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00:01 Well-- All right, finished product.
00:03 This is tangy fruit oatmeal. It is really good.
00:06 Teamwork.
00:07 Yes. Yes, yes.
00:08 And I like to serve that up with fresh fruit.
00:11 Fresh fruit, all right. And also toast.
00:13 And toast, so where is the toast?
00:16 You ate it before we start the show.
00:18 Okay, you didn't have to share that with audience.
00:20 Now they know that, all right.
00:22 But again this looks good because it doesn't look like
00:24 the plain oatmeal that most people make, you know,
00:26 maybe put little sugar on it and that's it.
00:28 We have the raisins, has a nice appearance to it.
00:32 I don't know about the taste
00:33 and maybe you could help me out with the taste.
00:35 Well, see, I know you can do that and I was thinking
00:37 What she has on here?
00:38 I was thinking you might be able to try the go into,
00:41 go into the bowl.
00:43 Well, that's sort of last picture
00:45 of taking after the show, all right.
00:47 Yeah. Now this is hot.
00:51 Okay, so...
00:57 this is good.
00:59 The orange juice flavor, you don't need the sugar
01:03 because the orange juice has come right on out.
01:06 Now what about the grapes can you feed me,
01:10 feed the grapes?
01:11 Let me feed two this time, can I do that?
01:14 Yeah.
01:15 Yes, okay. I get one here.
01:18 Oh, right here, okay, yeah.
01:21 No, you know, I had grapes before.
01:22 You did?
01:23 Okay, I'll have my grape since you had grape before.
01:27 You know, you talk about
01:28 the whole thing about whole grains,
01:30 we talk that all the time on 3ABN,
01:32 whole grain foods are gonna be better for you,
01:34 no matter what diseases, no matter what's going on,
01:37 getting up in the morning also having a good breakfast
01:40 that is so key is to make sure
01:41 that you get a good breakfast in.
01:43 And so this is the good recipe like I said before
01:46 you can use almonds, you can use walnuts in it,
01:48 you know, you don't need to use a fructose
01:50 because believe it or not that some what I heard,
01:52 I heard you Rebecca, you asked a question.
01:54 You said, "Can I just use regular orange juice,
01:57 make my own orange juice from the scratch?"
01:58 The answer is, yes, you can.
02:01 If you got a orange juice extractor
02:03 you want to do your orange juice from scratch--
02:05 And you have the time to spare.
02:07 It's good.
02:08 But just go to the store and buy your orange juice,
02:10 100 percent, it's good enough to go.
02:11 There you go.
02:12 So it's been a wonderful program
02:14 but again talk to you doctor.
02:16 I mentioned about some of those drugs
02:17 you maybe taking, you can change out
02:19 some of those drugs for others as well.
02:20 So it's always John 10:10,
02:22 "Jesus said, I come that they might have life,
02:26 and have it more abundantly."
02:30 See you next week.


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