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00:01 Now speaking about fish
00:03 and I know there're people who'll say, I'm not going to--
00:05 I really like the fish-- We like the fish.
00:07 Forget about the main fruits
00:08 or fatty acids, I just like the fish.
00:09 So, you know, we actually have a recipe
00:11 that's going to be one that's actually kind of help
00:13 satisfy that thing. Okay.
00:15 Just look at the actual recipe.
00:54 Now Aunt Maria said-- There's been quote.
00:57 There's a lot stuff to go up in there.
00:59 I know, I know, I know.
01:01 But guess what, it tastes like a fish.
01:04 Oh, yes, it does. Okay.
01:05 So we're going to get started.
01:07 We've got a lot to do now. Yes. It's quite bit.
01:08 Well, you're going to do, just a big chunk of celery.
01:11 Oh, celery. Okay.
01:12 But before we do, let me just say this.
01:14 This is yellow split peas,
01:15 and the yellow split peas actually has to go,
01:18 it's 1 cup of yellow split peas.
01:19 It actually goes into water,
01:22 cover it completely and it sits overnight.
01:26 It will then turn into almost two-and-a-fourth cups
01:29 of the actual yellow split pea.
01:32 Well, in other words, just kind of grows.
01:33 It doesn't multiply. It just grows on you. Okay.
01:36 And so I have already done that,
01:38 so that, you know, for expediency of time
01:41 so these are already ready to go.
01:42 And I'm going to go ahead and start putting in these in.
01:44 And what Curtis is going to do
01:45 is start getting the chunks of celery.
01:47 Just big chunks, honey.
01:48 Just big chunks. Big chunks honey.
01:49 Yes. Okay.
01:50 I'm going to put these in first.
01:58 And I know, I remember last time when we did this,
02:00 we did this one time and you says "is that corn?"
02:03 Yeah, I remember. It looks like corn.
02:04 I know it looks like corn, but its split peas.
02:07 I got this recipe from a friend of mine.
02:09 As a matter of fact, we were in Washington
02:10 visiting with someone.
02:12 Oh, that's the metropolitan trip.
02:13 Yes, and the guy named Greene-- Yeah, I do remember.
02:16 We stayed with his family and his-- No, that's not.
02:19 Just go ahead and put on in here. Okay, yeah.
02:21 And he had his aunt, was the one who actually--
02:25 I'll do with this. Okay, honey.
02:27 His aunt is the one who actually start this recipe up, okay.
02:30 She started up, but you know how we always say right.
02:33 Start it and we tweak it. Tweak it.
02:35 Take chunks of onion is now just coming in here. Okay.
02:39 Okay, and it's not any specific worth,
02:41 but just want to get in.
02:43 There you go 'cause the food process
02:45 is going to break rest of it down. That's enough.
02:46 Let's go ahead and put it on in here.
02:49 Okay. Onions there.
02:53 And then parsley. And parsley.
02:55 Just dip in there. No, no.
02:57 Oh, I need to chop a little bit.
02:58 A little bit. One, two, now put it in.
03:02 That's enough. I did three.
03:03 Okay, three. Put that on in there.
03:05 Oh, this is-- I mean smell's good.
03:06 Now, okay, people may be watching this.
03:08 Okay, this is going to be fish. Okay.
03:11 You know, the thing is so amazing is that
03:12 most plant based cooking,
03:14 when you really see what goes into making up the simulation
03:18 of something that people might be used to eating,
03:20 you know, it's always like that is not going to work.
03:22 But, yes it is. Yes, it is. Yes, it is.
03:24 What I'm going to do now. I'm going to put my top on it.
03:26 And then just go ahead on and get this started. Okay.
03:51 I want to make sure you won't know
03:53 name of the game as you want to get
03:54 all those yellow peas down in there.
03:59 So you just have to kind of work around
04:02 a little bit here just for another time.
04:09 Now because we have so much of the stuff going in here,
04:11 what I want you to do is to go ahead
04:12 and cut your lime in half and that limes is going in.
04:13 Oh, you juice this? Right.
04:15 And we're going to juice that lime
04:17 and then I'm going to start
04:19 putting in the rest of the ingredients.
04:21 And you can see them over here.
04:23 First they're going to get that lime juice ready
04:25 and we're going to start by adding in.
04:28 I'm going to do my oats.
04:31 Then, we'll put our chives in and our garlic in.
04:35 Let's go ahead and start that up.
04:39 And let's just go ahead and spin in here.
04:43 And this one makes what how many fish patties?
04:46 Oh, it make about at least 30,
04:48 depends on smaller ones. Oh, okay.
04:49 It'll make fish sticks. Oh, fish sticks.
04:51 It'll make fish cakes. Fish cakes.
04:54 It will make-- Oh, goodness.
04:57 A loaf, all that. Fish loaf, okay.
04:59 All that. All that. All that.
05:01 And there's the secret to all this, believe it or not.
05:04 It's going to be things like your parsley
05:06 and the thyme and all that.
05:08 This is actually going into this recipe itself.
05:10 Let's go and spin it around again.
05:39 As you Curtis put that lime juice in there already.
05:42 And from that lime juice, now remember this is all flavor,
05:44 now starting to come in.
05:46 Now I'm going to begin to add in all the rest.
05:49 Now, you know, you know I said the word coconut.
05:52 And you say coconut. Oh, yeah, I have lost mind.
05:56 But let me say this.
05:57 In order for this fish patty to have that flavor it has,
06:01 the coconut believe it or not goes in there.
06:03 So that when you bite into the patty
06:05 it gives the sense of the actual white portion meat--
06:09 Of the flesh. Of the fish.
06:10 Oh, okay. Okay.
06:12 So we're going to put it in oven the other thing,
06:14 and this makes it actually really change over
06:16 is going to be the kelp powder.
06:17 The kelp brings it out.
06:18 And then we're going to put in the--
06:20 I'm going to do kelp.
06:22 And then we got the thyme. Okay.
06:24 And then we're going to put the coconut in it. Coconut.
06:26 And we're going to put the salt in.
06:27 And then lastly, look at that color.
06:30 It's not quite what the color we need.
06:31 So guess what,
06:32 memento is what kind of turns that kind of orange color,
06:35 and has the pieces in there.
06:36 So let's finish this on up here.
06:38 And Curtis I want you to add into the other ones,
06:39 as I turn this on, okay. All right.
06:42 Oh, let's not do the color because it might fall,
06:44 just put that coconut in here.
06:45 Oh, now? Yeah, let's do it.
06:47 Yeah, of course you don't want the coconut go.
06:48 Don't want the coconut go all over the place, okay.
06:50 The rest we can put.
07:10 Alrighty.
07:11 The name of the game is to get that flavor.
07:13 The flavor has to go in.
07:15 And you know, as when I make this up,
07:16 let's say I've got people coming over to eat.
07:18 I'll make this up a day in advance.
07:21 So it gives a chance
07:22 for all the different goodies that's in there
07:25 to actually match up with each other
07:27 and have a good smell and good taste. All right.
07:29 Now can you freeze this? Would it change the texture?
07:32 Once you make the patties up,
07:34 you can then freeze them.
07:35 But you can't freeze the mixture.
07:37 Yeah, not but the patty, what you meant. Right.
07:40 Here comes the pimentos
07:41 and here is the last part to this.
08:12 All right.
08:13 Shall we getting the skillet hot?
08:15 Well, I'm going to tell you what I'll have you do.
08:17 I'm going to have you, I want you to see that,
08:19 you see that texture look at that, look at that.
08:20 Okay, it's changed, Okay, it's changed. Okay.
08:23 And that smell is there. The smell is there.
08:26 Now you're going to take and come
08:27 and put that into larger bowl for me.
08:29 And while you do that,
08:31 I'm going to go ahead and get the fire started. Okay.
08:36 What all of this honey?
08:43 Now we have omega 3 fatty acids.
08:46 We have the benefits of it. We have the fish smell.
08:52 Smell like it. Yeah.
08:54 Without the cholesterol, without the saturated fat,
08:59 without the other things that we mentioned as well.
09:03 And it's so good for you.
09:04 You can make so much out of it. Okay.
09:07 And then you know once this is done,
09:09 Curtis, then now only then,
09:11 once we'd actually make the patties themselves
09:13 then we're going to have to put it in the oven
09:14 and let it bake in the oven for few minutes.
09:16 And we've got 375.
09:18 It will actually continue to cook
09:20 the inside of the actual patty itself.
09:23 That's enough for right now, honey.
09:24 Oh, I'll put. You can. You can put.
09:26 Okay, let me deal this.
09:28 Go ahead and put the rest of it in here.
09:29 Now this is the part in which I like.
09:31 And that is to put a little bit of oil on my hands
09:34 because I'm getting ready to make some fish cakes.
09:37 Fish cakes. Go for it, honey.
09:42 I guess I, you know, interested in making any fish cakes.
09:45 Well, Your body stokes.
09:48 So-- it's going to be a long reach.
09:51 You're doing the fine job. I just guide you, okay.
09:55 Look at that. Yes.
09:58 Nice thick fish cakes.
10:00 Fish cakes or like I just said before--
10:01 Now you do fish patties.
10:04 Well, the cakes and patties were same.
10:06 But you see it's pliable. Fish sticks.
10:08 It's pliable. You can make sticks out of it.
10:10 Just meddle, just-- yeah the form. Yes.
10:14 Hmm-mm. Okay.
10:17 It's now seasoning. Okay.
10:18 And now we're going to just do one more
10:20 because at the end of the program
10:23 they'll see this fish come together.
10:26 How about that? Oh, okay.
10:27 Are you sure you don't want to make one?
10:30 You're doing just a wonderful job.
10:32 Yes. I don't want to mess it up.
10:34 You have a routine going on that.
10:35 I got a routine going on that. That's right.
10:37 You got a system going on. Okay.
10:39 That one on the pan right there.
10:41 I think that they get the point
10:43 and what I used to do is brown them on both sides,
10:47 if I can get this from under here.
10:48 We burn them on both sides
10:50 and once you burn them on both sides,
10:51 we actually put it in the oven
10:53 and then let us sit going in oven for few minutes
10:56 and then we want to let you see
10:58 what it looks like at the end.
10:59 So just stay by.


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