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00:01 There are many degrees that a person can receive
00:03 in a health medical field, such as RN, Registered Nurse,
00:08 MD, Medical doctor, M.P.H. Master of Public Health.
00:13 Today we are going to be talking about a person
00:16 in focus on one of those degrees entitled
00:18 "The true master of public health, Jesus Christ."
00:23 We will be right back.
00:51 Hi, Welcome to Abundant Living.
00:53 This is Curtis Eakins your co-host.
00:55 I like to introduce my bride of wonderful 18 years
00:59 at the time it is taping Paula Eakins.
01:03 Hello. Hello. Yes.
01:05 I'm glad that you are with me today, on this program.
01:08 I'm very glad to be with you also
01:09 because we are finishing up these eight natural remedies.
01:13 The eight natural remedies.
01:15 Yes, this took a while of all eight,
01:17 but this is the eight one.
01:19 We will talk about other one too as well we did six so,
01:22 but again "True master of public health Jesus Christ."
01:25 But so those who may have not been a part of this series
01:29 the eight natural remedies
01:30 and may not be aware of what those are,
01:33 show to people, honey,
01:34 what are those eight natural remedies
01:35 and how can a person remember them.
01:38 Is there a acronym? Help us out little bit.
01:40 Yes, yes there is an acronym to this whole program
01:44 of the eight natural remedies.
01:47 And the end, the word is called 'New start'
01:50 and the 'N' stands for nutrition,
01:53 the 'E' for exercise, the 'W' for water,
01:57 the 'S' for sunshine, the 'T' for temperance,
02:01 the 'A' is for air, the 'R' is for rest,
02:06 and the 'T' is trust in divine guidance.
02:10 Now this was coined by gentlemen I understand,
02:12 that was having a hard time trying to remember
02:14 the eight natural remedies
02:15 and so he kind off coined that word called "New start."
02:18 And really and truly that last letter that one
02:21 'T' trust in divine guidance should really
02:23 be at the very top.
02:25 Because really and truly there is no way
02:27 we can do any of the other one's
02:28 with out the master of public health.
02:31 Amen. That's pretty good can you repeat that backwards.
02:35 Ah, well I kind of did a little. I did the 'T' at the top.
02:39 I mean the all eight.
02:40 Now, let's not do that right now.
02:42 Okay, let's keep moving on right?
02:44 Yes. Okay, Yeah.
02:46 Now we have two main references
02:48 that we have been talking about the whole time.
02:49 That's true. And those main references were two individuals.
02:52 Okay. Number one was, God himself and His word.
02:55 The standard of truth.
02:56 And the second was Ellen G. White
02:59 who is also a Christian and a servant that talks about.
03:02 Yes. The eight natural remedies.
03:04 And yeah, she is a health educator and a author,
03:07 based on the Library of Congress,
03:08 in Washington, D.C., has published
03:10 been translate more than any other person in United States,
03:14 second in the world.
03:15 And from her council her inspiration from God
03:19 that she coined the eight natural remedies,
03:22 in a book called Counsels on Health, page 90.
03:26 This is actually the correct quotation,
03:28 She says "Proper diet, exercise, use of water,
03:35 sunlight, temperance, air, rest,
03:39 trust in divine power these are the true remedies.
03:44 So with that in mind some Adventist membership
03:48 have been placed there and because of that
03:50 along with God's word, council from God's word
03:53 we have enjoy a measurable degree of health
03:56 and longevity and so with that will do this
03:58 in a series and share that with other individuals
04:01 who may not be aware
04:02 of the eight natural remedies as well.
04:04 So, of course the last one, trust in divine power
04:07 which is "The true master of public health".
04:15 Well, one of the one's we were we are kind of
04:17 I'm not reading it in and out
04:19 and that was another word
04:20 and that was the word, temperance. Yes.
04:22 And so, what when we say the word temperance
04:25 what exactly are we talking about as we relate
04:28 to the eight natural remedies. Okay, yeah.
04:30 And that's the one that we kind of skipped over.
04:32 We covered all the others but we didn't cover temper.
04:35 This one text I like to share with you of course
04:38 by now hopeful you have your Bibles available.
04:41 I'm reading from 1 Corinthians Chapter 9
04:43 and I'm gonna look at verse 25.
04:46 Paul here is talking about the Olympics dealing
04:49 with the people in Corinth,
04:51 also there is experience of application as well.
04:54 And Paul saying, well let me just go with 24
04:57 "Know ye not that they which run
05:00 in a race run all, but one received the prize?
05:04 So run, that ye may obtain."
05:07 Verse 25 "Every man that striveth for the mastery is"
05:12 and here is the word, "temperate in all things."
05:18 Temperate or temperance.
05:21 What does that word means
05:22 because we need to understand
05:24 the explanation of the work in original Greek language.
05:28 Temperance simply means self control, self restraint,
05:35 balance, immoderation and Paul says in all things.
05:41 So therefore we talk about
05:43 the eight natural remedies diet,
05:45 exercise et cetera, we should be tempered,
05:48 we should be have some sense of control,
05:51 some sense of restraint, and since that balanced
05:54 and those things that we talk about
05:56 over the last several weeks.
05:57 So, honey, before we go into that
05:58 master of the public health, let's talk about being
06:01 temperance so of the things
06:02 that we talked about over the last few weeks
06:04 as far as eight natural remedies is concerned.
06:06 Well you know when we spoke about
06:08 the whole eight natural remedies
06:09 we talked about nutrition, and exercise, and water,
06:13 sunshine, of course the word temperance,
06:15 air, rest and interest in God.
06:17 But, let's go back a little bit on that
06:18 because sometimes we get caught up
06:21 in one of those eight natural remedies.
06:23 Okay. And not the full group.
06:25 When I say caught up, you know,
06:26 sometime we can spend all of our time
06:29 in the kitchen dealing with nutrition,
06:31 worrying about what we are gonna eat
06:32 and how we gonna eat it and what's time
06:35 we are gonna eat and how much we are gonna eat
06:37 and we that can really do 24x7 nothing but nutrition.
06:41 Okay, that's not-- It's unbalance.
06:43 Temperance means everything in its rightful place.
06:46 We got our breakfast going, we got the lunch going,
06:48 we got the light dinner going, okay?
06:49 Okay. No in between the meal eating.
06:52 All right, the real one doesn't do exercise.
06:55 You know sometime a person might be doing
06:56 lot of nutrition but they are not even doing
06:58 any exercise whatsoever, we do like American Idle.
07:01 Just sitting around not doing anything. Right.
07:03 Or they might be an individual
07:05 who actually got this exercise going
07:06 where they just feel like everyday to get up,
07:08 they gonna do so many reps, they got to run so far,
07:10 they got to walk so many miles and oh,
07:13 then you got all this time with nothing
07:15 but exercise and no nutrition.
07:17 That's right. Nutrition and no exercise.
07:18 Water, we met people who goes
07:20 with this whole thing we talk.
07:21 We are Biggest Losers. We are biggest loser.
07:23 We thought we are Biggest Loser,
07:25 sometimes when we began,
07:26 our First Biggest Loser program we talked about them
07:29 drinking one cup of water everyday
07:32 for seven days in a week, we are going to change it up
07:33 because they have seven weeks we get together.
07:36 Sometimes that individual might say well,
07:38 I drink a gallon of water a day, you know.
07:41 I have to have more water and should you drink water
07:43 according to your body weight?
07:45 It's not that theme, okay.
07:47 It's really we talked before that
07:49 five and half cups of water, have nutrition
07:51 that the kind of food we eat in plant based
07:53 is also going to give us that refreshment
07:55 because that water is also contained
07:58 in that plant based diet.
07:59 And so, the name I gave for temperance is
08:02 don't get caught up behind any one of these remedies
08:06 except God that is, and just do that 24x7
08:10 because and you are missing the whole thing.
08:11 Because guess what?
08:13 Really and truly when we talk about
08:14 the eight natural remedies,
08:16 we actually talking about the God
08:18 is not only interested in our physical self,
08:22 He is interested in the mental and the spiritual.
08:25 Amen. So it's the three parts to go together,
08:27 the physical, the mental and the spiritual.
08:29 And to be honest with you if we spend lot of time
08:32 on just trying to do the nutrition,
08:34 the water and the exercise we don't have no time
08:36 to share because it becomes all self-centered.
08:39 So moderation temperance is the name of the game.
08:43 Okay, that was very well done.
08:44 I mean that was excellent, superb.
08:48 And I'll say too is that if we are more concerned
08:51 about exercising our bodies
08:55 instead of exercising Godliness, will imbalance.
08:58 Oh, yeah.
08:59 If we are more concerned about drinking water
09:02 than drinking in the living water we are imbalance.
09:06 If we look front about reading labels
09:09 than reading God's word we are imbalance.
09:12 You are about to give an offering,
09:13 you're about to give an offering.
09:15 You are going, you are going down the road,
09:17 you are going down the road.
09:18 All right, so, but again we meet people all the time
09:20 and sometimes they are unbalanced
09:21 and even one of these natural remedies though,
09:24 again temperance, moderation and all things
09:27 as well so just keep that in mind.
09:28 So we got the temperance and we got the nutrition,
09:31 exercise, water, sunlight, temperance, air,
09:36 air with what rest and now the true master
09:40 of public health Jesus Christ.
09:41 Let's talk about the true
09:43 the true true master of public health.
09:46 There is one text and I like to start with
09:49 and we are going to be talking about Jesus Christ
09:52 the true master of public health
09:54 and what He did while He was here on earth.
09:56 And this is one text that we are going to use
09:58 as a symbolic. Matthew 4:23.
10:05 Mathew 4:23, the Bible says
10:09 "And Jesus went about all Galilee,
10:13 doing three things,
10:15 number one teaching in their synagogues,
10:20 two preaching the gospel of the kingdom,
10:24 three healing."
10:27 Get this now "all manner of sickness
10:31 and all manner of disease".
10:36 Now, preaching, teaching and healing
10:42 the less we know that Jesus had a three fold ministry,
10:45 ministering to the people's spiritual needs,
10:49 physical needs, emotional needs.
10:52 He did all manner of healing sickness and disease,
10:58 which means that sickness
10:59 and disease must not be the same work.
11:02 A person can be sick with out having a disease.
11:08 A person can be really disease and not being sick.
11:12 Jesus healed the sick and those who were diseased
11:16 to physical sickness and the mental sickness
11:19 emotional sickness as well.
11:20 So therefore and He was a master
11:23 because He dwelt with the public,
11:26 so He is the true master of public health.
11:31 Now, honey, you want to share something.
11:32 Well, you know, I was just thinking about
11:34 when you said that you said all manner diseases
11:37 and then sickness and so people have,
11:40 these are two different things.
11:41 Right. Its two different things.
11:43 They are not the same individual in Greek.
11:44 And so, when you say sickness and all manner of disease,
11:49 there is a Bible story that deals with that,
11:52 that the gentlemen that did "A Cripple And His Friends."
11:57 Yes. His friends, you know.
11:59 The man who was sick of the palsy or paralyzed.
12:03 Yes, yeah. Is that what you're talking about?
12:05 Okay, there is a good one here,
12:07 this probably the story of that is really highlight
12:10 as for as Jesus being the master of public health
12:13 and the story well it is in several other Gospel's
12:17 then I'm giving a look at is Matthew 9:1-2
12:23 "And he entered into a ship, and passed over,
12:25 and came into his own city.
12:27 And, behold," verse 2 "they brought to him a man
12:33 sick of the palsy, paralyzed lying on a bed
12:38 and Jesus seeing their faith said
12:43 into the sick of the palsy" now get this and read
12:47 "Son, be of good cheer,
12:52 thy sins be forgiven thee."
12:57 Now, Ellen White the author we have been using
13:00 for the last several weeks,
13:01 she makes a comment on the story
13:04 in the Desire of Ages page 267 and 268.
13:08 She said that Jesus was drawing that man
13:11 while he was still with his beard at the house
13:15 and the man, He realized that
13:18 lot of his sickness was due to his old seeing his own lifestyle
13:24 that caused lot of his debility, as far as being sick, diseased.
13:29 that weighed heavily on him,
13:33 physically and emotionally and mentally.
13:38 Therefore, his burden was
13:40 whether or not his sins were forgiven.
13:44 So when a man let the man down through the roof
13:47 and he had eye to eye with Jesus Christ,
13:50 Jesus first words were not son, you are healed but
13:56 "Son, be a good cheer your sins are forgiven you."
14:01 When he heard that it was like music to his ears,
14:04 because he was physically helpless
14:09 and spiritually hopeless
14:11 because of the weight of sin on him,
14:14 there may be people out there listening today
14:16 who feel that their sins are not forgiven
14:19 they have done so much wrong in their life
14:21 that that in itself crushes the spirit.
14:24 So when Jesus had those words,
14:26 "Son, be of good cheer your sins are forgiven you."
14:32 Ellen White says in Desire of Ages,
14:34 it's like music to His ears.
14:36 And then as a balloonist rise take of that bin and walk.
14:41 So that forgiveness needs to be really less on to
14:45 and clean up on a 1 John 1:9,
14:47 "If we confess our sins, Jesus is faithful
14:52 and just to forgive us of our sins and cleanse us
14:56 from all unrighteousness."
14:59 So my daughter, my brother,
15:01 if we confess your sins are forgiven.
15:06 Now, I know you're saying to yourself
15:07 that you don't even understand
15:09 what I have been through in my past
15:11 or how I was raised up and things have
15:13 actually going through.
15:14 I like what you said about that your sins are forgiven.
15:17 Yes, because the master of public health
15:20 is so different from mankind.
15:22 When I say different I mean it,
15:24 you know no matter what is going on with us,
15:25 no matter what is happening with us
15:27 we could take it to the cause,
15:29 and God has already to us saying that
15:31 "If we confess our sins, He is faithful
15:34 and just to forgive us our sins
15:36 and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness". Amen.
15:39 Which means that, you know, nothing,
15:41 nothing that we have done God has already paid the price.
15:46 As a matter of fact the way He is proving
15:48 His love to us and how He cares us,
15:49 as He stepped up upon a cross
15:51 dying in each one of our places
15:53 giving us a right to the tree life.
15:55 The master of public health, He is the one,
15:58 all we have to do is put it there.
16:00 And you know what when you put it there,
16:02 when you are lay it out there all the stuff of your past,
16:05 let it go.
16:06 Now that you can trust Him,
16:08 but first of all He was is not going to tell
16:10 anybody else about it and number two
16:12 right away He washes it clean.
16:14 Amen. As far as the east is from the west.
16:17 Oh, yeah, I'm glad you didn't say
16:18 as far as north is from the south.
16:20 No, no, no, no. Yeah.
16:21 But, east is east, west is west
16:24 and never the two shall meet so that's infinity.
16:27 Infinity, and then Ellen White says,
16:29 thorough your sins behind my back, okay.
16:32 And other one is depth of the sea,
16:33 well now there are some places
16:35 people can find bottom of the sea.
16:36 No, no, no, no, no.
16:38 So with the keep we have to really just
16:40 simply latch on to that promise that
16:43 if we confess Jesus Christ the master of public health
16:46 can cleanse us from sin and all unrighteousness.
16:50 People are needed to really hear that
16:52 and believe it and take in to their hearts.
16:54 And I say just trust him, just trust him,
16:56 trust him, trust him and I talked about something
16:58 that we read some where we are talking about
17:00 something that I know personally
17:02 I have experience for myself and just to have
17:04 that freedom to know that God has is,
17:07 He has got my case, all right.
17:08 And then those eight natural remedies
17:10 and those eight natural laws,
17:11 as you begin to move into the eight natural laws,
17:14 okay, the nutrition, the exercise, and the water,
17:17 and sunshine, the temperance, the air,
17:19 rest and to rest in the divine guidance
17:21 as you move into that area of accepting Him
17:24 as your personal Savior walking in those remedies,
17:27 I'm telling you you're going to be like a new creation.
17:30 And then guess what you will be so excited about
17:33 what's happening with you that you will run
17:34 and tell a friend like the master of public health.
17:37 He says now, now move on out
17:39 because you know what we are saved to serve, you know that.
17:41 We are saved to serve.
17:44 God needs our hands, our mouth, our eyes
17:47 and our feet to continue that journey
17:50 that He started in our life's and the journey
17:52 that took Him back to the kingdom made new
17:54 and also bring Him back here again.
17:56 So, what can I say? What can you say?
17:58 Oh, yeah, God the master of public health. Amen.
18:02 And so, I know you say master of public health,
18:05 yeah I understand that, I'm all right,
18:08 I got that straighten now are we going into the kitchen?
18:10 Well, yes we are.
18:12 We are going into the kitchen
18:13 because the master of public health also has a lot
18:15 to still say about nutrition and taking care
18:17 of the body temple and so guess what
18:19 we are going to fix a triple berry crisp,
18:23 get your paper and your pencil and meet us in the kitchen.


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