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00:01 Well, welcome back.
00:02 Welcome back and we're going to do
00:03 one of my the favorites which is a Silken Carob Cake.
00:06 And its kind a little bit--
00:07 a couple of things we gonna do there so we're gonna get busy.
00:10 You're busy, ah.
00:11 I am going actually-- let's look at the recipe for us
00:13 and see exactly what we'll have here. Okay.
00:14 Silken Carob Cake it costs for:
00:39 Now it looks like a lot but you know,
00:40 this cake does not have any eggs in it.
00:43 No eggs. Okay.
00:44 And now lets-- tell about the carob
00:45 because this may be new to some people.
00:47 I'll tell you what, while I start this
00:48 because I have got to move that flour in here.
00:49 And this is the bread flour I am actually using
00:52 In this product as well
00:53 So I'm gonna put the bread flour when it starts sifting.
00:56 Because I have to have a lot three cups of it.
00:58 And then Curtis is going to talk to you about that carob powder.
01:01 Oh, I'm? Yeah, sure, you know about it.
01:03 Okay, we didn't rehears this last night.
01:05 Now go ahead, you go ahead, you'll do it fine.
01:07 Okay, well, carob powder,
01:09 this is a substitute for a chocolate.
01:11 And a lot better for you.
01:14 Caffeine free by the way and it's lot healthier.
01:18 Now that's what all I have on a carob,
01:19 let's see what else you want to add something to that or--
01:22 No, no I do want to say that. Okay.
01:24 If you're using the carob
01:25 a lot of people say it's a very strong taste
01:27 and so when it was to be first started off
01:30 it was like 6 tablespoons
01:31 and they got just a little bit 2 carob for me.
01:34 So we moved that around.
01:35 Now you know, I know you're saying this that
01:36 this is my recipe and the answer is not its not.
01:39 It is now because I change it up.
01:40 Well, I tweaked it as we say, tweaked it.
01:43 But the bottom line is that we began to move away
01:45 from so much of a carob powder
01:46 and it got to lighter kind of a texture, all right.
01:49 Now for my friends who are those chocolate lovers
01:52 they're like, okay, this might work.
01:54 This might just work. This might just work.
01:56 And what I am going to do is
01:57 I am going to actually slip my 3 cups of flour
01:59 and while I am doing that I want you to add--
02:02 you've got your flour crystals which is like a fructose. Yeah.
02:05 You got your baking powder. Okay.
02:07 And you got your carob powder and salt.
02:08 And you put that all in one bowl
02:10 and you're going to just kind of mix that up.
02:11 Because it needs to be mixed up
02:12 before it goes into what I am doing.
02:13 Okay. All right.
02:19 Real easy, simple.
02:23 Now, you didn't get the carob, honey, where?
02:26 Once again, once again, all your regular stores
02:28 are now carrying this kind of stuff.
02:30 Okay, regular stores will this. Okay. All right.
02:34 Okay, and I'm just gonna stir it up
02:35 because once it hits this flour, you know,
02:37 flour has been sifted then we're going to actually
02:39 not use a lot of manipulation with it.
02:41 So you just going to stir it up there.
02:44 Manipulation. Yeah, yeah, all right.
02:51 Okay we're coming to end of that flour.
02:53 You know I had one of this before
02:55 I don't know what happened to it.
02:57 You had one of those?
02:59 Yeah, I don't know what happened to it.
03:00 And so, you know, I had to wind up
03:01 and get me another one of those.
03:03 So they are very precious.
03:06 Okay, now what we're going to do is we're going very slowly--
03:08 I am going to start in very slowly
03:10 because I don't really want to whole lot of work going on
03:12 because I have already sifted that. Okay.
03:13 Now, I guess what, what you're going to do now
03:15 as you got 2 cups of water. All right.
03:17 You got 2/3 of the canola oil, you've got your vanilla.
03:22 And I have bought your favorite machine which you love to use.
03:25 I just love to use.
03:26 And that is you going to do your lemon.
03:28 Because we have 2 tablespoon of lemon quite going in there.
03:29 Well, must start the lemon now or--
03:30 You go to lemon with the lemon now. Okay.
03:32 All I am doing is just kind of move this around in here.
03:37 This would give me what about a tablespoon.
03:40 A little smoke there going with that carob powder.
03:43 A lemon. Ah.
03:44 It's going to give you 2 tablespoons. Okay.
03:46 It will give you two tablespoons. Okay.
03:47 Two tablespoons and this is one of those recipes
03:51 that you have to work with it very quickly
03:53 because remember I don't have any eggs in it.
03:55 So what's going to happen is we want to have a nice texture.
03:58 So all I am doing is mixing it in
04:02 and then you got to go ahead
04:04 and pour out the rest into one big dish there.
04:06 Into the water? You go ahead and put in ther.
04:07 Yes, it's fine. Go ahead and put in there.
04:09 Okay. And the oil and the--
04:12 And the oil is going in
04:14 and then you're going to put your lemon juice. All right.
04:21 Lemon juice without the seeds.
04:25 Come on out now. Here we go.
04:29 Excellent. All right.
04:33 Okay, now so--
04:34 I am going to stir it up a little bit
04:37 and then from there we're going to go ahead on
04:38 and slowly we're going to add it to this mixture.
04:41 Okay. All right, go ahead.
04:43 You're ready for me. Here we go.
04:55 Last time you made one of these cakes,
04:56 its been a while, hasn't it?
05:00 I have made this one here for--
05:01 every now and then a birthday we'll do it or you know--
05:06 I have to wait every 12 month to get one of these.
05:08 No, you don't have to wait every 12 months. Okay.
05:13 I almost said something. I know.
05:17 I almost, almost--
05:19 Well, you probably said that off camera.
05:21 Almost said something. It's on tip of your tongue.
05:25 Oh, it's sitting right back on the tip of my tongue.
05:28 Okay. Okay, let's go.
05:29 I am glad you held back, honey.
05:30 I held back. Okay.
05:32 We've our--let's move this stuff up the way here.
05:36 And put that down
05:40 because now we're gonna take-- we're gonna make sure.
05:43 Now, this is greased. It's already greased.
05:44 Okay. Okay.
05:45 I use to grease and flour but I don't need to do that.
05:48 So you know what I am going to do.
05:49 We're going to now just take-- it looks like a cake batter.
05:52 Yeah. Okay.
05:53 Now, what we're gonna do-- Let me hold it for you.
05:56 Just pour into this bowl. Let me just move that here.
06:02 All right.
06:05 Well, you usually do and this carob has--
06:09 still has a chocolate type of flavor. Yeah.
06:14 Lot more healthier for you than a coco bean.
06:18 Unless you eat the entire cake.
06:20 Yes, well, you should eat
06:21 the entire of anything it'll be unhealthy.
06:24 If we talk of my temperance too. That's part of that new start.
06:27 Now, believe or not just like it is
06:28 it actually goes into the oven, 375 degrees
06:32 don't want to play around with it
06:33 because you know we are trying to make
06:35 to have that kind of a texture for cake as well.
06:37 So it's going to in 375 degrees for about 55 minutes.
06:41 And until you can stick a toothpick down in there
06:43 bringing it up and it's clear.
06:44 So guess what this has to have a topping on it, right?
06:47 So we're going to do a vanilla cream, so stay by.


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