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00:01 Well, welcome back.
00:02 We are so excited about this recipe.
00:04 We are talking about Alzheimer's
00:05 and of course good nutrition
00:07 is always a very, very important part.
00:08 And so with that in mind
00:09 we've got this Tangy Fruit Oatmeal.
00:12 Let's look at the ingredients. Okay.
00:31 Okay, our people eat oatmeal.
00:33 Oatmeal, yes, yes, yes, yes.
00:35 but lot of times they just eat it oatmeal
00:37 with little bit sugar and rest about it.
00:39 That's it. Kind of boring.
00:40 Well, we're gonna make it more tangy.
00:42 More tangy.
00:43 And I'm gonna tell you, this one is delicious, okay.
00:46 It's delicious. It's delicious, it's delicious.
00:48 And I've already started my, believe or not my orange juice.
00:51 Now orange is already-- okay.
00:53 It has to be-- it has to boil
00:55 in order for us to be able to use it on this recipe, okay.
00:57 And so I'm gonna begin that
00:58 just put in right now the old fashioned oats.
01:01 This is one and one third cup of old fashioned oats.
01:03 Now let me just say this
01:05 or just can take that for granted,
01:08 quick oats is not gonna work or?
01:10 No, well, quick oats can work but its not gonna be--
01:14 It won't be the same time. No, no, no, no.
01:15 It's not gonna be the same time
01:16 and on top of it the old fashioned oats
01:18 or a steel cut oats are gonna be a oats, okay.
01:21 Old fashioned, steel cut is the same.
01:23 Is the same, it just depends on
01:25 you know, when you are going to store
01:26 sometime you will see the word steel grains,
01:28 some time you see a word old fashioned.
01:30 The bottom line is that is you're gonna need
01:31 a little bit more time to actually cook those.
01:33 The instant oats takes about a couple minutes.
01:35 And when you talk about the old fashioned,
01:36 the other one you are talking now
01:38 about 30 minutes, 45 minutes until it's done, okay.
01:41 So because of TV in special thing on 3ABN
01:43 we have it going on way
01:44 when it comes to working things faster.
01:47 So if people want their meals
01:48 to be cooked lot of faster come to 3ABN
01:53 and they can cook here.
01:55 I don't think that's gonna work very well.
01:56 No, I heard somebody laughing about this so we can know.
01:59 So you just scratched up there.
02:00 So we are scratching that.
02:01 And I'm gonna turn up this a little bit more,
02:03 I gonna turn up a little bit more here
02:05 and when I do that,
02:06 I'm gonna begin to add in the other things
02:09 and that is first of all we got our raisins.
02:12 Put that in a half of cup of raisins.
02:14 Half a cup of raisins. I love using raisins.
02:16 This is, this is really good tangy delicious oatmeal.
02:23 All right. But it's tangy?
02:26 It's called fruity because it has the orange juice in it.
02:28 Right. It has that fruit flavor.
02:30 Okay, and just, you know, I've done my oatmeal
02:32 with almond milk, with soymilk, sometime with just plain water
02:36 but here we go now we got this orange juice going on
02:38 so that's gonna be really good, okay.
02:39 You're gonna also go ahead and put in,
02:41 this is slivered almonds.
02:42 Okay. Yeah, yeah.
02:44 All right.
02:46 Almonds of course omega-3 we didn't talk about that.
02:49 In the living room but omega-3
02:50 is good for brain health.
02:53 In the living room but omega-3 is good for brain health.
02:56 A lot of people when they hear about omega-3
02:59 they think about fish or fish oil, fatty fish, salmon
03:04 and that's a whole program on that
03:06 but lot of people don't want that,
03:08 want another type of omega-3.
03:10 So the almonds or walnuts are good for that
03:13 and flax seed as well.
03:14 Speaking of that two you could put walnuts in this also.
03:17 Chopped walnuts can be a part of it also.
03:19 Let be adventurous.
03:20 You know, try different things and see whether you like or not
03:23 but I like to do either one of those.
03:24 Sometime I do almonds
03:26 and sometime I do walnuts, okay.
03:28 And of course, you know,
03:29 I mentioned on the ingredient list
03:31 I talked about fructose also
03:34 and so that just depends I'm gonna tell you right now,
03:35 because we are using the orange juice
03:37 and we are also using the raisins,
03:38 you don't have to use the fructose as well.
03:40 Now people so talk about fructose,
03:42 fructose fruit sugar not the same
03:45 as high fructose corn syrup
03:46 which lot of people going through
03:48 and so we are talking about the fruit sugar
03:50 from the fruit itself, all right.
03:52 Okay, you can get that in your natural food section
03:54 at lot of your major supermarkets, all right.
03:56 And so there is no fructose in this one
03:58 but it can be optional.
03:59 Yeah, I mean this is-- the orange juice,
04:03 I have got the raisins going on so--
04:04 So now the orange juice is the sweetener
04:06 you don't really need to sweeten this then do you?
04:08 No.
04:09 I mean, this let is go once it is cooked
04:10 well for few minutes.
04:12 Well, it's gonna cook-- How long?
04:13 It takes-- I usually put it on low
04:14 and then let it cook for about 30 minutes, all right.
04:16 Oh, 30 minutes, okay--
04:17 Its getting itself together now and what I'm gonna do
04:20 is I'm gonna go ahead and top it off.
04:21 Well, just a tad bit of cinnamon
04:23 or you can use coriander, which ever one you want to use.
04:27 So now you say 30 minutes, so that means after the show
04:29 I won't be able to sample this
04:31 because it won't be 30 minutes of cooking.
04:34 Is that right?
04:36 I might let you, you'll be able to sample it
04:38 of course at the end of this.
04:39 But it won't be done. There won't be 30 minutes.
04:41 I just-- I'm gonna tell you right now
04:42 okay, people always tell that to us is that
04:44 how is Curtis always wants to eat on his show?
04:47 How come he never gets enough food
04:48 and they just go, they just get this stuff
04:50 all crazy on that I must say.
04:52 Okay, he gets the chance to eat the food when it's over, okay,
04:56 and that's all that he is doing.
04:59 Okay. So that is gonna happen.
05:01 You kind of say, that with a bit of attitude
05:02 with that, didn't you?
05:04 Yes, because people kind come up
05:05 and say to me, you know,
05:06 you don't feed Curtis enough on his show, all right.
05:08 So you see now its getting, see that.
05:10 Yes, okay.
05:11 It's boiling, so you wanted to boil.
05:13 It's boiling and what happens
05:14 is at this point I actually just turn it down,
05:18 I turn it down on low let is simmer,
05:20 put my lid back on it
05:21 and you then want to make sure that you stir it
05:23 because you don't want it stuck to your pan.
05:24 So you're gonna stir it.
05:25 So we are gonna put the lid on and we are gonna turn down low
05:28 and then we are gonna away.
05:30 And when we come back
05:31 you will see the finished product.
05:32 So stay by.


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