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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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00:01 We've actually come to the end of this program,
00:02 and we've got all kinds of things that you can do
00:04 Wrap and Go, and I mean there is just insurmountable
00:07 about the amount of things that you can actually.
00:08 Unlimited! Just to get that good nutrition in,
00:11 that's the name of the game and so with that in mind,
00:13 And make it very convenient. Convenient and very colorful.
00:16 And very nutritious. Yes! The kind of food you take
00:19 to your job with you or whatever and they will say,
00:21 what is that? And of course it is all plant based
00:24 which is really good.
00:25 So we started off with that Tofu Breakfast Tortilla
00:28 which has really got that simulation of eggs and
00:31 bell peppers and onions inside of it.
00:34 What's that sour cream, soy sour cream, soy, and Salsa,
00:37 Mild Salsa, and you've got your chives on top of it.
00:39 All right. Looks good. And then we went to a
00:41 Mock Chicken Salad. Alright and it's got a really good...
00:44 I froze the tofu, remember now, and that has the onions
00:49 and it also has the celery inside of it and all the
00:51 real good goodies in it, and I mean don't you just want to
00:54 go ahead and go after that. I just want to take one bite
00:55 right now. And then the last one we did
00:58 was the actual Vegetable Wrap and that on has the tomatoes,
01:01 and it has the alfalfa sprouts, and it's got the lettuce,
01:06 and the whatever kind of deli meat that you want to put
01:07 inside of it. And you tied it with a knot,
01:10 was that the scallions? Yeah that's just the scallions
01:11 that you can do that with. Folded together for appearance
01:14 wise and you can get a chance and I know that you can
01:17 actually, you can actually see, I'll kind of hold it up
01:20 so that you can actually get a chance to see inside.
01:23 Look at that all the goodies inside of that right.
01:25 Hey, yes! There you go. And so...
01:27 You see the meat just oozing out. All you need from that is
01:30 just some chips or something, like some baked Tortilla chips
01:33 to go with that. You got your stuff to go along with that
01:35 breakfast meal. You have whatever is going to go along
01:37 with your lunch meal, or light supper meal, you are good to go.
01:41 So any of these can be separately with some fruit
01:44 as you said before and maybe some baked chips...
01:49 Well you really don't need baked chips but,
01:50 this would be it right here. Yep!
01:51 Well as always John 10:10, Jesus said I come
01:55 that they might have life, and have it more abundantly.
02:01 See you next time.


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