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00:01 Well, we're gonna start this recipe
00:02 Scallion Cheddar Wheat Biscuits
00:05 and let's look at the ingredients on this one.
00:30 Okay. All right.
00:32 This is a real easy one and very, very quick.
00:34 And I'm just gonna start putting it
00:35 and I've got my unbleached flour with the germ.
00:38 I'm gonna also put in my whole wheat pastry flour.
00:41 Well, that's just keep from going.
00:44 That those scallions did. Okay, yes.
00:46 I'm gonna put the baking powder in.
00:47 I want you go and put the salt in there for me.
00:49 Okay, sea salt here.
00:51 All right, and then we're gonna go ahead and put and--
00:53 I'm gonna stir up this a little bit
00:55 because we are gonna put that
00:56 margarine, soy margarine in
00:58 and this is the time go ahead and put that on in there.
01:00 This is the time when I get my hands all nice and dirty
01:03 because I'm gonna just start doing this.
01:04 If you a pastry fork on this but this I find is a lot easier
01:08 just to do it like this.
01:10 And yes, we grew scallions in our actually garden itself.
01:13 Our container garden.
01:15 They don't have to bend, waist high.
01:17 No bending, no bending, that's the thing.
01:19 Easy maintenance.
01:20 Now once I get this to a kind of a crumble like you would
01:24 let's see cornmeal you see
01:26 how that's mashing up here well.
01:28 Okay, now we are gonna do is we are gonna go ahead
01:29 and add in the scallions.
01:31 Okay. All right.
01:34 All of them.
01:35 All the goodies? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
01:36 Okay, there you go.
01:37 Okay, and then we are gonna add in the actual soy.
01:41 Cheddar cheese.
01:42 Soy cheddar cheese.
01:44 Okay, I'm gonna just stir that up.
01:47 Want you to stir up like I can actually
01:48 get my hands nice and creamy.
01:49 Now I'm gonna stay that way like--
01:50 Okay. With the fork.
01:52 Just stir little with the fork.
01:53 I don't have to touch it?
01:55 Well, you don't have to touch it, okay.
01:56 I must stay clean.
01:58 And now very slowly I'm gonna go ahead
02:00 and pour in the almond milk, okay.
02:03 Just go ahead and stir while I'm doing that.
02:04 Now you said almond milk, now will soymilk do or?
02:07 You could do soymilk, you can do almond milk,
02:09 you can rice milk all of those.
02:11 You can do all of those, okay.
02:14 All ready. Okay.
02:16 Now this is a new recipe.
02:18 Okay, I can take it from you.
02:19 Oh, you do it from here.
02:20 This is a new recipe, yes,
02:22 and it's a part of our supplemental pack to global.
02:26 Okay, so we're just getting this together here, Curtis,
02:30 because what I'm gonna do
02:31 is I'm going to now just take this, I'm gonna--
02:35 Now time to-- now you want me to put salt.
02:38 I get you to put in just a few minutes.
02:39 For just a little a while?
02:40 Yeah, and you know, you find if you need
02:42 little bit more flour just add the flour
02:45 that you need to add to it, okay.
02:46 And so--
02:47 How this recipe come along, honey,
02:49 because this is a new one?
02:50 You know, I actually, I actually
02:51 have like a lot of whole wheat biscuit recipes.
02:54 And I saw a recipe because you do know
02:58 that I love to find recipes and then tweak it a little bit.
03:01 And so, but this one I saw this recipe, it had eggs,
03:05 it has real cheese in it, it had regular milk in it.
03:09 So I said, you know what,
03:10 what if I can make that more healthier.
03:13 I knew that was coming.
03:14 Okay, so let's spray a little bit this on our dish,
03:17 our pad here and we are just gonna roll
03:20 this on out here.
03:22 We get this pull out the way.
03:23 Out of the way there.
03:25 We're gonna pull little bit of flour on our rolling pan,
03:28 that you hold up for me, babe.
03:30 We want this one about one inch thick, okay.
03:34 And I'm telling you
03:35 these biscuits are actually delicious.
03:37 Remember I say it soy cheddar cheese.
03:39 Yeah, now any particular brand--
03:41 I mean, there's a lot of brands out there.
03:42 No, there are lot of now at the market now
03:44 that you can do.
03:45 Okay, and so I just say look out there
03:46 and see what you can see.
03:47 You get actually get 12 of these which I like okay,
03:51 and then I'm gonna just sit them on.
03:52 I got my parchment paper,
03:54 I want to sit them on a parchment paper and on it,
03:57 it cooks at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes,
04:00 about 15 minutes
04:01 and they are ready to go, you know.
04:04 And you can serve the main entree,
04:07 you know, could neither want them
04:08 for morning for breakfast, you know, the cheddar cheese.
04:10 Think about these Abundant Living programs
04:12 of course, you have to do the recipes at home
04:13 to try them out first.
04:15 You know, I have to test and taste all these recipes,
04:18 I mean, this is tough job.
04:19 It really is.
04:20 Somebody said when you said that to them,
04:22 they said you have to do what?
04:23 And you said I got to test all these recipes out.
04:26 They said, can I come in over there?
04:27 Just sample these and I'm just up to my--
04:29 Can I come over there?
04:31 Somebody have to do it though.
04:32 Now you may be wondering
04:34 what you're gonna do with the recipe still, honey?
04:36 The last one you can actually roll it out the one thing
04:39 and get at least another biscuit out of it.
04:40 One-- at least one more biscuit out of it.
04:42 Or you can make one great big biscuit.
04:43 Okay, that would be for me, the man size biscuit.
04:46 The man size biscuit.
04:47 So now this little thing is not gonna work for me, right.
04:49 You have a bigger one in these?
04:51 You know, I need for you to share
04:52 so let's just go ahead and just make one more biscuit.
04:54 Okay, I wasn't-- this wasn't I looking for so--
04:57 okay, so this be the last one.
04:59 This be the last one. Okay.
05:00 We're gonna put on our sheet there.
05:02 And bake at what temperature did you say?
05:03 Four hundred degrees for about 15 minutes, okay.
05:06 Oh, all right. Okay.
05:07 And so what's gonna happen is we're gonna go off
05:10 and when we come back guess what,
05:11 you will see the final product so stay by.


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