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00:01 Well, we are back
00:02 and we are doing this triple berry crisp
00:05 let's go the actual recipe. It calls for:
00:41 Now, Curtis. Triple berry.
00:43 This triple berry is a very easy simple recipe as well.
00:46 I'm gonna ask you go ahead
00:47 and get that lemon about half of a lemon
00:49 it gives about two tablespoons of lemon juice itself.
00:53 And I have already got my berries, frozen berries.
00:54 Like to use the frozen berries and what I'm gonna do,
00:57 is I'm going to make up the combination of the orange juice.
01:04 All right. And the vanilla.
01:10 Now, the triple berry, so what you got with a raspberries,
01:15 blueberries and blackberries. Blackberries, your favorite.
01:19 All of those are in there, all of those are in there.
01:21 I'm gonna take and sprinkle on here then some of my sugar.
01:25 Now, this is sort of crystals now explain that
01:27 because that may be new to some people.
01:30 It's a natural sugar not processed. Okay?
01:34 You get it at regular grocery store. Regular grocery store.
01:38 Now, I want to just take the-- his is the cornstarch
01:41 and you can use cornstarch and if you don't have that
01:43 you can use little bit of flour and it also,
01:45 but, I may do with cornstarch
01:46 because that's going to have to give us some juice.
01:49 And because that I'm doing that juice is going on once
01:51 Yeah, don't you go ahead
01:52 and start putting the stuff together
01:53 which is going to be our filling.
01:55 Okay, now you are going to put the--
01:56 You are going to put the--
01:57 that's the flour mix them with the oats.
01:59 Okay. Okay.
02:03 All right. All right.
02:04 And then that lemon juice you are going to give me that
02:08 That's yours. That goes with me.
02:10 And I put the Florida crystals. Yeah, Florida crystals.
02:13 And you know it actually called for,
02:16 it called for half a cup of Florida Crystals
02:18 so one fourth of it is actually on top of my berries
02:22 and the other fourth is actually going inside the filling, okay.
02:24 Oh, I see. Okay.
02:25 Now, the butter. Who getsthe butter?
02:28 Go and get that butter,
02:29 but let me go ahead and put this in.
02:30 This is a lemon, we are actually going to put in
02:33 and this very, very important there, okay.
02:38 This now, I'm going to actually pour over top of my berries.
02:43 Just drizzle. Yeah.
02:45 Oh, yeah, it is soaking there.
02:47 Now, you go ahead and start putting that butter.
02:50 You want really all of this in here?
02:52 Yep, you are going to pour it
02:53 and when you are done then stir it. Okay.
02:57 And that's what going to give us also with the crust.
03:02 I mean the crisp for it.
03:03 So, this will be the crisp part. All right.
03:09 Now, this is a real easy one, a real quick one.
03:11 Some one asked a question one time
03:13 can you actually use other berries, you could.
03:15 I say triple because I like this triple berry mix
03:18 its very nice you, can do it with plain strawberry,
03:21 blueberries, raspberries whatever you wan to do,
03:24 it just depends on what you like.
03:26 Okay? Okay.
03:27 All ready. It's pretty well mixed up.
03:28 That's good. That's good.
03:30 That's good. That's good.
03:31 Use a spoon for that I guess.
03:32 No. Lot of it is stuck in there.
03:34 Yeah, that's why you want to transfer,
03:35 oh, yeah, okay. Yeah.
03:37 Okay, you get that out of there
03:39 and what happens is now I'm just gonna take that mixture
03:43 and put it all over top of those berries,
03:46 it's going inside the oven and the temperature for that
03:49 is going to be 50 degrees
03:52 and about 20 minutes or 30 minutes to do.
03:54 Well I say 30 minutes it will be ready
03:56 because it's gonna get brown on the top.
03:57 So, all we are going to do is just take it and move it on top.
04:03 All right, now, this is the old fashioned oats, is it?
04:08 This is the old fashioned oats. Old fashioned oats, yeah.
04:10 Yeah, old fashioned oats. So quick oats won't work?
04:12 No, no, no I will undo quick oats on this.
04:14 Yeah, just want to make sure.
04:16 And the berries are frozen remember that.
04:18 Oh, these are frozen berries.
04:19 And I remember now what happens
04:20 if we put the instant oats on there,
04:22 if you put the instant oats on it's going to grab the water
04:24 the liquid that I'm using.
04:25 It won't be a crisp, it will be a triple berry mush or some.
04:31 Yeah, we don't want to rename, so what we are going to do is--
04:34 Use the old fashioned oats. Use the old fashioned oats
04:36 and you know what, talking about old fashioned oats
04:38 we are going to actually take a break
04:40 when we come back guess what you will see the finish product
04:44 So stay by.


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