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00:01 Well, we are excited because we are going to make
00:03 these Cilantro Black Bean Burgers
00:05 so let's go the screen.
00:07 Let's do it.
00:37 All right, black beans burgers. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
00:41 Cilantro, cilantro we grow this also in our yard.
00:43 Yeah, this is from our garden, correct?
00:45 Yes. Yeah, that's right.
00:46 I'm used to making salsa with it,
00:48 but this time we are hanging
00:49 to our black bean burger, you know.
00:52 Now you have a black bean burger
00:53 so this is just cilantro you're gonna add.
00:55 Yeah, this has got the cilantro in it
00:56 and so it's got like three tablespoons of fresh cilantro.
00:58 So it's gonna have a nice flavor to it as well.
01:01 What you are gonna be doing for me
01:02 is we are gonna take-- I like to take about
01:03 a half of the cup of the actual black beans
01:06 and begin to mash them up
01:07 because we gonna need that for mix.
01:08 We'll start mashing these up. Yes.
01:09 And while you're doing that,
01:10 I'm gonna go head on and start sautéing the onions
01:14 and the bell peppers and also the garlic.
01:19 All those in and get those all going
01:22 because that's gonna go inside of our black bean burger.
01:25 Now as you've mentioned that some of the camera crew
01:27 has already put their beers in for some of these burgers.
01:31 So we haven't given them the okay yet though.
01:35 Okay. They are still pending.
01:36 Okay. They may--
01:37 Oh, while that's sautéing, while that's sautéing
01:40 what we are gonna do then, I'm gonna go head on
01:41 and start putting in the black beans.
01:44 Let me get a spoon over here, babe.
01:45 Okay. Thank you.
01:48 Gonna put the beans in
01:50 and we also gonna put in the instant oats
01:56 and we are gonna put in the cilantro,
01:59 fresh cilantro.
02:00 Does it smell good? You smell good too.
02:04 Thank you. No, thank you.
02:05 Smell that. Oh, that?
02:06 Yeah, that smells good also.
02:08 I'm going to put in the bread crumbs.
02:10 It's also pretty.
02:12 You are pretty too. I'm gonna put in the salt.
02:14 And you're just carrying on, aren't you today?
02:17 Well, you are pretty. Thank you.
02:19 You're missing out our granddaughter.
02:22 You're grandmother, look pretty good.
02:27 Yes, indeed.
02:32 The look she just gave me. Sautéing, we are sautéing.
02:36 Okay, I'm done here. Mash them real good, babe.
02:40 Okay, so go head on and you can go head on and put that.
02:41 Now this is going in here? Okay.
02:43 Gonna go in.
02:48 Yeah.
02:50 While you are doing that, you know,
02:51 what you can do for me is let's take the spoon out.
02:54 Why don't you go ahead and mix that,
02:55 mix that up for me.
02:57 'Cause we got to make it to the point
02:58 where it actually gonna make us
03:00 have that patty we need to have.
03:02 We gonna have last full minute of sautéing,
03:04 I'm gonna get my larger skillet together
03:06 because we are gonna make these patties.
03:10 All righty.
03:13 Again we have this already
03:15 when you were trying this recipe
03:17 before we came up here--
03:19 I need a oil. And you look mighty good.
03:21 Oh, the oil, okay.
03:26 Now some of these beans are not, oh man--
03:28 No, no, no. No, I don't want them all now.
03:30 Oh, you don't want them all? No.
03:31 Oh, okay. Okay, you ready?
03:34 I'm gonna ahead and put cilantro.
03:35 Okay, this is gonna here, okay.
03:38 You want to mix this in.
03:40 Yep, you can mix them in for me.
03:42 We get all the goodies.
03:44 Okay? All right.
03:46 I could just go ahead and move this over then here.
03:51 I turn that one off.
03:54 Now some of this oil was coming in here or what?
03:56 No that oil is not gonna go in there.
03:59 Oil is gonna be used to actually make your patties.
04:01 It makes four nice size patties.
04:04 So let me, let me come on over here.
04:06 Oh, you're gonna go and get kind of messy here?
04:10 Well, that's the good way to shape them.
04:12 You know, when I saw a recipe
04:13 similar to this on-- in a book it had this
04:17 and they used lot of eggs to kind of hold it together
04:19 but you know, we don't use eggs on 3ABN so--
04:21 So how we gonna-- well, you have the onions
04:23 that would hold it together or what?
04:24 No. What order?
04:25 This is actually gonna come together
04:27 when we squeeze it like that.
04:29 So the bread crumbs is gonna-- The bread crumbs are gonna--
04:31 Oh, that's now, hold it together?
04:33 Yes.
04:34 And we've used the beans and stuff,
04:36 if you are using a beans this from the can
04:38 you gonna rinse them off because of the sodium amount
04:41 and if you are gonna use them
04:42 without doing that rinsing it off,
04:44 you gonna make sure that you don't add the extra salt, okay.
04:48 You're gonna bring over-- this is tortilla shells.
04:51 This is crushed tortillas which I actually used before.
04:54 I use the yellow bread crumbs but I discovered
04:56 I need the bread crumbs, the yellow bread crumbs,
04:58 they kind of gave me a different kind of a look
05:00 and so I found out that tortilla shells work better.
05:02 See how that looks now. Yes, it does.
05:04 So what we're gonna do
05:05 is we're gonna actually make the patties up and--
05:11 What you're doing? I'm gonna put them in there.
05:13 Oh, and coat, that coats the patty.
05:17 Oh, okay.
05:18 I'm gonna let you even do one, how about that?
05:20 I'm gonna get my hands dirty little bit.
05:22 All you are doing is just throwing it.
05:24 Okay, all right. On both sides.
05:26 I do one of those and our time is ticking, honey.
05:29 Want me to do one?
05:30 I'm gonna do another one and then you do one.
05:32 And then what's gonna happen is okay,
05:34 what's gonna happen is we're gonna go off the show.
05:36 You already seen how to do it,
05:37 you're gonna make those patties up
05:39 and you gonna put them through the tortilla,
05:40 crushed tortilla shells
05:42 and then you're gonna put it in the oil.
05:43 And guess what?
05:44 When you come back or we come back
05:46 because you're not coming back, when we come back
05:48 you will see the finished products,
05:49 so stay by.


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