not go to through a lot of work.
06:57 Now we're gonna be cutting up the other stuff
06:58 that goes in there.
07:00 And I like to make it more than just regular coleslaw
07:03 with just mayonnaise in it.
07:05 We want to make it more have more pizazz.
07:07 So when we do that we add the apple,
07:09 we also add the raisins and all in that as well.
07:11 So while you get ready cut that up for me--
07:13 I'm gonna what chunks or what?
07:15 Yeah, you're gonna-- yeah, just go ahead
07:16 and cut, cut, cut down there.
07:18 I got you that sharp knife, too.
07:22 Okay.
07:24 All I know is that was the way you were doing you're,
07:25 when you do your oatmeal and you put your apple in there
07:27 and those you cut that's kind of neat.
07:30 Yeah. Okay.
07:31 Oh, you know that.
07:32 I've been noticing that. I've been noticing that.
07:33 Oh, okay, all right. Put that in here.
07:37 While you're doing that I'm gonna go ahead
07:39 and throw in raisins.
07:40 I like lots of raisins also in there as well.
07:43 I'm gonna cut in small chunk
07:45 but not real big 'cause that-- Smaller?
07:47 Yeah, that's right size. That's fine, that's fine.
07:49 Oh, okay.
07:50 Okay. Okay.
07:54 All right. Okay.
07:56 While you're doing that I'm gonna go ahead
07:57 and put them all in there, here.
07:59 I like the red one.
08:01 I've used the Granny Smith, other ones before
08:03 but I like all this different color.
08:06 Okay. Yeah.
08:10 Smells good. Okay.
08:15 Okay. That's way to go.
08:19 Maybe I should try it.
08:21 No baby, you got away, see you make me wait,
08:23 so you've to wait, too.
08:28 They are good. Ain't it good?
08:29 Just a minute, I'm making in here.
08:31 Yeah, that these are going, maybe part of coleslaw.
08:34 Okay, that's good. Yummy, yummy.
08:37 That's gonna go in.
08:39 And as though your work is not done
08:41 how about doing the celery for me?
08:42 I'm cutting more today. I might keep listen.
08:47 And we have extra helpings. Okay, extra helpings.
08:51 I'm gonna be adding in the onions.
08:53 They go with this also.
08:56 Now one thing about coleslaw
08:57 and that is it needs to sit for sure.
09:00 Now overnight or? Honey, smaller pieces, babe.
09:03 Yeah, it's just overnight because remember now
09:05 the mayonnaise is gonna get in here
09:06 and it's gonna mix on in with the apples and raisins
09:10 and onions and the celery, so that gets a nice flavor.
09:14 Okay.
09:15 Okay? Okay.
09:17 You're waiting on me?
09:19 Yeah, I'm still stirring anyway while you're doing that.
09:21 These are small enough?
09:24 Can I get that those there pieces little bit smaller?
09:27 So the answer would be, no. Well.
09:31 Yes, that's better. You like bite size pieces.
09:34 Okay, I was thinking it from the man standpoint.
09:36 I know. Yeah, okay.
09:38 It is going to be women also eating this salad.
09:41 So, I know she got bigger apple, big piece here.
09:44 Oh, that I know that's four of them together,
09:46 one, two, three, four.
09:47 You know, I'll separate it.
09:49 Okay, here we go. All right.
09:52 You're pretty. Okay.
09:55 All right.
09:57 So we got these all mix together in here
09:59 and then we're gonna add in.
10:01 Okay. The vegenaise.
10:04 And we probably go ahead and close out and--
10:07 All ready. So this is vegenaise and--
10:10 Oh, we've completed this program fish and more
10:13 and so you're going to stay by and guess what
10:15 we're gonna see the finished product.
10:17 Stay by. Okay.


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