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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


Series Code: AL

Program Code: AL000211C

00:01 Well, we got this taken care of.
00:02 We've got that mock fish. Mock fish.
00:04 It has the flavor of fish. Has the flavor.
00:06 You know, fish goes real good with cholesterol.
00:08 So we are having cholesterol.
00:10 And then you also have here tartar sauce.
00:11 Tartar sauce would be good for that as well.
00:13 No cholesterol. No cholesterol.
00:15 No saturated fat. No saturated fat.
00:17 Another thing that we mentioned in our program previously.
00:21 We need to go through that again.
00:22 All clean. All clean.
00:24 Or make it 3 fatty acids. Absolutely, it's there.
00:26 It's there. Okay. All right.
00:28 Now what about those samples, honey?
00:31 I know it's good but--
00:32 I had a point you were going to ask that question.
00:33 Just give me something. Oh, yes, okay.
00:38 Let me, if you feed me then I will feed you how about that?
00:41 Okay. I'll watch you.
00:44 Well, let me feed you. There you go. All right.
00:47 Now feed myself. Okay.
00:51 The coconut flavor gives you that--
00:54 Can you believe that? Fresh texture.
00:55 A coconut. And it kept itself. Very good.
00:58 Let me just put this, honey, here.
01:00 How about that? Why are you trying to hide it?
01:02 There's no scope for the picture.
01:04 All right. This has been good.
01:06 Now again, the cholesterol again,
01:08 just simple cholesterol that you made here,
01:11 no special ingredients. Okay, all right.
01:14 Well, let's call out, John 10:10.
01:16 Jesus said "I come that they might have life
01:20 and have it more abundantly."
01:24 See you next time.


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