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00:01 Well, we have finished the whole product here.
00:04 The biscuits, cheddar biscuits.
00:05 I'm telling you
00:06 these are scallion cheddar wheat biscuits.
00:10 Okay, that's what I'm talking about, all right.
00:12 Okay, and they were done in 15 minutes.
00:14 They got a beautiful golden brown.
00:16 Look at that. You know, see them.
00:18 And so--
00:19 And scallions straight from our garden.
00:21 Scallions are from our garden yes, indeed.
00:23 Coming out through the sides.
00:24 Yes.
00:25 You know, what-- no, go ahead, honey.
00:27 No, no, no, go.
00:28 What you're gonna say, you know, what?
00:29 You know the what?
00:30 Well, you know, again people saw the preparation,
00:33 they didn't see the baking
00:34 but they want to see my expression if you feed me.
00:37 You remember at our reception you put food into my mouth.
00:40 Can we do this at this time too?
00:42 So what you-- You are doing it by 20 years.
00:43 So what you are trying to do is you want really to get,
00:45 you want this right here.
00:47 Yeah, okay, well, may not the whole thing
00:49 but just pick it off.
00:50 Okay, I'll pick off a piece, I'll pick off a piece.
00:51 Yes, and I want camera on the clock and--
00:53 And what you think.
00:54 No, okay, see, Adam was before Eve,
00:58 so why you are feeding yourself first?
01:01 Hey, can you open up--
01:06 oh, yeah, these are good.
01:08 Now teasing the people.
01:10 Now this is in your global supplement pack.
01:13 That's right. Brand new.
01:15 Brand new, all right.
01:16 Other recipes too that we'll be doing?
01:17 Yes. You sure to?
01:19 Yes. Okay.
01:20 You keep talking because I still got in my mouth.
01:23 Now what you do is you serve this out with some--
01:25 just put it out, put some soy margarine on it
01:28 and you can have it with main entree.
01:30 You can eat for breakfast
01:31 I don't think you want to have onions
01:33 and stuff for breakfast but you would have
01:34 with a main entrée absolute delicious.
01:36 Oh, okay.
01:38 Soy margarine?
01:39 Hot.
01:40 Now, let me say of this about the Alzheimer's
01:44 to all these viewers today--
01:45 Well, I finish eating.
01:46 Yes, okay.
01:47 We've been taping lot of our programs here on 3ABN over 300
01:53 and one program will get more response,
01:55 more phone calls, more emails,
01:58 it's what the topic not heart diseases,
02:01 not diabetes, not stroke or cancer,
02:04 its Alzheimer's diseases.
02:06 We did this program I guess maybe eight or ten years ago,
02:10 so we thought to bring it back upgraded material
02:12 and having in three parts.
02:13 So again next time we'll meet
02:16 we'll go with Alzheimer's the causes
02:19 and some of those causes will be surprising
02:23 to most people out there that cause Alzheimer's.
02:25 In the last program we do is Alzheimer's
02:28 dealing with the treatment of that as well.
02:30 So you must stay tuned for that and get your--
02:32 Well, recipes too.
02:33 And more recipes as well.
02:34 So-- but again so one more taste
02:36 and then we'll go--
02:37 Well, one more taste.
02:38 Okay, I thought that was for me not for you.
02:41 Oh, okay.
02:42 Okay, let's go and close with always John 10:10,
02:44 "Jesus said, I come that they might have life,
02:48 and have it more abundantly."
02:52 See you next time.


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