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00:01 One of my favorite entrees is fish
00:05 and not just fish but I want the whole fixing
00:08 with the potatoes, the coleslaw, all of it,
00:10 and you know it's hard to try to figure out
00:12 how to do that on a vegan diet, so guess what?
00:15 On the show today we're gonna be doing fish and more.
00:19 So stay by.
00:54 Hi there.
00:55 I'm Paula Eakins and this is my husband.
01:00 If I'm your husband, you should know my name.
01:03 Say your name. Curtis Eakins.
01:04 Curtis Eakins, Curtis Eakins, okay.
01:07 Well, you know, this is-- I want you to say it.
01:08 This is a real good show today. Yes, it is. Fish and more.
01:10 It's got a lot because we've done
01:12 a fish recipe before in our program.
01:15 But we've got a new fish recipe.
01:17 'Cause every time, you know, people call all the time
01:19 and you are always saying I love those fish recipes,
01:22 I love those fish, so we've got a new fish recipe
01:24 that you'll really, really like.
01:25 You know, it takes a little bit of ingredients,
01:27 but now, come on, now we're trying
01:28 to make it look like, taste like,
01:29 act like fish patty,
01:31 so therefore we've got some work to do.
01:34 All right, so I've got some work to do too?
01:35 Yes.
01:36 Now the first one is we're gonna
01:38 go to what the fish cakes themselves,
01:39 so let's look at the ingredients on this.
01:41 Okay.
02:31 So we're gonna start off
02:32 by just putting in all the ingredients,
02:35 first start off with and that's gonna be,
02:36 we're gonna put in our carrots.
02:38 We're gonna put in our celery. All right.
02:41 We're gonna put in our onions. Ye yeah.
02:45 We're gonna put in our parsley.
02:48 That comes from our garden?
02:49 Yes. Oh, okay.
02:50 Okay, and what I'm gonna do now is just pulse it.
03:06 You're making the panko breadcrumbs,
03:10 that's the new term to--
03:11 Well, it's just a different breadcrumb.
03:13 No, they're doing any kind of crab cakes
03:15 or seafood type item they usually use the panko.
03:18 Oh. Not breadcrumb.
03:19 Okay. Okay.
03:22 I'm gonna go head on and get this on
03:23 because we're gonna get first part
03:24 of this actually get this...
03:28 saute, we're gonna saute the combination of things
03:30 I just got finished off.
03:32 A little bit of the canola oil. Mm-hmm.
03:40 And... Take out this.
03:41 Take the blade out. Okay.
03:43 Get all the goodies over there.
03:49 And... Are you through with this?
03:52 I'm finished with that--
03:53 well, no, no, I'm not finished with that.
03:56 All right, we're gonna pour all this inside here.
03:59 So now how long are you gonna saute?
04:00 This until tender. Oh.
04:01 So while we're doing that,
04:02 we'll do the rest of the parts there
04:04 and you can see right now
04:05 we got other things that put in here.
04:06 Okay. Okay.
04:08 Now we're gonna start adding in
04:09 and while this is actually sautéing,
04:14 we're gonna go head on and keep it in here.
04:16 Put the blade back in for me.
04:20 All right, now I'm gonna go head on and put in...
04:23 Now this is the tofu in water packed?
04:26 Water packed tofu. All right, extra firm.
04:28 Right.
04:30 So you have different textures
04:31 what the extra firm would be the one that--
04:33 It's got-- yeah, 'cause--
04:34 'Cause it have a better texture to that.
04:35 Yeah, if you use the silken on this, it's gonna too soft
04:38 so I like to use this the one it's water packed, okay.
04:40 Okay. All right.
04:42 We're gonna also put in this for now, just start putting in,
04:44 you gonna put the breadcrumbs in.
04:46 Is it the panko? No, no.
04:47 This is regular seasoned breadcrumbs.
04:49 Oh, seasoned. Okay.
04:50 Okay. All righty.
04:52 All right, now we're gonna start adding in,
04:54 I got the flour going in.
04:55 Okay.
04:57 You're gonna go head on and get me that mayonnaise,
04:58 that's gonna go in.
05:00 There was spatula?
05:01 Right here, baby, you can use the same one here.
05:03 Okay.
05:04 Okay. All right.
05:08 Even though there's a lot of ingredients,
05:09 all of it goes in at the same time,
05:10 that's the thing I like about it.
05:12 All the goodies. Okay.
05:18 All right, now we're gonna put in the thyme.
05:22 And if you'll give me that hoisin sauce right there, this.
05:25 Oh, the who sauce?
05:26 The hoisin. Hoisin.
05:28 Okay, and then you're gonna go ahead
05:29 and put in the salt and you can use
05:31 that spatula again there so you can get that out.
05:33 Want to go ahead and put the salt in.
05:35 Now this hoisin sauce, this is--
05:37 It's part of the mixing taste like fish.
05:40 Is this can be purchased at a regular store?
05:42 Yes, the regular store in the oriel section.
05:44 Okay, I got my turmeric going in,
05:47 just to help give that color we need.
05:48 And what is this here? And that's the garlic powder.
05:53 Powder. All right.
05:54 Okay.
05:56 Now what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna just put the lid back on.
06:00 Okay, and this is sautéing,
06:03 looking good, all right, we're gonna pulse again.
06:14 Give that spatula.
06:20 It's gonna give a nice consistency we need to have.
06:25 I need to be trying that... No, it's okay, it's okay.
06:30 How did you come about this recipe?
06:31 I know you have other fish recipes but...
06:35 Well, I wanted something a little bit more lighter,
06:36 the one we did before had the actual yellow peas in it.
06:42 And I wanted something more like,
06:44 okay, that was like fish sticks and fish patties.
06:47 With the kelp and, yeah. Yeah.
06:48 That use the kelp and so now I'm using seaweed,
06:50 I'm using something totally different
06:51 this time in place of kelp.
06:53 And I'm using also the tofu
06:55 so it's gonna be a softer kind of a patty
06:56 rather than the other one I made before
06:59 so just changing things up.
07:00 Okay?
07:01 What I want you to do is I want you to go head on
07:03 and start scraping that into the bowl there for me.
07:05 Oh. Be careful with that blade.
07:07 Okay. All right.
07:08 I'm gonna go back over here and continue to sauté.
07:14 Just till tender.
07:16 It's got nice and thick here.
07:17 Oh, yeah, it's gonna be thick. Yeah.
07:19 We're gonna make them patties.
07:21 Oh, okay, yeah, this is the patties.
07:30 Take this out here.
07:33 Take all out. Okay.
07:36 Now it's time for us to add in our secret,
07:39 we call it our secret ingredient
07:40 which really gives it that fish flavor
07:43 and that is seaweed,
07:44 which like I said before in the past we did kelp.
07:47 Can you help me with that?
07:49 Just gonna move this over little bit.
07:50 Okay, now so...
07:51 Okay, I'm gonna give you some of these.
07:53 This is the... Now this is the seaweed.
07:55 This is the seaweed.
07:56 At again at oriental store or something?
07:58 No, you can get at regular grocery store.
07:59 Oh, regular grocery store.
08:00 What you're gonna do is break it up real fine,
08:01 kind of break it up there.
08:04 Smells like fish really. Mm-hmm.
08:05 The same thing you use to make sushi.
08:06 So this would be in place of the kelp.
08:08 That's right, that's right. With the fish taste.
08:13 Okay.
08:16 And we're gonna stir it up. All right.
08:19 Take that out of the way for you?
08:20 Yeah, you can move that out of the way,
08:21 I'm finished with that now.
08:29 Also you're gonna make sure that you get in the seaweed in
08:33 because it's what helps to get the flavor
08:35 along with that thyme as well.
08:43 It's funny when I go to a grocery store to buy that,
08:45 people think I'm making sushi and I say,
08:46 oh, no, no, no, I'm making fish patties.
08:48 They say making fish patties with that?
08:51 Lady, are you for real? Yeah, yeah.
08:53 I said I might bring you some. May bring you some.
08:56 Make them believe they're out of them.
08:57 Make them believe they're out of them
08:58 and now we're gonna take and add
08:59 and you just back up baby.
09:01 We gonna actually put in now the seasoning,
09:04 carrots and the celery.
09:05 Okay.
09:07 And if you will, there's a plate behind you
09:09 'cause we're gonna make these patties.
09:10 Oh.
09:14 All the goodies, all the goodies.
09:17 Now did you forget this or that's coming later?
09:19 Oh, no, that's for the patties to go in, Curt.
09:21 Oh, okay.
09:23 Now...
09:26 if you go ahead and continue mixing,
09:28 just go ahead and mix that, mix that together for me.
09:30 I'm gonna go ahead and get my pan ready.
09:38 Okay.
09:40 It's all rounded out here.
09:42 Now how many patties will this make?
09:44 It makes 12.
09:45 Oh, 12. Twelve patties.
09:47 You can either scoop it or you can use a scoop
09:51 to actually do it yourself or you can do it by hand.
09:53 And you know I hate to get my hands dirty so, you know,
09:55 that's what I'm gonna be doing, right.
09:57 So while I'm doing here, you're gonna--
09:58 Hold up. Oh, it's time for you to...
09:59 Okay, I'm gonna put my oil in my skillet.
10:03 We're only gonna use enough of it
10:04 'cause now we're getting ready
10:05 to actually make the patties up.
10:08 So when we go and add this...?
10:10 In a minute, that's not gonna go,
10:11 that's actually gonna be our breading.
10:13 Oh, okay.
10:16 I think this is pretty much mixed up here.
10:19 That's fine. All right.
10:23 Now I'm gonna put this on my dish.
10:31 Okay.
10:32 So now it's time for the patty time.
10:34 Time to make those patties up.
10:35 Now you want me to help you out with the patties?
10:39 Well, I'll make one first, okay?
10:40 You make one first. I'll see how you do and then--
10:42 Because I would like them to be a little more organized.
10:47 Okay, so let's just do a scoop. Mm-hmm.
10:54 Okay, that's the small, that's gonna be your thing, right?
10:58 This is the size the patties are gonna be.
11:02 And I usually put a little bit of seasoning on it
11:05 on both sides before I put into the skillet.
11:09 And now it's kind of sit over here
11:10 because I want to do them all at one time.
11:13 So a scoop likes that and go ahead, here you go.
11:18 Okay.
11:20 All right, my hands are bit sticky here.
11:26 Okay, I want to make mine's a little bit--
11:27 Don't make it too-- no, honey, they get like...
11:30 Just follow instructions. There you go.
11:31 Okay, all right. Then other side too.
11:38 On the other side for a few minutes
11:39 while we get these together.
11:40 You gonna do about what, three or four?
11:41 Yeah, just two, yeah, let's just do a couple of them.
11:45 I'm just gonna do one more
11:46 so they can get the idea what it is like.
11:47 You want me do another one? Yeah, you can do one more.
11:50 Okay.
11:52 Now these are gonna sit in the skillet.
12:01 And we serve this up with a nice
12:03 lime tartar sauce, ye yeah.
12:12 How about that, honey?
12:13 That's fine, go ahead and put it in.
12:17 And so at the end of the program
12:18 they'll get chance to see that.
12:19 Oh, you got it there. All right.
12:22 So you had that on low or?
12:24 I've got them on the medium heat right now.
12:26 And you're gonna keep it on, now the panko sauce mixing,
12:28 it gives it a real nice kind of a golden brown color.
12:31 So we're gonna keep that going until we--
12:32 and then we'll turn it over on other side.
12:34 I usually go about maybe five minutes on each side.
12:37 You don't want them to high because you don't want to burn.
12:39 And if it burns of course the patties
12:41 are not gonna be like you like it, okay.
12:42 So you want like kind of a golden brown color,
12:44 so we're gonna look at-- you know what,
12:45 we're gonna look at the tartar sauce
12:46 that actually matches this.
12:48 We'll take a break first
12:49 and then come back with the tartar sauce?
12:50 No, let's go ahead and do the tartar sauce now.
12:52 Okay, let's go and do it then. Okay, let's do that.
13:03 Now, this actually goes along with our patties
13:07 and they're doing really, really good.
13:08 All right. Golden brown, baby.
13:09 It's very, very quick, you've got to have
13:10 a tartar sauce to go along with that lime juices--
13:12 They have to have tartar sauce. So we got that vegenaise.
13:14 Why don't you go ahead and put that together for us?
13:16 And the vegenaise here
13:17 and we gonna do this the lime juice...
13:19 The lime juice in. Put this in here?
13:20 Okay.
13:22 And this is the honey, I guess I need a spatula for...
13:26 You just use that.
13:27 Oh, this? Okay.
13:28 Okay, to get that honey in there.
13:30 Honey it's kind gives a little bit of a tang,
13:32 you got that sour going together there.
13:33 Little bit of a tang. Okay.
13:39 And now I'm gonna whisk it. Yep.
13:42 I don't think I whisked before, have I?
13:44 I don't know. Okay.
13:49 Okay, be careful, it doesn't come out of the bowl, baby.
13:51 Oh, okay, baby.
13:53 But that lime has to mitch match into that.
13:57 Now this is a really simple one and sometime not only do
14:00 we make this vegenaise up, sometime this tartar sauce,
14:04 sometime we take a pickle relish
14:07 and there's also pickle relishes out there
14:08 on the market does not have any vinegar in the system,
14:11 but lemon juice and you can mix that in here
14:13 also 'cause, you know, authentic sometime
14:16 your tartar sauce does have
14:17 little pieces of pickling in it, okay.
14:20 So but then you can also do the smoothing,
14:22 I'm gonna tell you right now, on top of these fish cakes here
14:25 and this tartar sauce, oh, you'll be hurting somebody.
14:28 You'll be hurting somebody.
14:29 It's really good, really good, really good.
14:30 And so you know we're gonna go away
14:32 because when we come back we've got to do some,
14:35 you know, I mean, what good is
14:36 all if we don't have any potatoes.
14:37 So we're gonna have some oven fried potatoes.
14:39 Oh, with the fish patties. And the tartar sauce.
14:42 And we're gonna do some also some coleslaw.
14:43 Oh, coleslaw.
14:44 Also that sounds like the whole thing, you know.
14:46 Oh, okay, all right. So we just want you to stay by.


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