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00:01 Well, welcome back and we say
00:02 that a mock chicken-- Mock.
00:04 Fajitas is what we're going to be using,
00:06 not real chicken, mock. All right.
00:07 So let's look at the actual ingredients.
00:10 Okay.
00:11 Chicken Fajitas, it calls for:
00:45 Okay. Okay.
00:46 This is a good one, Curtis. It is good, it's good so--
00:48 All of them are good.
00:49 I am going to start off by just heating up,
00:51 getting the oil ready to go about boil.
00:57 All right.
00:58 Now you are making the mock chicken stew.
01:00 Now there are different brands in the market.
01:05 So whatever your preference
01:06 as far as that--
01:07 You know, when I first started--
01:08 when I first started with that, I was doing chicken patties
01:11 and then the chicken strips are not a new item out
01:13 there on the marketplace and these are once again vegan.
01:16 They are mock chicken strips as you can see
01:19 they look just like strips of chicken.
01:20 You don't have to go to the health food store.
01:23 Now these are also available at your major food store chain.
01:26 Regular grocery store. That's right, that's right.
01:28 And so I am going to go ahead on and put in
01:31 my oil. Okay.
01:33 There's also beef strips too, is that correct?
01:35 They have beef strips, they have chicken strips.
01:37 Yeah. Mock.
01:38 And different companies are coming out
01:39 with the different ones.
01:40 So, you know, it's just something to look at.
01:41 But, you know, if you can't find it then
01:43 if you can't find the chicken patties, you can just--
01:45 you know what, make the chicken patties sauteed
01:48 them on both sides and then use a knife
01:51 and actually make them into strips.
01:52 Oh, okay.
01:53 So, you know, there's all kind of ways to actually
01:54 do this thing. Okay. All right.
01:56 Now, along with this we have some real goodies.
01:57 Okay.
01:58 If you'll notice that we have those onions
02:00 going on.
02:01 So we're going with onions--
02:02 Onions going on.
02:03 And we are going to get those peppers going on.
02:04 I will tell what you can do for me.
02:06 Oh.
02:07 And that is, I like to take those peppers,
02:08 even though I have them already cut in strips,
02:09 is to cut them in half.
02:10 So I want you do that for me?
02:11 Cut those in half.
02:12 Want to go ahead and put the onions in.
02:14 These right here? Okay.
02:17 All the goodies in there.
02:21 Okay.
02:22 And the chicken is already cut in half.
02:23 Just in half and not whole, okay.
02:24 That's all, just cut them in half.
02:29 I love fajitas. There you go.
02:32 Okay.
02:33 Want to go ahead and put those right in here,
02:34 right on here too then.
02:38 Okay.
02:41 I think the camera caught that one.
02:43 Okay.
02:45 Then we just turn this down a little bit.
02:46 Let me turn this down a little bit here.
02:51 All right. And then we have--
02:53 Onions always enhance the flavors.
02:54 Always, always, always, always.
02:55 Of whatever you are cooking.
02:56 And you know when I do the fajitas,
02:57 I don't want this stuff to get real done
02:59 because I like that texture. Okay.
03:01 When you bite into you, this is a wrap we are doing.
03:03 Instead of doing--we usually do burrito wrap,
03:06 this time we are actually doing our tortilla,
03:09 soft tortilla shells what I meant to say.
03:11 But this time we are actually doing a wrap.
03:12 So you gonna see that a little bit different.
03:13 Okay, along with that we are going to add that
03:15 banana peppers.
03:16 Banana peppers, okay.
03:17 Just put that on in there.
03:18 This is what makes it all come alive.
03:20 Then we're going to add that garlic,
03:21 put that on in there.
03:23 Garlic is going in, all right.
03:26 Oh, all right, you smell that?
03:28 Isn't that wonderful?
03:29 And you want to make sure once again,
03:31 as we've said you before in the past
03:32 is that you want to keep that garlic in as a last thing.
03:38 You don't want it to stay in a long time
03:40 because if the garlic gets burn
03:41 then of course it messes up the whole recipe.
03:44 So you want to make sure your fire is not too high
03:46 when you are doing garlic.
03:47 And now, woo, you smell that?
03:49 Oh, yeah. Just go and fan it out there.
03:50 Fan it, okay. So Josh and Teresa--
03:53 Camera one, camera two and camera three.
03:54 Yeah, yeah, yeah.
03:56 Get them all, baby. Yeah, let's get them all.
03:57 Had a rough time out there.
03:58 Okay, just put those in. Oh, yeah, okay.
03:59 Now these are already done but go ahead, go ahead.
04:02 Put them in. Okay.
04:04 They are already cooked so it's just the matter of
04:06 just heating them up.
04:07 Look at that, isn't that pretty?
04:10 Now what I want you to do for me
04:11 is I am going to have you go ahead
04:13 and cut this, this is going to be
04:14 cut in wedges, okay. Okay.
04:16 Its eight wedges, so you are going to slice down
04:19 and then you're going to get eight from them or so.
04:20 That's two. Okay.
04:23 And that's four and could be eight.
04:32 I knew you can do it. I had to do one at a time.
04:34 I knew you can do it. I knew you can do it.
04:35 Otherwise I may have 12, I may have 16.
04:38 Okay.
04:39 Okay. Oh, that's a big one right there, honey.
04:40 Well, let's go and slice it in half anyway.
04:42 Okay. Okay.
04:44 And you get those little corners off
04:45 the edge there, honey. Little corners off.
04:48 Okay, I am going to go ahead and put in also--
04:49 I should get the corners off.
04:50 The Italian seasoning.
04:52 This is when this really starts coming together.
04:54 And we're going to add our salt as well.
04:57 Okay.
04:59 Very attractive, very attractive,
05:01 very attractive and delicious.
05:03 Well, honey, I think you are very attractive.
05:05 Thank you. And delicious.
05:07 Okay.
05:08 Why don't you go ahead on and put in
05:10 those tomatoes in here.
05:12 Where, in the dish here?
05:13 Right here. Okay.
05:17 What's so funny?
05:19 Nothing. Did you-- do you see that, I mean-- Did I see what?
05:22 No, no, I am asking them,
05:23 did you see that how beautiful that is?
05:25 Look at that. Look at that combination.
05:26 Oh, okay. Yes.
05:27 You know, what I am saying.
05:28 Now it's colorful. Very, very pretty.
05:30 Adds some real color to it
05:31 because we eat with our eyes.
05:33 And I like it because it's a quick recipe,
05:35 you can fix it very, very fast.
05:37 It's one of those kind of like a wrap and go
05:39 which is something we gonna also be doing.
05:41 So you want to make sure you stay tune to see
05:43 that program as well but not we are going to do
05:45 something a little bit different.
05:46 We are going to actually take-- let me get this
05:48 plate right here. Okay.
05:49 And we are going to go ahead on
05:51 and start making this up.
05:53 I am going to use a knife to actually use
05:55 for my mayonnaise.
05:57 You want this? And this is not real--
05:59 Now this is the tomato basil wrap.
06:02 Tomato basil wrap. That's right.
06:03 This is a soft wrap. It's a soft wrap and it's beautiful.
06:07 Number one, it's beautiful.
06:08 And the combination of colors
06:09 is going to be very pretty.
06:11 I am going to make one up for you right now.
06:12 Then when the show ends you will get a chance
06:14 to see it along with the salsa and the chive
06:17 and all that stuff that goes with it to make it
06:18 a wonderful meal.
06:20 Now I just take a little bit of my mayonnaise
06:23 and I actually like to-- let's just go ahead and do this.
06:27 I like to go ahead and spread it
06:28 all over the wrap.
06:29 Oh, okay. Okay.
06:31 This really makes it come alive as well.
06:36 You're working it now, baby.
06:37 And then-- Oh, yeah, it's looking good.
06:39 And then, and then, and then, then we're going to
06:42 take some of our combination.
06:44 Oh yeah. Oh yeah.
06:46 Oh yeah. Fill it up. Oh yeah.
06:48 We gonna-- I'm gonna put this all up in there.
06:50 This gonna be mine?
06:51 It can be. It can be or will it be.
06:55 We will see. We will see.
06:57 We will see. Okay.
06:59 Okay. So it's based on condition.
07:00 Yeah. Okay.
07:01 Okay, now, once we got this, you grab it like that.
07:03 What we are going to do is we're actually going to do
07:05 a fold this way and we are going to do,
07:11 and we are going to do, and we make a fold this way.
07:14 Okay. Okay.
07:16 And going on to then, just wrap it up. Oh.
07:21 Because you want to be able to go in this thing
07:23 and actually see what is going on and we are
07:29 going to turn it over.
07:32 Oh, there you go. All right.
07:34 Now, when we come back, you are going to see
07:37 what happens because I am going to break it open,
07:38 you can see all the goodies inside.
07:39 So you want to stay by.


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