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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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00:01 Well, we completed this program. I'm using the lentils.
00:03 Yes, we have. Okay.
00:04 We have gone lentils, crazy.
00:08 We started off with the lentil stew
00:10 that has the potatoes and carrots,
00:13 onions and celery, all the good stuff in it.
00:16 Okay, and then we kind of move from there
00:18 to make another those lentil burgers. Oh, yes.
00:21 And who'd thought you can take those lentils
00:22 and turn it into a burger.
00:24 Burgers! Nice and plump, juicy looking.
00:27 Tofu, and parsley all the good seasonings inside that.
00:28 Nice and golden brown. It shows a whole wheat with lettuce.
00:32 There some tomatoes. And tomatoes.
00:33 Good, you got to going on.
00:34 Or you could use red onions also with that too
00:36 and I'm telling you it really is good, okay.
00:38 And then on the top of that,
00:40 you know, there is two things you could do.
00:41 Number one, you can have the Lentils,
00:43 sometimes we have the Lentils
00:44 and just have may be corn bread with it,
00:46 you know, as a meal or you can have the lentils
00:48 and also the burger.
00:50 But now this burger is actually going to go
00:52 with those oven baked fries, fries, okay.
00:54 And we say oven bake because the fact
00:56 we actually put them into the oven.
00:57 That means you are not doing deep frying
00:59 or anything like that.
01:00 So these are not fattening fries.
01:01 These are not fattening fries.
01:02 Just soak up of the fact. They are just oven baked.
01:04 As a matter of fact, as a matter of fact.
01:06 Yeah. Let's take a little--
01:07 I know you are going to say that. Okay.
01:08 We got the skin on it also as well.
01:10 Yeah, so I'll taste the potato and--
01:14 I am pulling back, I'm not trying to get you
01:16 eat the whole one.
01:17 I thought that was the whole fry, okay.
01:21 The seasoning comes through.
01:23 Okay, baby, what about the lentil stew.
01:27 Can you work with me on that one?
01:29 I knew you must say that. Did you know that?
01:31 While you got pulling you mouth.
01:33 Yeah, because all the time I do it.
01:35 Oh, look, okay.
01:37 I'll just start looking underneath here, okay.
01:40 So you got potatoes and carrots and lentils and celery.
01:44 And every thing in there.
01:45 Peppers, and what about some potatoes
01:47 and carrots on that spoon.
01:48 Oh, I was gonna go first. Ladies first, ladies first.
01:51 I thought Adam was before Eve.
01:55 No, okay. It's my turn.
02:00 Let me just save it a moment for a minute.
02:01 Okay, while you are saving a moment,
02:02 won't you feed me? Hmm.
02:07 That was a carrot, that was a carrot with that,
02:09 nice and season potato?
02:11 I want the potato, baby, one more time.
02:15 That's good, honey, looks like a parsnip potato.
02:17 Honey, harsh, shouldn't just stop.
02:18 Oh, mercy. Okay, now again.
02:22 It's easy to do, the lentils are plant-based
02:26 zero cholesterol, zero saturated fat,
02:29 and lots of fiber to the system.
02:31 I mean this a well-balanced meal.
02:33 You know, we have the burgers. We have fries.
02:35 You know, we should have a shake.
02:38 No, I can't make a shake out of lentils.
02:40 No, well, may be something on a side.
02:43 Just shake on a side or something like that, okay.
02:45 Anyway, it's been pretty good program
02:47 and again stay with us for the rest of the series.
02:51 We are going to be talking about,
02:53 eight natural remedies so stay tuned for that.
02:56 Well, as always John 10:10,
02:57 "Jesus said I come, that they might have life
03:01 and have it more abundantly."


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