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00:01 All righty, we finished those black bean patties,
00:04 that cilantro really gives it a nice taste, nice flavor.
00:06 The aroma is filling the studio, honey.
00:08 Yes.
00:09 And it makes four, it makes four patties.
00:11 Yes, it does. And I really like it.
00:13 A lot of times we try to do different beans.
00:16 We'll do pinto beans and navy beans,
00:18 we do different patties and this one here
00:20 is the black bean.
00:21 Like I said before minus the eggs,
00:24 and so it has the real good flavor.
00:25 So this is a cholesterol free burger?
00:27 Cholesterol free. Nice flavor, nice aroma.
00:31 Now what about the chips, honey?
00:33 They are regular tortilla chips.
00:34 I mean, you know, they are out there
00:35 and you want to look at those,
00:36 make sure they don't have extra oils and stuff in them.
00:38 But you know we have been talking about
00:39 this Alzheimer's for a while and we need to have prayer.
00:41 Okay. Okay. So, let's pray.
00:42 Let's do that.
00:43 Okay, Father God, you know,
00:45 we've talked about Alzheimer's and dementia
00:47 but You know the thing is so wonderful
00:49 that You know exactly what's going on.
00:51 You are there every time
00:52 we go through any changes in our lives
00:53 and so we are asking in favor of the individual
00:57 who is experiencing dementia and Alzheimer.
01:00 We are asking that You will bless the person
01:01 who is the caregiver, Lord God,
01:03 just more strength and more mercy
01:05 and just hover around them and hold on to them
01:07 as they are going through these different things, Lord.
01:09 And we'll be so careful give all the praise
01:11 and all the honor and all the glory unto you,
01:13 in Jesus' name, amen.
01:16 Well, it's been a good program so it's time to close.
01:18 It's always John 10:10, Jesus said
01:21 "I come that they might have life,
01:25 and have it more abundantly."


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