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00:01 Have you ever just tried to fix foods that are nutritious
00:05 and good for the family and yet don't have enough time?
00:09 Well this program is designed for you,
00:12 it's a lot of different things that we are going to be doing
00:15 on this show and it is entitled Wrap It Up.
00:19 See you in a moment.
00:46 Hi I'm Paula Akins and this is my husband Curtis Akins
00:50 and we are the hosts of Abundant Living.
00:52 Yes we are! And speaking of that,
00:54 you know, talking about abundance, sometimes we've got
00:57 so much stuff going on in our lives that we just don't
01:00 have enough time to fix good nutritious foods.
01:02 To busy. It's just really really busy. Running around.
01:05 And yet we have to have that good nutrition in order to be
01:07 able to keep us to ward off major killer diseases ok,
01:11 and that breakfast one is one of the most important ones.
01:13 So today on this show we are doing this thing called
01:16 wrap and go. So just in case you don't have enough time
01:18 to do a lot of cooking in the kitchen,
01:20 or you feel you got a lot going on, this wrap and go
01:22 is really one that is designed specifically for you.
01:26 Alright! Just wrap it! Wrap it and go.
01:29 Just wrap it and go. And you do this I guess on your job.
01:31 You can take it on the job... Something you are going to
01:33 put in Tortilla shells, something like that.
01:35 We are going to put it in different shells,
01:37 we are going to show you different ways which you can
01:38 actually wrap it and go. You can put it in a lunch pail,
01:40 you can put it in a container and take it to work with you,
01:42 and this is actually to keep you eating good foods.
01:45 Ok! Rather than jumping... I know that sometimes you get
01:48 so busy that you wind up grabbing a hold of something.
01:50 There's nothing worse than being hungry when you are
01:54 running around. Now not hungry but...
01:57 Hungry! Hungry!
01:59 That's a different than hungry. That's when you are hungrier
02:01 than hungry. Yes! Yes! Yes! You know a lot of times
02:04 people ask us questions even from Abundant Living.
02:05 They will say things like, what do you do when you are
02:07 out there on the street, you guys you are traveling
02:09 all the time so how do you work that out?
02:11 We actually carry our coolers with us in our van
02:14 and we actually make sure that we have the stuff we need,
02:17 otherwise we're going to cheat.
02:19 We get hungry and that is going to be trouble.
02:21 So I have found... Matter of fact people talk
02:25 all the time about you and me traveling.
02:28 You know sometimes we go in the South Central Conference,
02:30 we have to go five or six hours away from the house and so
02:33 I always tell Curtis, they tease me and call Curtis is
02:37 driving Miss Daisy, that's what they always say
02:39 because Curtis drives all the time, and I say honey
02:41 I'll drive. But you sit on the front seat. In the front seat.
02:43 Yeah, and I'll say I will drive and he says no,
02:45 I don't want to sit in the passengers side you know...
02:46 And that's a good idea because if he sits on the
02:50 passengers side and goes to sleep on me, there is no telling
02:52 where we are going to show up.
02:53 We'll probably be in Mexico. We might be.
02:57 From New York City the opposite direction.
03:00 But I fill the cooler up because I know Curtis
03:03 is going to get hungry as we are traveling and therefore
03:06 we can actually start getting the sandwiches out,
03:08 or whatever we got going on. So we don't actually go out
03:10 to restaurants an stuff, we try to make sure we have
03:14 things we want. Now Curtis this is a real good
03:17 recipe, this first one, it's a breakfast recipe...
03:20 that we are actually going to make. Oh a breakfast wrap.
03:21 So let's look at the actual ingredients:
03:50 And then we are going to put that...
03:58 And then we are going to garnish with some actual scallions
04:03 or chives, either one of those. Oh, ok.
04:05 Now those red and green peppers. Now the red and green color...
04:09 Color, color is the name of the game, we eat with our eyes,
04:14 so I am going to have you go ahead and start with that,
04:16 you are going to start chopping up the green peppers
04:19 and the red peppers ok, because they are the first
04:23 things that are going to go into this recipe itself.
04:26 And nice size pieces to, yeah, like that.
04:31 That size, that's great. Color is name of the game
04:34 and you know most of the time when people fix something like
04:37 the breakfast kind of item, they of course will use eggs
04:42 and we are not going to put eggs in this recipe
04:44 we are going to actually use tofu and this is a 16 oz
04:47 water packed tofu, this is a firm one that we are using.
04:51 While Curtis is doing that, I am going to start mashing
04:55 it up, because we have to get the simulation of actual eggs.
04:59 So this is a cholesterol free... Cholesterol free. recipe.
05:04 Want me to cut this up to honey? Yeah, why don't you cut that up
05:05 for me too. Want to move that down a little bit for me
05:07 that cutting board? Oh, ok!
05:09 Put it down there... and this is where all that color
05:11 comes in to play. You are just going to mash it
05:13 up with your fork and somebody asked me one time,
05:16 can you do the Silken Tofu? That's the one that is a lot
05:18 softer. You can but I kind of like more of a texture
05:22 in this so either way, either a soft tofu which is called
05:26 Silken Tofu or you can use the firm.
05:31 Now the Silken Tofu, is that the Mori Nu tofu that comes
05:34 in the box? It comes in a box. Now they do have a soft one
05:37 also a Silken one that's in a water pack as well. Ok!
05:39 But I like to use this one here, well I like to use
05:43 the one I am using which is the firm.
05:44 Now Curtis... Do these need to be cut up
05:46 a little bit more finer? That's fine, I like the nice
05:48 chunks just like that, I want chunks, let's go ahead
05:49 and do those onions also, and I am going to go ahead
05:51 on and get my fire started.
05:53 This is one of those ones that is quick and easy
05:56 and you say well how come it is quick and easy,
05:58 you got so much stuff that you got to do to it?
05:59 Well let me say this... Well after the chopping up
06:02 it will be quick and easy. No what I do is the night before
06:05 I am getting to make this dish up, the night before,
06:09 that's when I cut all my stuff up, I cut up all my bell peppers
06:11 and my onions and cut it up everything and put it into a
06:13 container and put it in the refrigerator so that
06:15 in the morning when I get up all I have to do is sauté it.
06:18 You see what I am saying, you don't want to do that
06:19 early in the morning. I'm going to go ahead and
06:21 add my oil to my pan because these are the ones that are
06:25 going to start up first alright? And you are going to use the
06:28 spatula, here let me just get the heat up a little bit there.
06:32 Are you going to heat the onions and peppers up first?
06:34 It's going to go in there together, all of it is going to
06:36 go in there together ok? So let's go ahead on,
06:38 you can go ahead and put that in for me,
06:40 this is the red, the green and the white.
06:43 Did I get everything in here? Right on in there,
06:45 you can do it. I have my hand like this just in case
06:49 something... Whoa! That was close. Yes it was.
06:53 Yes it was. So far so good. So far. Alright! Alright!
06:57 Now look at that, that is so... I'm cutting up the mushrooms?
07:01 Um, no no, the mushrooms are all ready to go.
07:03 And so for this recipe we are going to let it sauté for
07:05 just few minutes. We've already cut up and mashed
07:08 up our tofu, you can even mash this up the night before
07:10 as well, okay. And then in it we have the chicken style
07:12 seasoning and we got those mushrooms.
07:14 So this is getting ready to start up and you are going to
07:18 bring that one forward. Now Curtis a lot of times
07:22 when people think about... we are talking about this
07:25 Tortilla, we are using a whole wheat shell,
07:26 and they think about the fact that we are trying to make it
07:29 more nutritious and so with that in mind
07:31 we are going to do whole wheat. And there are a couple of things
07:34 out there on the market, they got the 100% whole wheat shells,
07:37 they've got the wraps which comes in tomato basil,
07:39 they got the spinach ones, they got so many...
07:42 Oh, all kinds of flavors. Yes! And they are like wrap and go.
07:44 Just fix yourself on up and go on out the door. So it doesn't
07:46 have to be whole wheat, it can be different flavors.
07:48 Well you can do this one in different ones, but when I
07:49 do this particular one for the breakfast one,
07:51 I use the whole wheat one. Ok! Now we are going to be using
07:53 another one after this is over so they will get a chance
07:55 to see that as well. So we are going to go on
07:57 and this is starting up. We are going to go ahead
07:59 and put the mushrooms in... Ok, mushrooms in here, oh, ok.
08:04 You know, once again all these different flavors
08:12 coming together, put the lid on for a few minutes there.
08:16 Oh, now that was easy honey. Simple. Yeah that was real
08:20 simple, it is very easy and quick.
08:21 So what we are going to do is we are going to take...
08:23 You going to let that simmer for a little while...
08:24 We are going to let it simmer for just a few minutes,
08:25 I just really want to get it hot because we are going to
08:27 now get ready to add that tofu in there, how about that.
08:29 Oh, ok, so we are going to take the lid off there again.
08:30 We're going to take that off and see look at that color
08:34 it actually brought it out more and now I'm going to
08:37 move this to the side is what I usually do,
08:39 to the sides and... Shall I put the ingredients in here?
08:42 No, no, no, no that is going to go in last.
08:44 Now go ahead, let me just turn this down a little bit
08:45 Curtis because it is moving up a lot faster than what
08:47 I want it to, I'm going to turn it down.
08:49 Ok, now you can go on ahead and put that tofu right on
08:52 in there, right there in the middle. Ok! Spatula,
08:55 take your fork out. Yeah. In the middle there.
09:00 Tofu going in! And you look at that and you say
09:09 ok that's going to be somebody's eggs, I'm not sure about that.
09:13 So this is where we actually change it out.
09:15 We're going to add... Go ahead and put the chicken
09:17 style seasoning right there, sprinkle it on top for me.
09:19 Now again, this is not chicken. Explain that to them.
09:22 It's a flavor agent that, well why don't you explain that
09:28 honey. No, no, it doesn't have any chicken flavor.
09:32 The beef style doesn't have any beef. No, I need all of that
09:35 that's... He's putting the Turmeric in right now,
09:36 and this Turmeric is going to help us get that golden color
09:39 that has that match of looking like eggs, and then of course
09:43 because it is kind of a breakfast burrito
09:46 we are going to actually put a little Cumin in there as well.
09:48 Alright, now we are going to start stirring it all up.
09:52 Because we eat with our eyes, we eat with our eyes,
09:56 and you can make, like I said two things can happen.
09:58 Number one is you can make this up, like I said,
10:01 cut up all your vege's and everything, or you could
10:03 go ahead and make up the entire thing up,
10:06 and then that way the next morning all you have to do
10:08 is heat it. It just looks very colorful. Yes!
10:11 Isn't that pretty? Um hum! Sure is.
10:13 Now what I usually do with this is Curtis after I
10:16 made it up, if you will look over, go ahead get us
10:18 one shell out. Oh, ok! Go ahead and get us one shell out.
10:21 Alright, we are using a whole wheat tortilla shell...
10:26 The fire is still on, we are looking good.
10:28 Yeah! Okay! It's ok. We're going to put it on that
10:30 plate, we are just going to do one and at the end of the
10:33 program they will see the whole thing.
10:34 So you know, think about that, when you get up in the morning
10:37 you've already got that made up, and so with that in mind.
10:40 All you are going to do is take your shell,
10:42 and you know you can heat the shell up,
10:45 you can heat it up a little bit if you want to and
10:47 we are just going to take this and put it right in the middle.
10:49 Oh, ok! And you want to make sure that you get all the
10:53 goodies you know. And now, doesn't that look good?
10:58 Doesn't that look good. Now it looks like eggs.
10:59 Know what I am sauting, ok it looks like eggs.
11:01 and you are just going to wrap it up and then you are going to
11:04 just turn it over face down. Face down!
11:06 Can I do one of those bad boys?
11:08 Well I want to do... Ok. You can go ahead and do one.
11:11 Cause at the end we are going to go ahead on...
11:14 You don't want me to? No, that's ok go ahead
11:17 you can do it. I don't want to mess up your system here.
11:19 Alright, you want to kind of back up a little bit baby,
11:26 I need a little bit of elbow room.
11:28 Ok, there you go. You see what I am doing honey.
11:32 Make sure you get some red in there also, red pepper.
11:35 Yes dear, there you go. How about that?
11:38 That's fine. Ok, now, and then I fold it this way,
11:44 are you taking notes?
11:46 I don't think I need to take notes. Oh, ok.
11:49 And then face down. Ok. Seam side down, how about that.
11:54 So you can actually see that even your husband can do it.
11:57 Children can even make it up, anybody can do it so.
12:02 Even your husband. You are going to go ahead on and
12:05 I'm just saying that the women does not have to be
12:07 the one in the kitchen making these all up, but anyway
12:09 what we are going to do is actually take a break
12:12 and we are going to actually come back because we are not
12:14 finished, this is just the very first one, so I want
12:17 you to just stay by.


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