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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


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00:01 Well, those burgers are getting themselves together
00:02 and while they are doing that,
00:03 we are going to go to our last recipe
00:05 and let's look at the actual ingredients.
00:08 We are making Oven Baked Potato Fries.
00:25 Now Curtis this is another of those real good recipes.
00:27 They don't take a long time to actually make
00:29 and actually we already got our potato,
00:31 we've already actually taken our potato
00:33 and knock it down real good
00:35 because we are going to use the skin and everything.
00:36 Skin and everything.
00:37 Potato likes to be in its jacket.
00:40 We want just actually just cut like we want do like fries.
00:43 Okay. So we are no deep frying these potatoes.
00:46 No, we are actually oven baking them. Oven baked.
00:48 And I'm just going to show you one,
00:49 so you can see how I do it
00:51 because you could do two potatoes
00:53 if you are going to do them, you know,
00:54 but this is just an example because we have already
00:56 towards the end of the show.
00:57 We've already got one that we can see what's going on.
01:00 Let's do one more over here.
01:02 Okay. All right.
01:07 Now in this bowl, what we are going to do
01:10 is we are going to actually put the oil.
01:14 In a bowl? Hmm-hmm.
01:15 Okay I can do that.
01:16 And we are going to put the onion powder,
01:18 garlic powder and the salt all of those are going to go in.
01:21 Okay, this is the onion, this is the garlic.
01:25 All the good is out. And this is the Salt.
01:30 Okay, let's get the brush that is out there.
01:32 This is not coming out. How is this?
01:36 Oh, Good. Yeah, a bit small, there you go.
01:39 Okay, and we just going to--
01:41 let me just hold a spoon too because it mixes altogether.
01:44 So we are going to cook the potatoes with that?
01:47 We are gonna throw them in here.
01:49 Oh, Okay. Okay.
01:53 A small potato right there.
01:59 And nice cut to them. And here we go.
02:01 We just going to move them around
02:03 in here like that, like soil--
02:05 Now, but this is easy.
02:08 And we are just going to take our pan,
02:10 and how about you?
02:11 You can move that over to the side there.
02:13 How about just put over on that pan for me?
02:14 Oh, get my hands messy, honey.
02:16 I'm going to, okay, let me just do it.
02:17 I'll do it. Okay.
02:18 Okay. Why don't get your hands on it?
02:20 I'll do one at a time?
02:21 No, just go and put them on here. Oh.
02:23 Okay, now we go those burgers going,
02:26 so I am going to move them over here to the side too.
02:28 We got a little stew already ready to go is
02:31 well I'm telling you this is going to be a good one.
02:35 Okay, now I like to just take, make sure that's off.
02:41 I like to just take the rest of this, okay.
02:44 Rest of the seasoning. Seasoning.
02:47 Just kind of paint it, all right. All the goodies.
02:52 This is going to be bake in oven 400 degrees
02:54 for about close to 20 minutes
02:57 and they are going to get nice and brown, okay?
03:00 And guess what? Now we got that lentil stew down.
03:03 We've also got the burgers ready to go,
03:06 and of course the burgers have to go with the fries,
03:08 that we have there, burgers and fries.
03:10 Ah-ha, and in sometime what we would do
03:11 with the actual lentil we either have that
03:14 as a sandwich for the fires,
03:15 you can have it together on a green taco Salad.
03:17 And so you know what we are going to go away
03:20 and when we come back we are going to have
03:21 all the food ready so stay by.


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