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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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00:01 Now, this is one of those quick and easy one's, Curtis.
00:02 Let's actually go to the recipe
00:03 and see what we're going to be doing with this one.
00:31 Now. Okay.
00:32 This is the good one. It's real quick and easy.
00:34 I'm gonna just turn my skillet, my fire on here, Curtis.
00:37 And let's explain again the Chicken-Style Seasoning
00:39 for those who maybe watching for the first time.
00:42 That's true. Yeah.
00:43 because there's no chicken, there's Chicken-Style Seasoning.
00:47 So it's mock. No animal products.
00:49 No animal products whatsoever.
00:51 And you can get this at any regular grocery store.
00:53 And you know what we got to go off too
00:54 I forgot to, I said what the temperature was gonna be
00:57 350 degrees for those calzones in the oven.
01:00 But they need to go in for about 20 minutes.
01:02 Okay. Okay.
01:03 Just gonna turn nice and golden brown top of the crust
01:05 and then you put the olive oil on it and your paprika,
01:08 you will be good to go. You good to go.
01:09 So let's this is our green beans and I'm telling you
01:11 this is the different way to do green beans
01:13 totally different from what people are used to as well.
01:15 All we're gonna do is put our green beans in right away.
01:18 Because most people just do the green beans,
01:19 little butter and salt and that's it.
01:21 That's right, but we are doing a little bit different here.
01:23 We're gonna do the green beans in,
01:25 we're gonna do the red peppers in as well.
01:27 All right, it adds color to it.
01:28 It adds color and makes it different, okay.
01:31 We're gonna also add in, we've got our seasonings,
01:34 we got the dill, look at that, look at that.
01:37 Okay. We got the basil.
01:39 So I will be doing lemon zest? And we're gonna do lemon zest.
01:42 Let's go ahead and do that lemon zest there.
01:44 All you're gonna do is just take your grader this way here.
01:47 Oh, this way here. And just gonna do a little bit.
01:49 Okay, do it in the pan there. Yeah, over top of these.
01:51 Oh, okay. Oh, that's close.
01:55 Oh, what a-- camera caught that too.
01:57 Okay, I'm going this way, right.
01:59 Yes. Yeah, okay.
02:00 Just a little bit, just a little bit.
02:02 All right. Smell it?
02:06 Yeah, I do. Is it coming out?
02:09 Yeah, it's coming out, I see smell right there,
02:10 you see its hitting the--
02:11 Oh, yeah, I do, okay,
02:14 That's about a tablespoon--
02:15 How much-- how much this you want?
02:17 Just a little bit more. Okay.
02:19 All right. See that, you see that.
02:22 Oh, yes, I see it. Okay, okay.
02:24 I'm gonna add and I don't want to stop.
02:26 That's enough. Okay.
02:28 I was getting kind of carried away with the zest.
02:30 I know you're getting excited--
02:31 Getting excited with the zest.
02:32 Okay, do you smell it now they smell good. Yes.
02:34 The last thing we're gonna put in there
02:35 is a Chicken-Style Seasoning.
02:37 Okay. Okay.
02:38 And we have one more recipe we're gonna be doing--
02:40 But that was fast.
02:41 I told you it was quick and fast and easy. Yes.
02:43 It's not a lot of work assigned to it, okay.
02:45 A new way for the green beans.
02:47 Yeah, look how they looks good, It's green. Yes.
02:49 Okay, and lets look then at our last one. Okay.
02:53 Our last recipe for this program
02:55 which is gonna be Grilled Granny Smith Apples.
03:09 Well, this is the last part, all I'm gonna do,
03:11 I already got my fire on, Curtis.
03:13 We're gonna grilled this apples.
03:14 I'm gonna spray my pan
03:17 and I like also just kind of spray apple little bit.
03:19 Okay. Lay them down.
03:24 Oh, just spray it and--
03:25 All we're gonna do is just lay them down.
03:26 Just lay it down. Yeah.
03:28 All right. A new way of eating apples.
03:31 Another way of eating apples--
03:32 You have already, got the core out.
03:34 Got that core out there and let me see what my little--
03:37 well, anyway.
03:39 So I usually do is I just actually let them
03:41 cook for few minutes on both sides
03:43 and they are gonna turn brown on one side
03:44 and switch them over
03:45 and it's going to turn brown on the other side.
03:47 And because of the fact that the sugar is naturally there
03:50 in Granny Smith apples. Okay.
03:51 Then we're just gonna sprinkle little bit cinnamon on top of it
03:53 and that's all we gonna have to do.
03:55 So should we do it when we turned over the first time?
03:57 That's right, once I turned over then I will actually
03:59 sprinkle a cinnamon on the other top side of it.
04:01 Oh, okay. Okay.
04:02 And so once again another way of--
04:04 you know I call this a dessert also by the way.
04:07 I mean you can make this up real quick and fast.
04:08 I love the Granny Smith apple, it has a crispiness to it
04:11 and also it's able to be a real good apple
04:15 when you're trying to make this particular dish out.
04:17 So we're gonna switch it over there.
04:18 It's browning already, yeah.
04:20 Okay, now Granny Smith, any apple will do
04:23 or you prefer Granny Smith. No, Granny Smith.
04:25 You want to go with this particular recipe itself, okay.
04:29 Well, you know I know that our are program is coming to an end
04:32 and so you know we're gonna let this finish cooking up,
04:34 we're gonna put the cinnamon on top of it
04:36 and then we're gonna let you see the finish products.
04:38 So stay by.


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