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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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00:01 Well, we've accomplish that triple berry crisp. Yes.
00:03 It looks really good and it is good for you.
00:05 You know what I'm saying.
00:06 Put some berries right in the middle there.
00:08 It's really, I can see right now you are thinking about it.
00:11 Yeah, I'm thinking about it. You know--
00:13 Go ahead, honey.
00:14 You know we have been talking and taking about
00:17 this whole eight natural remedies. That's true.
00:20 And we've talked about it over and over again.
00:22 Oh, last couple of weeks now. Yeah.
00:24 Yeah, and I know that there might be someone
00:26 who is really thinking about you know,
00:28 I need to get this master of public health an opportunity
00:31 to be in my life and to change my life.
00:33 And are you thinking about that?
00:35 Are you thinking about the fact that
00:37 you know, you heard about how the Lord
00:38 is just open and available to you
00:41 all you have to do is ask and all your sins are forgiven
00:44 and it just gives you a brand new life.
00:46 It gives you a new life that's one of the things
00:48 that I'm excited about,
00:49 about what God has done in my life and in Curtis's life
00:53 and He wants to do the same thing for you
00:55 and all you have to do is just ask Him.
00:59 It doesn't take a lot
01:00 you don't have to be at a Church to do it.
01:02 You just close your eyes and say,
01:04 Father God, for all the sins I have committed
01:07 I ask that You will forgive me.
01:09 And guess what He says they are done.
01:13 It's over. That's it.
01:14 It's over and we start a new life in Christ.
01:16 He is willing to give us more than we are to give ourselves.
01:20 He is standing at the door, knocking at our heart
01:22 and you have to do that so His arms are open for us
01:25 and all we need to do is just come into His bosom
01:28 and He will embrace us, He will take our sins.
01:30 So, honey let's go and pray for the people.
01:33 Dear, Jesus, we thank You so very much for the audience,
01:37 we thank You for 3ABN, we thank You for all those
01:40 that are behind the cameras, everything about trying to get
01:43 the message out about how much You love us.
01:47 We are asking in a very special way
01:48 that as the viewers are listening especially those
01:51 who are wondering about their lives
01:53 and what's going to happen, and about their sins.
01:55 Lord God, we ask in a special way that as they speak to You,
01:59 would You wrap your arms around them
02:01 hold them close to Your bosom
02:03 and let them know I have already shown you
02:06 how much I love you and I have forgiven you.
02:09 We thank You so much for your answering prayers.
02:11 We thank You for this program at 3ABN.
02:14 This is our prayer in Your Son's name, amen.
02:18 Amen. All right.
02:19 It is done. It is done.
02:20 It's been a wonderful series, honey. Yes.
02:22 Eight natural remedies and it's been wonderful food
02:25 so far as well, I don't know about this food
02:28 so, can we have a bite out may be you are sampling or.
02:30 I kind of figured it out.
02:32 Oh, you got something under there?
02:33 You are gonna start up something.
02:34 I'm gonna start up something.
02:35 Okay, now that's kind of small little bowl there.
02:37 Now this is enough for you.
02:38 Oh, it's enough for me? That's a little appetizer.
02:41 Oh, yeah, look at that. Oh, yeah, this is good.
02:44 Okay. Okay.
02:45 This is good, little bit more here
02:47 because, you know, when we do that, you know I--
02:49 Okay, now, you know-- wait a minute, Adam before Eve.
02:52 Yeah, but, then Eve-- Adam surrendered to Eve.
02:55 You know, he said, okay, honey.
02:57 Oh, remembering the Bible, what's that?
02:59 Probably 1:1? Oh.
03:01 Okay, you're teasing to people, baby.
03:03 Okay now, can I?
03:06 And make sure I get some crisp in there too.
03:08 This is triple berry crisp. Not much but crisp.
03:13 Mmm, don't tease it brother.
03:16 Oh, yeah this will work, this will work right here.
03:19 Okay. Okay, now this is on--
03:21 Again, its in your cookbook. Very good.
03:25 You don't need a whole lot of sweeteners in here
03:28 because the Florida Crystal has a nice sweetener as well.
03:30 Orange juice too. Orange juice as well.
03:32 Well, let's go and close. Okay.
03:35 John 10:10, Jesus said,
03:36 "I come that they might have life
03:40 and have it more abundantly."


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