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00:01 Now this one is another Wrap and Go.
00:03 And I like to make this up a day in advance for sure
00:06 so that I can get that flavor that I need to have in it.
00:08 So this is actually a mock chicken salad,
00:12 let's look at the actual ingredients:
00:42 Ok, now why a day before you get the flavors to soak up
00:48 or what. Well one thing about tofu and that is that whatever
00:51 it gets next to it incorporates or takes in that flavor
00:54 and you know the one thing I like about the whole soy
00:56 family or the tofu itself is that one minute it can be
00:59 like a meat substitute, the next minute,
01:02 depending on the texture you actually use
01:04 it can turn into a sauce, and then it can also turn around
01:07 and make a dessert. So whatever it sits next to
01:10 it just picks it on up and that's the thing I think.
01:12 It's so versatile that I really like it.
01:14 And this is kind of like a mock chicken kind of a texture
01:18 and so guess what, when I get the actual tofu itself
01:21 this time I take the tofu and I keep it in the package.
01:25 Remember I said it's 16 oz water pack,
01:27 I take and put it in the freezer and I freeze it overnight,
01:30 at least up to 24 hours and that changes the texture so that
01:34 the tofu has more of... See this is spongy
01:38 Right, ok. Now you press the water out after...
01:41 I press the water out and you are going to have so little bit
01:42 in there, but you are going to press out,
01:44 and I am going to show you in a minute how I'm going to
01:45 actually use my hands to crumble it up
01:47 because I want to kind of have a chicken texture to it.
01:49 Ok, now... This is water packed, it's extra firm...
01:54 This is the firm, this is the firm, ok what I'm going to do
01:58 this because I needed to pour out...let's go ahead on
02:00 and let's get you started with that so I can use your bowl
02:03 and I can show them what I am talking about when I say
02:05 squeeze out the water, squeeze it out
02:07 and I'm squeezing it out because the water
02:15 when it went into the freezer it automatically went right up
02:18 into that tofu. Look at that! Um hum!
02:21 Ok! And, that should do it. Alright! Now!
02:33 Ok, now, you want that more... Let me just move this around
02:38 here because I got a different bowl, I want to use the bigger
02:40 bowl. Let's get that liquid out of there,
02:42 and let's take and crumble up now the tofu.
02:49 Now you used to do this years ago in the pita bread.
02:52 Yes I did. I did and I want to something a little bit
02:55 different, we talked about that wrap and go
02:56 but you can use the pita bread, but this time we are going to
02:59 use another item that they can do also because one again
03:02 you can make it up the night before and when you do that
03:06 let it sit and that tofu will pick it up and will have
03:09 a nice flavor simulation of chicken. Look at that
03:12 how the pieces look. Oh, ok. Ok, it looks like the chicken
03:16 that you actually crumble up a little bit there, or dice,
03:20 or mince, whichever way. Alright!
03:23 Now when you do finish that up there Curtis,
03:26 I am going to go on ahead, that's finished,
03:28 I am going to go on ahead with that, I'm going to add
03:30 the scallions on in. Then we are going to go ahead on...
03:35 That's probably enough though, just that celery there.
03:38 You going to need this? Let's go ahead and put that one in.
03:39 Ok. Yummy. Yummy. Ok, I think we are finished with the
03:47 cutting board... Now we are finished with the cutting board.
03:49 I'm going to bring this one out because we are going to make
03:54 the actual sauce to go in this, and so what we have here,
03:57 is that Curtis is going to take that lemon,
03:58 he's going to get that lemon squeezed out.
04:00 I am going to take a spatula and I am going to go ahead on
04:02 and put in this is... Excuse me! The soy mayonnaise,
04:05 I am going to go ahead and put that into a bowl...
04:07 You get that at the regular store now...Regular store...
04:12 There is more than one mayonnaise soy based...
04:17 They got the grape seed out now,
04:18 they've got a lot of different combinations and all of them
04:20 are a kind of simulation of a mayonnaise.
04:22 Ok, and I like that. I've got the mayonnaise there
04:27 I am going to go on ahead and add in now the light soy sauce,
04:31 I'm going to add in the garlic, I'm going to add in the
04:37 Turmeric, get all of it out of there, and I am going to ask
04:43 you to go ahead on and do the lemon juice. Ok!
04:47 Why don't you go ahead and stir that in for me? Alright.
04:49 Lemon juice going in.
04:51 And then you have a... You can use the whisk, the one here
04:57 and you can just kind of whisk that around...
04:59 I think you are going to do a lot... Well let's do this one
05:01 here first. Let's do this, stir it up cause once this hits
05:05 it's going to have to look like a chicken kind of a color
05:09 ok? Well now with the Turmeric, The Turmeric makes it turn...
05:13 Color. Um hum! Um hum! Ok! You could go ahead and spin
05:16 with that if you want to, ok. Let me just get a spoon
05:20 over here because we are going to mix in now the celery,
05:26 the scallions, because here comes now where the flavor
05:30 is going to come in.
05:31 Let me move these out of the way and you can slowly start
05:35 adding that in for me. Ok! It looks like a mustard huh?
05:42 It looks almost like a mustard doesn't it?
05:43 Yeah. Alright let's just get all that in there.
05:45 Remember now as it sits the flavor begins to change
05:51 and it is really delicious.
05:53 It may not last that long in our home, 24 hours but uhh.
06:00 Now you mentioned that you had the garlic and onion powder.
06:06 Yep! As a opposed to garlic and onion salt.
06:10 Ok, let's talk a minute about that, why am I not using
06:12 onion and garlic salt? Oh, you want me to answer
06:16 that question? Yes! Oh, ok.
06:18 Well, I think this is the last time I will be asking you that.
06:20 Onion salt and garlic salt is nothing more
06:26 than salted garlic and salted onion.
06:29 That's basically what it is. Now how hard was that?
06:32 That was pretty easy wasn't it? That was pretty easy.
06:34 I've just been hanging out with you. Now, now, look at that.
06:37 You going to add more to that or is that just about it? No!
06:40 I don't want to add any more to it, I think you did a good job.
06:42 Thank you! You did a good job. Now, you see the nice color
06:45 and texture...Believe it or not when you kind of see that.
06:48 Once again we are eating with our eyes and when you kind of
06:50 see that... It sits for a few minutes and the flavor
06:54 is going to get in there and it actually looks like...
06:56 kind of like a chicken salad, alright.
06:59 The thing I like about the tofu is that not only you can mimic
07:03 that of chicken, the white breast of the chicken,
07:05 but you can also mimic that of turkey as well,
07:07 just by freezing it alright. On one of the shows a long time
07:10 ago, I actually took the Silken tofu and I froze it for 3 days
07:14 straight...Chicken Cacciatore, and I made Chicken Cacciatore.
07:17 Yeah! Um hum! That's a three day ordeal.
07:19 Yes, because that one's a little bit longer.
07:20 But once again, you can make your things up,
07:23 I'm talking about Wrap and Go, make things up,
07:24 get them prepared, use a day of the week that you might
07:28 want to just do... I call all my cooking.
07:30 I might do all my cooking on a Sunday, or I might do it
07:33 on Monday. I just fix whatever I am going to have for the
07:35 whole week, I might make up all my salads and
07:37 all the things I'm going to be using for wraps
07:38 because we travel a lot, so we want to make sure
07:40 that the food that we eat is good nutritious foods and so...
07:45 I just want to thank you publicly for fixing these meals
07:48 for me over the years, and I just want to let people know
07:51 that I really appreciate these meals and the love that you
07:54 put into these preparations so, wonderful nutritious meals.
07:58 Well you're the man, I want to make sure that you are
08:00 fed right, ok. Ok, so let's continue. Now, now.
08:03 Now, I'll tell you what, we got one more and this one here
08:07 when you see at the end of the program,
08:08 we are going to put that on a whole wheat submarine roll
08:12 with lettuce and tomatoes and everything,
08:14 so this another one of those Wrap and Go's.
08:16 Now let's look at the very next one:
08:48 Now once again this is another quick and easy recipe. Ok.
08:53 And it's quick, actually it is one of my quickest ones,
08:58 and once again you can make it up the day before
09:00 or you can actually make it up later on depending
09:03 on what you want to do, but it is quick and easy
09:05 and we are using a different kind of shell this time.
09:07 Ok, if you would just... We have a tomato basil,
09:12 just pull one of them out of there and these are wraps,
09:15 which is larger than your tortilla shell so it's a
09:19 bigger one, so we are just going to lay that down...
09:21 Now this is the size that we are going to be using
09:23 I am going to put it over here because I need for you
09:25 to go ahead... We said we are going to have to take and cut
09:27 our lettuce up fine, and just go ahead and chop that up
09:32 for us, you know, fine, just fine, it's going to go inside
09:36 this wrap. Colorful... I call it... Yes it is.
09:41 Ok, you can do a couple of things you know.
09:43 I use sometime either the colorful spring salad
09:48 or you can use a red leaf lettuce, you can use a
09:51 green leaf lettuce, but it's all about color once again
09:53 that we are talking about so I'm going to move this over
09:56 Curtis because now I need for you to go ahead on
09:58 and real thin thin slices of tomatoes because
10:01 it is going to go inside this wrap.
10:02 Now also as he is doing that, there is a lot of deli meats
10:08 that are out now on the market and you can look
10:10 in your grocery section and see which ones are available
10:13 especially when you talk about children's lunches,
10:15 trying to find something that they can eat that doesn't have
10:19 the fat and cholesterol, so on and so forth, ok.
10:23 So with that in mind... And those luncheon meats
10:25 also a lot of them have the nitrates. Absolutely.
10:28 Some carcinogens, you don't want that either.
10:32 Ok, that's enough honey? Yes!
10:34 Now I got my deli meat here that we are going to be using
10:36 if you would let me hold that knife there and what I am
10:38 going to do is cut it also in thin slices.
10:41 Now again you have the turkey you have the chicken,
10:44 you have...turkey, chicken... Ham...They have a simulation
10:47 of all the different ones... These are all mock.
10:49 They are all...none of them are real...
10:50 Made from a soy base once again ok...Has a nice texture,
10:54 a nice mouth feel too. Yes, Yes.
10:56 Now I've got once again my soy, this is a mayonnaise,
11:02 this is actually from grape seed. Oh, ok. So once again
11:06 we are going to take and fill up our... Go ahead and Coat that,
11:10 coat it up, coat it up, coat it up...Tomato Basil Wrap
11:14 hmm, ok. And it makes a nice wrap, a nice size wrap.
11:19 Look at that, look at that. That can be really a one meal
11:24 sub right there. It is because it is so big and you can really
11:27 stuff it. Right! I'm just doing that one there, right there,
11:30 and we are going to take and put some of our lettuce
11:32 right here in the middle of it, very very colorful.
11:37 We're going to take our thin slices of tomatoes...
11:41 You need some more? No, no, no.
11:43 I'm going to put that on there as well,
11:45 and then we are going take and put some of our
11:48 meat slices on there too. Okay, we really like the
11:53 baloney is good. And this one here is a turkey,
12:00 That's the turkey. A mock turkey, yeah,
12:02 we're going to put on there as well, then we are going to
12:04 put some sprouts on there too, alfalfa sprouts.
12:08 This will be nice and fat. You know what I am saying.
12:12 And then we are just going to once again,
12:13 we are going to roll it up. Now I like this one because
12:18 once you roll this up, you can actually curl it like so
12:22 and then you just go and eat it.
12:24 Well guess what, we're going to show you, because we've
12:27 showed you three different types of ways to Wrap and Go
12:30 and so we are going to put all of our stuff together
12:33 so you can see the finished product, so just stay by.


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