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00:01 Well, welcome back. Welcome back.
00:03 We're going to make some--
00:05 Scones.
00:08 Some scones. We like some scones.
00:10 We're gonna make some cranberry--
00:12 Oh, cranberry. Maple scones.
00:14 Maple scones. All right. All right.
00:15 Let's look at the ingredients. All right.
00:41 Okay. Okay.
00:42 This is one of my favorite ones.
00:43 I love making scones. Yes.
00:44 And we're gonna go ahead
00:46 and start off by just putting in the whole wheat flour.
00:50 And we are gonna put in the unbleached flour
00:51 with the germ, somebody asked that question.
00:52 Yeah what? Okay.
00:54 For those who may not know.
00:55 Most time you find your unbleached flour,
00:56 they have already taken the germ out of it.
00:58 The germ is a part of nutrition that needs to be there.
01:00 The B vitamins. Right.
01:01 And so what happens is with the germ
01:03 that means the germ stays intact.
01:04 And so therefore it's a more healthier flour.
01:05 And nutrients. Right.
01:07 It's better than white flour,
01:09 it's unbleached flour with the germs in.
01:10 Okay. All right.
01:11 Then we're also add to that the fructose or the fruit sugar
01:15 and we've talked about this before on a show
01:18 and that is you can do that
01:19 or you can also use Florida crystals.
01:21 Okay. Okay.
01:22 We're gonna put in our baking powder.
01:24 It's aluminum free baking powder
01:26 and we are gonna put in out salt.
01:28 These are first parts of that, Curtis,
01:30 I'm gonna just stir it around little bit, mix it all up.
01:33 And while I'm doing that, I'd like you,
01:35 because that's the maple syrup and it's also the soymilk
01:38 or you can use almond milk or you can use rice milk.
01:41 There you go. But we are using soymilk.
01:43 We use soymilk. Okay, I'll be using any milk.
01:46 You just go ahead, that's soymilk.
01:47 Oh, soymilk okay.
01:48 Okay. All right.
01:49 Now of course, I have my soy margarine here,
01:51 I'm gonna move this back to the back.
01:54 We got soy was the one third cup of soy margarine
01:58 and we're gonna put this on in here as well.
02:01 And this is the part where we say
02:03 you can use an actual fork, okay.
02:08 But you know, because of this margarine
02:10 it's nice and cold, this is the part
02:12 I like to just get as I call it--
02:14 You don't go ahead and get kind of messy.
02:17 Yeah, and this is also I find a lot quicker.
02:19 I have my pastry forks and stuff at home
02:22 but you know what, this is a best way to do this.
02:24 Oh, it is? Yeah, I guess.
02:26 Just part of your therapy.
02:27 Part of my therapy. Part of your therapy.
02:29 Is it working out for you? It's working. It's working.
02:31 Okay.
02:32 How long you've been doing natural therapy?
02:35 For sometime now.
02:36 You won't give like a number.
02:37 No, I don't have any numbers.
02:38 Oh, okay. Okay.
02:40 But you see it gets done a lot quicker.
02:41 That will be too much information.
02:43 Well, that's quicker see that as we want to crumble up
02:45 like you do a corn meal base.
02:48 Okay. Okay.
02:49 And then what you're gonna do--
02:50 We're gonna add the cranberries?
02:51 The cranberries are gonna go in before the milk goes in, okay.
02:54 We're gonna actually coat those cranberry,
02:56 whole cranberries, all right.
02:58 So, that's enough there, honey.
02:59 Oh, okay. All right.
03:01 Let's go head on and start putting those cranberries.
03:02 Want to put cranberries in for me.
03:04 In here? They will come in.
03:06 All right. Yummy. Yummy.
03:08 Okay. All right.
03:11 This is a quick and easy recipe.
03:13 Okay.
03:14 Quick and easy recipe.
03:16 Now, I'm gonna have you slowly stir in,
03:19 I mean, pour in. You gonna pour in.
03:21 Slowly. Slowly pour it in, okay.
03:26 And you just gonna got mix it in there.
03:29 As you are doing that I'm turning it around.
03:31 We'll put it in there.
03:33 Keep on going. Keep on going.
03:36 Okay, go ahead. Go ahead.
03:39 All righty. Yummy, yummy.
03:42 Okay, and so we're gonna mix this together
03:47 until we get like a soft dough.
03:49 It's not gonna get real soft
03:50 because we are using the whole wheat flour.
03:53 Now you want this cutting board or what do you want to use?
03:55 I'm not gonna use a cutting board,
03:56 we are gonna go ahead and put on our pastry paper.
03:58 We got that parchment paper there
04:01 and what I'm gonna do is
04:02 I'm just going to take and move this around.
04:03 Okay. Move it around.
04:05 And I got my little extra flour here just in case I need it.
04:08 All right. Just in case I need it, okay.
04:11 This is what my wife does for me
04:13 usually on Sunday morning.
04:15 We have a nice brunch
04:17 and scones is usually part of that meal.
04:19 Part of it, part of it.
04:21 Now give me a little bit more of that flour there,
04:23 just a little bit more.
04:26 Okay, just in the bowl, baby, in the bowl.
04:28 Oh, okay, in the bowl. Go ahead.
04:30 Okay, that's it. That's it.
04:31 Okay. Okay.
04:32 Because you want to make this into--
04:33 it's not a real soft dough
04:36 but you want to actually form it
04:37 and you don't want to--
04:38 So you want the stickiness gone, I mean--
04:41 I want just-- well, not so much of a goo
04:43 because I want to be able to form it.
04:44 Oh, to form it, okay. That's what I'm able to do now.
04:46 I'm actually pulling up all the flour from the bottom.
04:48 Okay. Okay.
04:50 And get your hands nice and gooey.
04:53 So really a machine--
04:54 you really had to do with your hands,
04:55 you have to get that feel.
04:57 I like to do it with my hands. Yeah.
04:58 I like to do with my hands, okay.
05:00 Now I'm gonna take a little bit--
05:01 if you give me that spray right there
05:02 and you are gonna spray my hands
05:03 just a tad bit there.
05:07 Just go ahead. All right.
05:09 Little more. Come on, little bit.
05:10 Come on, Okay, that's it.
05:12 Okay. All righty.
05:13 Now this is what? Just regular cooking spray.
05:14 Just regular cooking spray, okay.
05:16 Okay, if you can move that flour out the way there for me
05:19 because all I'm gonna do, all I'm gonna do now is--
05:22 see how nice and easy it came out there.
05:24 We're gonna place it on parchment paper
05:26 and we're going to flatten it down, okay.
05:30 Now you have a like a cookie cutter
05:32 or how you are gonna divide this?
05:33 I'll show you in a minute. Oh.
05:35 If you would give me my rolling pin right back there.
05:38 All right.
05:40 Okay, I'm gonna put just a tad bit of flour on a rolling pin
05:44 and I'm just gonna roll out a bit.
05:46 All right, hold that paper for me.
05:48 I don't want to roll it out real thin.
05:50 I want it to be at least half a inch thick, okay.
05:54 Okay. It's very good.
05:56 And all I'm gonna do now that is take my knife
05:59 and I'm gonna just go-- not all the way through
06:03 just enough to make the impression, okay.
06:04 Oh, I see.
06:06 And then we are gonna go this way and guess what?
06:10 Oh.
06:12 See. Here we go.
06:13 This one will go in a oven at 400 degrees and guess what?
06:16 When we come back you will see the finish product.
06:19 So stay by.


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