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00:01 Well, we have finished the final product.
00:03 Final product, team work. Team work, team work.
00:06 Cranberry maple scones.
00:08 All right, cranberry
00:09 just fluffy to the size of the scones, all right.
00:14 Now you have the dish here,
00:15 is that what, strawberries or what?
00:16 Just stuffing to put on there with them, babe.
00:18 Again and what is that like, honey?
00:21 Cherries. Oh, those are cherries?
00:23 Uh-huh.
00:24 Okay, so can we put like cherries on the scone?
00:27 Yes, you can that's why its there.
00:30 I'll be going doing it like now?
00:31 No, we are not. And why not?
00:33 Because the show must go on that's why.
00:37 She got that neck going little bit
00:39 so I better not say anything else.
00:41 Oh, anyway but this is good and this is in your cookbook.
00:46 Yes, this is in the supplemental pack.
00:48 All right, it sounds good to me.
00:50 Now how about a little sample of the scone, baby
00:53 and kit now, should you dip that into the--
00:56 Okay, Curtis, you know, what
00:58 people have said on the show they have already got--
00:59 You don't feed me, that's what they say.
01:01 They only getting on Curtis about
01:02 always wanting to eat on the show, okay.
01:04 But they need to see my expression.
01:05 Okay. So it can be believable.
01:07 Okay. Yeah.
01:08 I'm going to take a scone. Okay.
01:10 Let's see we're gonna run our time too.
01:12 That is that we don't--
01:13 Oh, so that's why you don't want.
01:14 Okay, well it's always John 10:10, Jesus said
01:17 "I come that they might have life,
01:21 and have it more abundantly."


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