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00:01 Well, welcome back.
00:02 We're excited. We're gonna make salsa recipe.
00:04 So let's go to the ingredients.
00:06 Okay.
00:07 Black Soybean Salsa, it calls for...
00:25 Okay. So now--
00:28 I do this recipe because a lot of time
00:30 when people like salsa because of the fact that
00:33 we try stay away from the vinegar.
00:34 Okay, so well, you can make your own salsa up
00:37 and that way you have more control
00:38 of what you're using yourself, okay.
00:40 And so-- and here always
00:41 there are salsa recipes out there
00:42 just you want to look and see
00:44 what the ingredients are.
00:45 So this is a quick and easy one.
00:46 So check it out.
00:47 I'm gonna just put in the black soybeans
00:50 and you can also use the regular black beans also.
00:54 And then you're gonna put in a cilantro.
00:56 I mean, I'm sorry, the chive.
00:58 These are tomato with the green chives
00:59 already there with it.
01:01 Those tomatoes came from my garden?
01:02 No, not these, okay.
01:04 All right, now if you will go ahead on
01:05 and put in the-- go ahead
01:08 and put the scallions in.
01:09 That's a part of it as well.
01:10 Make sure we get all of them out of there.
01:12 Yeah, I do that way.
01:13 And then we go into the cilantro.
01:15 This is really quick and easy recipe.
01:17 I love it. And we get all of these out.
01:20 The cilantro makes the salsa come alive.
01:23 It does it, It does it. It does it, It does it, okay.
01:26 You can all the goodies, honey.
01:27 It was not there much leftover.
01:29 Let's do that limejuice because you can do limejuice.
01:31 We gonna do a limejuice in there
01:33 and we're gonna do salt to taste.
01:35 Okay.
01:36 That's my taste of course.
01:37 Yes, your taste.
01:38 All right and then we're just mixing that up.
01:42 And usually I'm gonna tell you right now
01:44 a couple of things can happen.
01:45 Sometimes people use in this recipe lemon juice.
01:49 I like the lime because of that tartness it has to it.
01:52 Also you can use onions in it
01:54 and you could use banana peppers
01:56 and you can also do harder peppers.
01:57 But we know that on 3ABN,
01:58 we don't want to hot-hot peppers.
02:00 We know that some of you don't like that hot-hot things,
02:02 so we got that mild chilies going on here, okay.
02:06 And so with that in mind-- Just we alarm not to--
02:08 Yeah, you don't want to go-- you don't' want to go there.
02:09 You don't' want to go there, okay.
02:10 Normally what I do then is I put saran wrap across it,
02:13 put in a refrigerator and let it chill,
02:15 so that all the different ingredients
02:17 can just mesh together and have a wonderful salsa.
02:20 Now how long does it take to chill in the refrigerator?
02:23 Just a couple of hours or I'll do it like--
02:26 if we've got someone coming over
02:27 or we're gonna have some coming to your house,
02:29 I want to make it the night before,
02:31 because the longer it sits--
02:32 we always say the longer it sits
02:34 the better it gets, okay.
02:35 And so it's easy to makeup.
02:37 Like I said soybeans, now you said,
02:39 whereas soybean,
02:40 can soybeans organic is what I used.
02:43 If you don't, if you can not find that,
02:44 you can also do black soybeans as well.
02:48 Not black soybeans.
02:49 Did I just say that? I just said that.
02:50 Just two times I said that. Okay.
02:51 Now let me go back again. Okay.
02:53 So we got the black soybeans
02:54 that are out there you can use those.
02:56 If you can not find them
02:57 than you can use regulate black beans
02:59 and these are organic soybeans or organic black beans,
03:03 either one of those will work out real well.
03:04 Now these are the beans in a can not dried.
03:07 No, no, no. No, no, no, no.
03:10 It's gonna be hard to find black soybeans out there
03:13 but you can find organic ones at some of your stores, okay.
03:16 Okay, now is some of these ingredients like
03:19 they are fresh instead of a--
03:22 well, I guess all of this is gonna be fresh,
03:23 the tomatoes, the chives and--
03:25 You can do tomatoes fresh.
03:27 But I actually found organic--
03:32 I found organic tomatoes with the chilies already in them
03:35 and they are out there as well.
03:37 So, you know, make it easy on yourself.
03:38 You don't have to go through a lot of changes.
03:40 I know you're saying, well,
03:41 what in the world we have with that?
03:42 Well, guess what?
03:43 What we have is the actual chips that match it.
03:46 So there are tortilla chips.
03:48 And we're gonna to the ingredients on this one.
04:01 Now, Curtis, you know you can actually buy
04:03 those chips if you want to.
04:05 But because you made this salsa from scratch
04:07 I thought we just go ahead--
04:08 We make this from scratch?
04:09 Yeah, and these are whole wheat tortilla shells right here.
04:12 Now stop.
04:13 Now we can get in any major grocery store, right?
04:16 Oh, yeah, Tortilla chips, they are out there.
04:17 You don't have to go to health food store for this.
04:18 Yep, soft. I like the soft ones, okay.
04:21 And all I do is spray it, one side.
04:24 Spray it the other side.
04:27 Take a little bit of the salt and just sprinkle it on here.
04:31 Oh, that's it?
04:32 That's all, that's all, that's all.
04:34 Oh, I can do that.
04:35 Can I do one of those?
04:36 Absolutely, here you go. It's your turn.
04:37 Absolutely.
04:38 Go ahead and do that now then. There you go.
04:39 Okay. Give me one.
04:40 Backup a little bit, honey. I need some--
04:42 No, I'm gonna stay right here
04:43 just in case and don't-- go ahead and spray it.
04:45 Let's see if you can do your thing better.
04:47 The hole is right there, baby.
04:48 So I put my finger on the hole
04:50 and the spray will come out of the hole?
04:51 Yeah, hold it, hold it up.
04:53 I'll hold it up.
04:54 And go ahead and spray. I'm gonna back off.
04:55 Hey, where are you going?
04:57 Go ahead. Go and spray it.
04:59 On both sides please.
05:01 There you go. Now go and put your salt.
05:05 Okay. And then I'll just sprinkle.
05:08 No, no, no, just take your finger
05:09 and do a little bit there.
05:10 Oh, pinch. Yeah, just a pinch.
05:11 There you go on both sides.
05:13 Okay. See if what I'm doing.
05:15 I can't see the salt. I guess it's coming out.
05:17 It is, no longer in your finger,
05:19 it's actually on the tortilla shell.
05:20 Okay, that's a good clue.
05:22 And I thought, it came it off.
05:24 Put it on top of that one, honey.
05:25 Put it on top of that one.
05:27 Oh, put on top of this one?
05:28 Okay, now can I do another one?
05:30 Oh, oh, yeah.
05:32 You had a pencil and pad, you take notes.
05:33 No, I think the audience is doing that for you.
05:35 Oh, okay.
05:36 They are writing it down. Okay.
05:37 And we got close up there?
05:39 Yeah, okay. This is very hi-tech.
05:42 Okay, if you kind of-- the reason I had you lift it up
05:45 and that way you're not gonna spray on the table.
05:46 Okay.
05:47 That's okay.
05:48 All ready. All ready, all ready.
05:50 Okay, then pinch of salt and--
05:53 There you go. Look at here--
05:55 Yeah, they still me too.
05:57 The camera is still doing the fine job on that camera.
05:59 I thing little bit too fine to see all the mistakes.
06:02 Okay, now I think we're done here
06:05 and then put that on top of--
06:07 What we're gonna do is we put it on top.
06:08 I sprayed some of this pan too.
06:10 I see that, we're actually gonna take a pizza cutter
06:13 and we actually gonna now make our chips.
06:17 Okay.
06:20 Oh, okay.
06:23 Now what we're gonna do is just coming,
06:24 just like you're doing regular pizza.
06:25 Now how did you come about this idea
06:29 or just something you just thought about?
06:31 No, I actually-- these chips are actually in our cookbook.
06:36 We've done it before on our shows before
06:38 and so I've done it before.
06:39 And so it's just a matter.
06:40 It's actually gonna go with this particular salsa.
06:42 Okay, so this is in our global vegetarian cookbook.
06:45 Okay.
06:46 And now you're probably seeing--
06:48 how I was gonna get those recipes?
06:49 Then you can just go abundantlivingtv.org.
06:52 That's Abundant Living.
06:54 This is the name of the show, Abundant Living.
06:56 That right. Just put a word TV.
06:57 That's right. Okay.
06:58 Can we go and just lay these on here, okay.
07:01 Okay, you need some help?
07:03 We're gonna do all of these?
07:04 Yeah, well, it's messing get on here.
07:05 Oh.
07:06 We're gonna lay them on.
07:07 And you want to make sure you lay flat.
07:09 We don't want them over loading each other, all right.
07:12 So go ahead and put some on there.
07:13 Okay, no, do this way. Turn around and I guess--
07:18 There you go. You get more on it.
07:19 Yeah, I get more on here I guess and yeah, okay.
07:24 All right, okay, so guess what?
07:26 Now this is gonna go in the oven
07:28 and it's gonna go in the oven at 425 degrees.
07:34 And you're gonna keep an eye on it,
07:35 you know, because as soon as these chips start,
07:37 they will brown up on you, they look really, really good
07:40 and they taste absolutely wonderful.
07:43 Okay, so what's gonna happen is,
07:45 we're gonna go off and we're gonna comeback
07:46 and you're gonna see the salsa and also the chips.
07:50 That's it curries doesn't mess with them.
07:52 Wow. We're on our little--
07:55 Break. So stay by.


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