Abundant Living

Living Waters

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Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


Series Code: AL

Program Code: AL000205C

00:01 Well, we have actually finished those burritos.
00:02 Yes, we have.
00:04 We got the beans and the rice inside of them
00:05 and then we put that soy sour cream over top of it.
00:09 It's like a parsley, is that? Yeah this is bigger parsley.
00:12 And then we also have the salsa on it as well
00:16 and then I mean what good is a burrito
00:18 with all the stuff without
00:19 and yeah, we have to have some chips to go along with that.
00:21 So we got some chips going on with that
00:23 and this has been a good program talking about--
00:25 Now, is this the mild salsa or?
00:27 It's a mild salsa. Okay.
00:28 This has been a good program talking about water
00:31 and how important water is
00:32 and the living water talking about God.
00:35 Jesus Christ, yes.
00:37 And I know that there's individuals
00:38 who have been probably watching the program thus far
00:41 and just trying and they're learning some new things
00:43 and I think we need to pray
00:45 for them as they continue to watch the program here at 3ABN.
00:49 And also these shows on 'Abundant Living. '
00:50 Yeah. All right.
00:52 Let's go and do that honey.
00:53 Father God, what can we say except thank you so very much
00:57 for all that You do for us.
00:58 Thank you for being the living water
01:01 in each and every one of our lives,
01:02 giving us a right to the tree of life
01:04 and as we put ourselves in a position
01:06 for healing Lord God,
01:08 we ask that You'll bless us, that You'll keep us.
01:11 Lord God, and You'll help us not only for ourselves
01:15 but know that we're all saved to serve.
01:17 We'll be of service to you, bless 3ABN
01:20 and all those who work here in a very special way.
01:23 Thank you for allowing us all to be the sources
01:26 that could spread this gospel throughout the world.
01:28 This is my prayer in Your Son's name, amen.
01:32 Amen. Okay, let's drink some water.
01:34 Now talking about some water, I have some water--
01:37 Well lot of people say that, you know,
01:39 I'm trying to get my water in
01:40 and so we suggest that the you really get
01:43 at least 24 ounce or 30 ounce
01:47 of container water, bottled water.
01:49 And just take sips from time to time.
01:51 In that way you get that water in 6 cups or 5 cups
01:54 or whatever case maybe so, hey cheers, all right.
01:57 To Water, water. This is good.
02:03 You call it Adams AL and I call it-
02:05 Eve's AL Eve's AL.
02:06 Eve AL. Yeah, yeah.
02:09 There's a wonderful program, so let's go
02:11 and close with John 10:10,
02:13 Jesus said, I come that they might have life,
02:18 and have it more abundantly.
02:21 See you next time.


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