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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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Program Code: AL000209C

00:01 Well we finished this program, cooking program.
00:02 Okay, yes. Cooking for the diabetic.
00:03 Cooking for diabetic and you could see
00:05 real good wholesome foods.
00:06 Cooking for anybody, really.
00:07 We've done the actual dessert I mean a salad
00:10 I thought to say dessert which is a spinach
00:12 and strawberries and kiwi and all that good stuff
00:14 with the orange juice and everything in it.
00:16 And then we did those calzones,
00:18 it's got some real good meet a mock beef inside of it.
00:21 Golden brown too. Yes.
00:22 And then we made the green beans with something different,
00:25 the red peppers and that lemon zest and-- Very colorful.
00:28 And the dill and everything with that.
00:30 And then finished off with those
00:31 grilled Granny Smith apples, oh, yeah.
00:33 Just a touch of cinnamon. Just a little touch of cinnamon.
00:34 Just a touch. Just a touch, okay.
00:36 And so you know once again its healthy food, its good food
00:40 and we love 3ABN and Abundant Living show.
00:43 Let's go and close out, John 10:10, Jesus said,
00:46 "I come that they might have life
00:48 and have it more abundantly."
00:52 See you next time.


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