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00:01 Now you know when you see me by my self,
00:03 I'm not really alone.
00:04 Curtis is actually back there somewhere
00:06 getting things ready,
00:07 because this is a all cooking show.
00:10 So I want you to get you paper and your pencil,
00:13 ring somebody on the telephone, tell them
00:14 "Abundant Living" is on
00:16 and we have some really good stuff cooking
00:19 in the kitchen today. Stay by.
00:46 Well, we're excited about this program.
00:48 I'm Paula Eakins and this is my husband.
00:52 Curtis Eakins. Yes, Curtis.
00:55 Curtis Eakins and we're excited about you being here today
00:58 because we will be talking about a kingdom
01:01 which is actually the Pea kingdom are the lentils.
01:05 And we're excited about that because lentils
01:07 are so versatile and they have much going on with them
01:10 and they are different from a bean,
01:11 because the bean kingdom, we call the legume kingdom.
01:14 They take a longer period of time to cook.
01:17 But when we talk about the lentils
01:19 they're like lentils black-eye peas,
01:21 split peas, the green split and a yellow split peas.
01:24 They take about only 35 or 45 minutes to get done,
01:27 where your bean kingdom takes a much longer time.
01:30 And so the lentils is not only a good Pea,
01:33 but it also goes all the way back to scripture,
01:35 all the way back to very beginning of time,
01:38 you know somebody sold their birthright
01:40 for some lentils.
01:42 That's right. And that lentils also is a Esau.
01:45 Okay. Sold the birthright.
01:46 All right. To Jacob.
01:47 Okay. They're good, honey.
01:48 And when you think about that,
01:50 when you think about that,
01:51 it's the lentils is like they call it,
01:53 it's a Latin word for a porridge,
01:56 because it becomes very, very thick
01:57 when you actually cook the lentils themselves, okay.
02:00 And the lentils are different types,
02:02 they are all different colors,
02:03 they are different shapes and sizes,
02:04 but the one we're going to be using today
02:06 is one it only takes about 35 or 40 minutes to cook,
02:09 but like I said it's versatile
02:11 and we're gonna be doing some things with that.
02:13 Our first recipe I have ever is actually a lentil stew.
02:17 So let's look at the recipe.
02:49 Okay, now let's talk about the McKay's Beef-Style seasoning
02:52 and this may be a new ingredient
02:54 for lot of people and there is Chicken-Style seasoning too,
02:57 so let's talk about that first of all.
02:59 Now both these are just really substitutes,
03:01 they are not the real thing at all Beef-Style seasoning.
03:04 Kind of remind you, there's no beef in it whatsoever.
03:08 And it's just like when you take a bouillon cube
03:10 and you put it in the hot water
03:11 and it kind of stirred up and makes like a sauce,
03:14 kind of like a vegetable broth.
03:16 Well this one makes like a beef broth,
03:17 but there's no beef.
03:18 And there is a chicken also Chicken-Style
03:21 and there is no chicken, all right.
03:23 And there are working people who purchase that,
03:24 if they are interested.
03:25 At the back of grocery store, believe it or not.
03:27 Yeah, more and more stores are now going into
03:29 like a health food section
03:30 or you call a natural food section.
03:32 So just look in your store and see that
03:34 and you know I always say on 'Abundant Living,'
03:36 if you see something that you have seen on the show
03:40 and is not in your store, go and talk to the manger,
03:43 say you saw it on 3ABN on 'Abundant Living.'
03:44 That's right, lobby. And lobby for--
03:46 So find the man. That's the name of the game.
03:49 Now this is a real good a stew,
03:51 it's got a lot of good stuff in it.
03:53 I have actually started already putting my potato
03:55 and also my carrots. Stove is already on.
03:58 I'm gonna turn the fire on now
03:59 because I need you to go head and get the bell pepper ready
04:02 and we're also going to go head and get that celery.
04:04 You want me to dice it or what?
04:05 Yes. Okay.
04:07 This is what gives that flavor that pazaz also,
04:10 all theses spices actually go in
04:12 to make this a wonderful dish.
04:14 And I have done my potatoes in a large, large chunks
04:17 and also the carrots be sliced very, very thin.
04:20 And while you're doing that, we're gonna also cut up
04:23 and you just cut this in cubes, Curtis, for me. Okay.
04:26 And these seasonings are what really makes it
04:31 the recipe the dish come together.
04:33 Lentils kind of have like
04:34 I call a peppery type of a flavor to it.
04:38 And so on this one here, it's gonna not only give that flavor
04:41 but when we add all the other ingredients to,
04:42 it's gonna be absolutely wonderful
04:44 and very pretty the color as well. Absolutely.
04:46 All right, so we're gonna go head and put that in
04:48 and as you're doing that one, that's fine, honey.
04:50 Okay, that's fine.
04:52 While I stir it in here and I will just move that over
04:53 so we can stir it that in there.
04:58 All right. All the goodies are there.
05:01 Remember, it doesn't take very long to cook it all, all right.
05:05 And then we're go ahead on with that as well.
05:07 Smell good, good hearty stew. Bring that back over here.
05:10 Oh, you're gonna cut the onions.
05:11 Right, we're gonna go ahead on
05:12 and get the onions cut up as well that's gonna go in there.
05:15 And let's use this other knife, yeah,
05:16 this one here's got a better, a sharper blade.
05:19 Now, Curtis, when we talk about the whole bean kingdom,
05:22 we're talking also in the pea kingdom,
05:24 we talk about actually a lot of fibers,
05:26 this is where the fiber comes from.
05:28 Talk a little bit about how important is fiber
05:30 when it comes to getting your body to get it
05:34 from a healthy standpoint, that fiber in the food.
05:36 Well, fiber has a great positive impact on a body system.
05:42 And number one, fiber helps to clean out
05:44 the arteries of that fiber, the whole on the bean,
05:47 that's the fiber portion right there,
05:49 also reduces cholesterol, also helps to regulate
05:54 our blood sugar, glucose level for diabetes.
05:56 And lot of people don't know that as well.
05:58 And the fiber also helps the stools to move
06:00 through the system smoothly.
06:02 So fiber has a lot of benefits
06:05 and we don't want that refined process,
06:09 we want the food that's in a whole plant kingdom,
06:12 the way it is, that God has created in nature,
06:14 so and these all, these foods right here are non processed.
06:18 So we have the fiber that the way
06:20 God created in the first place.
06:22 And not talking about fiber, we also get a lot to hear
06:24 because the fact that not only we have the carrots going on,
06:27 we got the potatoes going on,
06:28 we also have the celery going on as well, okay.
06:32 So we're gonna put the celery in along with this.
06:35 You remember I said about maybe 35 minutes or so,
06:38 this dish is actually ready.
06:40 We're gonna go ahead and put that celery in.
06:42 Yes, there had been a lot of emphasis
06:44 on whole grains as too as well.
06:48 And so, we want this fiber with the whole grains
06:51 and this is gonna be nice and hearty.
06:56 A stew, a nice stew, a nice stew. Yeah.
06:58 Now normally what happens is, when we fix this dish,
07:01 we actually let it cook down until it gets to
07:04 that tender state which is the actual lentil itself,
07:07 I say about 35-40 minutes.
07:09 We got the onions and the bell peppers
07:11 all that in here together.
07:12 Sometimes, I would actually start it off
07:14 by actually putting everything in here together.
07:16 I would start it off with my water,
07:17 have the potatoes in there, the carrots in there,
07:19 the celery, the green onions, I mean, the green peppers,
07:23 everything is there because they'll all cook
07:24 around the same time, okay. Okay.
07:26 But for space sake, I thought I would just go ahead on
07:28 and get started, I had time there.
07:31 Now our seasoning, we're gonna be using
07:32 that as Beef-Style seasoning.
07:33 Okay, this is-- And we're gonna be using also--
07:35 Yes, we're gonna use a sweet basil. Basil.
07:37 Somebody asked me one time, basil, you know,
07:40 use a sweet basil, a basil sometime you'll see it
07:43 as a word sweet basil, sometime you'll see the word basil,
07:45 they are still the same thing, same kind of herb.
07:47 We're gonna go ahead and put those in as well.
07:50 It actually helps to make this have a wonderful taste too.
07:52 Okay. And basil here.
07:55 And that's the basil, sweet basil.
07:57 And what is this? That's the garlic.
07:59 Garlic powder.
08:00 And I would say salt to taste but I know exactly
08:02 how much salt we're gonna use in that one there,
08:04 so we're gonna stir it up.
08:05 I want--you know, now does this look good or what?
08:08 And it smells good also, you know.
08:10 Now how long you say just need to prepare.
08:13 About 35 to 40 minutes. Okay.
08:14 I usually do it till the potato itself
08:16 or the carrots are tender, okay.
08:19 But I like the soup and I'm-- and what's gonna happen,
08:21 I'm gonna turn it down.
08:23 And I'm gonna put the lid on it
08:24 and because it's going to cook for few minutes
08:26 and then at the end of the program,
08:27 you get a chance to see the finished products.
08:28 So we're gonna just go ahead and put the lid on.
08:30 I know you said what about that tomato sauce.
08:33 Tomato sauce is the last thing to go in
08:34 and so we're gonna hold off at the tomato sauce.
08:36 I'm gonna turn it down
08:37 because, you know, sometime, Curtis,
08:38 people say to me, when I eat beans-- Okay.
08:42 And even when I eat the peas,
08:44 I have flatulence
08:45 and I'm trying to figure how do I get rid of that.
08:48 Well, there's two things going,
08:49 number one is that the flatulence does not come mainly
08:52 because of the peas like the lentils,
08:54 split peas, black eyed peas.
08:55 Oh, just from beans.
08:56 Normally from the bean kingdom. Okay.
08:57 And that's because in the bean kingdom,
09:00 there's a ribose sugar,
09:01 that's one of the complicated sugars
09:02 the Creator God has put into the food kingdom.
09:05 And so in order for that to break down,
09:07 it has to move into the smaller intestines
09:11 and once it gets there
09:12 because that ribose sugar is so complicated,
09:14 it winds up causing us to have flatulence.
09:17 Now there's a way to get rid of that.
09:18 And that is that you take your beans
09:20 you're gonna clean them off,
09:21 get rid of the debris,
09:23 put them into a plastic container,
09:24 fill it up with water and you want to do
09:26 at least an inch to two inches of water above the last bean.
09:31 Put it up in a freezer
09:32 and you want to freeze them for at least 24 hours.
09:36 Because the crystalline that goes on in the bean itself
09:39 that helps to break that sugar down
09:40 and you don't have as much problems as you would normally.
09:43 So you're gonna bring them out,
09:44 you got that water going on
09:45 and let's say this is your plastic container
09:48 and then you're gonna put that plastic container side like this
09:50 and let the water run over just to loosen it.
09:52 I mean you're gonna put it into a very large spoon
09:55 and you're gonna put it into your Dutch oven
09:57 or your large sauce pan that holds anyway from 4 to 6 quarts.
10:01 And then you're gonna let it come to boil.
10:03 And then from there, you're gonna turn it off.
10:06 And you're gonna let it simmer
10:08 when you turn it back on for few minutes.
10:10 No, no, you say, that's a awful lot of stuff
10:11 for me to try to remember.
10:13 Don't worry about it 'cause you can always either email us,
10:16 Facebook us, write us, call us
10:20 and also it comes from our books as well. Yeah.
10:22 So you can get all that information. Oh, okay.
10:24 Okay, on how to do that but it's not really a lot simpler.
10:26 That's good to know because a lot of people
10:28 have problem with the flatulence. Yeah.
10:30 So that's good to know how to reduce that, what ribose sugar.
10:33 The ribose sugar and also that fiber is there too,
10:35 that fiber on the skin of the bean itself as well. Okay.
10:38 So pulse, porridge, nice and good for the tummy.
10:44 Okay. Lots of fiber.
10:45 You talked already about diabetes,
10:47 you talked about lowering that cholesterol
10:49 because all the food we're fixing--
10:50 actually when we cook on 3ABN,
10:52 there's no cholesterol whatsoever.
10:53 And also it gives you a sense of fullness.
10:56 Absolutely, that is good. That's proper appetite.
10:57 Whole food give a sense of fullness
10:59 and doesn't have the empty calories
11:00 that other foods may have based on the process level.
11:03 Low in calories, that's the name of the game, all right.
11:06 High in nutrition. High in nutrition.
11:09 Well, speaking about high in nutrition,
11:11 there is a recipe that I'm gonna be fixing next.
11:13 And I know there gonna be surprised
11:14 because we're actually gonna be making some burgers
11:17 using the lentils as well.
11:19 Okay, meatless burgers.
11:21 Meatless burgers using lentils
11:22 that's what I'm talking about. Using lentils.
11:24 Let's go right to the actual recipe.
11:25 Okay, let's do it.
11:27 Lentil Tofu Burgers, It calls for:
11:55 Okay, now you say the fact we're actually making burgers.
12:00 Lentil burgers. Lentil burgers, okay.
12:02 Now I have already done the lentils,
12:04 where I've made them up. Already been cooked?
12:06 They've already been cooked already. Okay.
12:07 So you're gonna actually put them
12:08 into your little chopper there
12:10 and you're gonna mash that up for me.
12:11 Oh, the lentils going here, okay.
12:13 You gonna mash that up for me.
12:14 And while you're doing that,
12:16 I'm gonna go ahead and caught up some parsley
12:19 because parsley is a part of this as well.
12:21 Okay. These burgers are really good.
12:26 Someone asked me a question about our breadcrumbs
12:29 and I said I just take the breadcrumbs ends that I have
12:33 the bread I have leftover, old bread
12:35 and I just take and cut it up,
12:37 put it on a cooking sheet and bake--
12:40 What do you have? Bake it in the oven.
12:42 Breadcrumbs, oh, okay.
12:43 And you make your breadcrumbs.
12:45 And it's more controlled, more controlled. Okay.
12:48 Okay, I think that's enough
12:49 that you're gonna put there honey for right now.
12:50 Well, I can put some more, baby.
12:51 No, I think that's enough.
12:52 Oh, that's enough. Okay.
12:53 Let's go ahead and stir that up.
12:55 Okay, let me see here.
13:13 Okay. All right, all right.
13:14 Now believe it or not, I want little bit of those leftover.
13:17 Oh, you want some, okay.
13:18 I'm actually doing in tofu, this is 1 1/2 cup of the tofu
13:22 we're actually mashing this up.
13:24 Now this is firm? This is the firm tofu.
13:27 Firm tofu, okay. Okay.
13:29 All right. All right.
13:31 And once again you can use also extra firm too,
13:33 because we're not making meat patties, remember that.
13:36 And this is a easy one to make up and it is so good,
13:39 it's so good, okay.
13:40 Now, what I'm gonna have you do
13:41 is I'm gonna have you go ahead on and put those that lentil.
13:44 Let's go ahead and get that in here.
13:45 You got a spatula? Yeah.
13:47 Why don't you go ahead and get that lentils
13:49 in here now with that. Okay.
13:53 And once again it's very, very colorful.
13:55 Let me take out this middle piece here.
13:58 Okay. And get everything out.
14:01 That's my little mini chopper.
14:03 Yeah. Mini chopper.
14:05 I call it the mighty mow.
14:06 Wow. Okay.
14:08 You're gonna mix that in here with that.
14:10 Once again we got that combination going on,
14:13 we have old fashioned oats
14:14 and we have the instant oats also,
14:16 it's gonna give us that texture we need to have.
14:20 So we got that in. Okay.
14:22 All right, okay.
14:24 And then with this also, you're gonna go ahead on
14:26 and add that parsley, just go ahead and put the parsley in.
14:28 Okay. Fresh parsley.
14:31 Fresh parsley going in.
14:33 Now how did you--did you get a recipe using lentils,
14:35 I mean, how did this come about?
14:37 Curtis, I mean, I see recipes out there.
14:41 There might be recipes that have
14:42 may be eggs and other things in that. Okay.
14:43 Then I will play around with them for a while
14:45 and say okay, if I can convert,
14:47 if its kind of cheese I can use tofu
14:49 and sometimes I just kind of look at recipe
14:51 and see how can I make that switch
14:54 that still have to taste good, all right.
14:55 Stir the same amount feel and texture--
14:57 Same, that's the name of the game,
14:58 that's the name of the game.
14:59 without sacrificing taste.
15:00 Now would you give me all that parsley right there? Okay.
15:03 Because I like to have all that.
15:04 You want all of it?
15:06 All of it. Okay.
15:07 I'm gonna take off your spoon too. All right.
15:09 Okay, and all of it. Okay.
15:12 And now what you gonna do is
15:13 you're gonna put in the rest of things,
15:15 here we go. Okay, now.
15:17 Let's go get on and start off with a--
15:18 let's get the old fashioned oats in.
15:21 Okay, old fashioned oats. All right.
15:24 And let's go ahead on and get in the onions,
15:28 so we can get that texture going on. And onions, okay.
15:31 You're gonna get everything all the goodies, all the goodies.
15:35 I like this burger, you can make burgers out of this.
15:38 There's nice burgers that go on a whole wheat bun,
15:41 lettuce, tomatoes, onion, the whole 9 yards.
15:43 You can say it, okay.
15:45 Anything with onions going to taste good anyway.
15:47 Now what I'm gonna do is this-- Okay.
15:48 I'm gonna leave you.
15:49 You're gonna leave me.
15:50 No, I'm gonna go over here-- I don't want you to leave me?
15:52 I'm gonna go over here and get the pot ready. Oh, okay.
15:54 This got it real, I want you go
15:55 and put the instant oats in.
15:57 I can finish doing this part.
15:58 Yeah, put that in and then you can actually go ahead
16:01 and mix that in together. Okay.
16:02 And I'm gonna go ahead on and get this ready
16:04 because we're gonna get the skillet hot enough
16:07 so we can go ahead and make the burgers.
16:12 Now do you want me to add the other ingredients?
16:15 Yes, you got the oats that you're gonna put in here next,
16:18 I mean, in your breadcrumbs,
16:20 go ahead and put the breadcrumbs in.
16:21 Breadcrumbs, okay. All right.
16:24 I'm gonna use half of that for right now,
16:27 just get that skillet, look at that, okay.
16:30 And then we got those red peppers flakes
16:32 is gonna go in here also and we have that sage.
16:34 And this gives a little kick, doesn't it?
16:37 Okay, the sage going in here.
16:39 Sage going in and lastly we have our soy sauce light, okay. Okay.
16:46 Now, Bragg's liquid aminos,
16:49 almost about the same amount of sodium.
16:51 Same amount of sodium.
16:52 But it's a different taste all, isn't it?
16:54 Yeah, I like to have that more of a hickory flavors
16:55 I'm gonna be using, this Wednesday at, okay.
16:59 Okay. All righty.
17:01 How's that honey?
17:02 That looks pretty decent there. Okay.
17:04 Okay, let's get a bigger spoon
17:06 and really get it moving around in there
17:08 because we're going to make some burgers out of it.
17:12 Kind of like mash it down little bit
17:14 so we can get that burger texture.
17:19 Okay. All right.
17:21 And you don't have a scoop-
17:23 And you know I don't have a scoop, you know what,
17:25 I tell you what I usually used to
17:26 and that is my cooking spray. Okay.
17:31 And you wouldn't mind
17:33 go and get that cooking spray, would you?
17:35 Now, you want me do it right now?
17:37 Yes, would you go do it right now
17:38 because I'm gonna make some serious burgers in a hot--
17:40 You're gonna be all right without me for a while?
17:41 I'll be fine. Okay.
17:43 All right, so we get that pan nice and hot,
17:46 ready to receive the burger itself.
17:49 And while he's doing that, we're going to go ahead on and,
17:53 ooh, look at that, look at the lentils,
17:55 they are carrying on.
17:56 We're gonna go ahead and add-
17:57 and did I said we have to have that sauce now.
17:59 So we're gonna go ahead and put the sauce in.
18:00 Cooking spray. All right.
18:02 I have some help from the camera guy.
18:04 Absolutely. Absolutely, very helpful.
18:07 See there. Very helpful.
18:09 Doesn't that look wonderful?
18:10 Look at that, look at that, look at that. Yes.
18:12 All righty.
18:14 I'm gonna put that lid, this lid back on it.
18:18 And the reason why I got the cooking spray,
18:20 believe it or not, it's because
18:22 I'm gonna spray on my hand.
18:23 Okay. And, okay.
18:29 And we're gonna go ahead on and scoop.
18:32 Honey, you take a break after little bit.
18:34 I want to scoop this up. Okay.
18:41 This is gonna be new for a lot of people.
18:44 Burgers out of lentils.
18:49 And we're gonna lay it down.
18:54 Oh, okay. Nice fatty juicy burgers.
18:58 Big fat juicy burgers.
19:01 And, you know, you want to couple it,
19:02 couple, because remember there's no eggs
19:03 or anything in it. Yeah.
19:05 Okay.
19:06 The name of the game is to get--
19:08 But they're holding together.
19:09 Yeah.
19:16 Okay.
19:18 Well, we're going to actually take a break, Curtis.
19:20 I'm gonna put some more of these burgers into the skillet.
19:22 So we want you to just to stay by.


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