Abundant Living

Seeking Shut Eye

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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


Series Code: AL

Program Code: AL000208C

00:01 Now, we've already made the carob cake
00:02 and so now we're going to put the actual icing or cream
00:06 we're going to put on top of it.
00:07 So let's look at the recipe, It calls for:
00:20 This is real easy and simple one, Curtis.
00:22 Now you already started--
00:23 I already blending, this is the tofu Mori-Nu.
00:25 I am going to turn it on.
00:26 I want to go ahead and put in the milk and also the vanilla.
00:28 Okay. Okay.
01:03 Oh, soft cream there,
01:04 I did not want to go let's go ahead and move that in there.
01:06 I am going to turn this around one more time here.
01:09 I am cutting the strawberries over here.
01:10 Cutting those strawberries in half to go on top. All right.
01:13 Okay and we're going to just whiz this one more time there.
01:33 All right. Look at that.
01:35 Oh, nice and creamy. Yes indeed.
01:37 Let's take this off.
01:41 And move that away from me. All right.
01:50 Just gonna put that on top. You can server this two ways.
01:53 You can actually serve it up and then put it on top
01:56 or you can go ahead and put it on top of your cake.
02:00 Looks good, honey.
02:01 Well strawberry smell good.
02:03 You're working it now, baby. Okay.
02:06 And we're gonna put the strawberries on top of those.
02:08 Strawberries are gonna go right on top of that.
02:09 Right in the middle part. Right in the middle, here?
02:13 Yeah, just go ahead and put them on.
02:15 How about another one? How you want this?
02:18 I know you have a different.
02:19 I'll just go and put them around.
02:21 Like that. All right.
02:24 I don't want to miss that. Once it's down it's down.
02:28 Okay, okay, they get the idea.
02:31 They get the idea. Okay.
02:32 Carob is supposed to be. Wonderful.
02:36 Remember, John 10:10, Jesus said,
02:38 "I come that they might have life
02:41 and have it more abundantly."


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