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00:01 All right, welcome back,
00:02 and we're going to go to the actual recipe
00:04 with this program. Okay.
00:36 Okay. It sounds good baby.
00:41 Let's get busy. The onions.
00:43 You're gonna go head and cut that up real quick for me.
00:45 Okay.
00:46 And I'm gonna go head and get this fire going.
00:48 All right.
00:51 Oh, just speaking about, honey.
00:53 Well I mean it's like, I love Mexican food
00:58 and so we do burritos quite a bit,
01:01 different types of burritos.
01:03 We've done a black bean burritos,
01:05 this is a red bean one,
01:06 that I like to also do this to get some pazaz
01:08 and kind of change it up a little bit, how about that?
01:10 Okay. All right.
01:12 And we already got that going on
01:14 and I have got my and I don't want that a hard piece there,
01:19 I need a spatula here. Okay.
01:21 All right.
01:23 I'm gonna move this around
01:24 and we're gonna get this one here,
01:26 started up and when you're ready,
01:27 you can go ahead and put that in there.
01:28 Okay, we're ready. Keep that going.
01:35 All right and then we're just gonna
01:37 and this doesn't take long
01:38 because the beans have already been cooked for one thing, okay.
01:40 So we're gonna just actually,
01:42 just let this saute just for hot sake.
01:45 Until it will become translucent.
01:46 Until, well, not quite translucent
01:48 because I'm gonna be adding the beans to this.
01:50 I'm gonna add the other seasons to it.
01:51 I have already got my, matter of fact
01:53 I put my garlic in here with the brown rice,
01:55 it's already over there with that as well
01:57 and it just more because of fact we've already cooked the beans
02:01 and so there beans are ready to go, okay.
02:03 Now if you say, you don't want to cook the beans,
02:04 it's gonna take too long, then you can actually use,
02:07 your beans in the can, but then what I can do with that
02:09 is rinse to all those sodium off of it,
02:11 we want to rinse them off.
02:12 And you can actually use those as well, that's right.
02:14 Use those as well. Okay.
02:16 All right, so it smells good, real good.
02:18 You gonna send us one off to the camera folk.
02:21 All right. You know, over that way.
02:22 Camera three, camera two, you get nod, okay,
02:24 getting that aroma.
02:26 So we have everybody getting hungry, okay.
02:30 We have a good camera crew by the way.
02:32 Absolutely. Absolutely.
02:33 Well, you go ahead on and put those beans in there for me.
02:35 The red beans, red kidney beans.
02:37 Red beans. Okay.
02:39 All of them. There's one bean in there.
02:45 And this is when this come to life as I say,
02:48 we're gonna go ahead and add onion powder, onion powder,
02:50 garlic powder and the salt, all right.
02:56 Okay. Try to put in a spill, right.
02:59 That's right, put in there. I think you start off.
03:02 All right. Okay, we got--
03:07 Cut the garlic and the brown rice in here together,
03:09 we're gonna put in this recipe.
03:10 You'll put the brown rice in it.
03:12 Brown rice is going to go in that bowl
03:14 and then we're gonna put the beans in, how about that?
03:16 Oh, you want the brown rice in the bowl now.
03:17 You go ahead and put it here now
03:18 and turn this down little bit.
03:24 We're using brown rice today, not white rice.
03:27 Brown rice and we're using that, that's right.
03:29 The added fiber. Yeah, that's right, added fiber.
03:31 Which is--what we always looking for, right.
03:33 Right, that's true.
03:35 You gonna move this here piece out of the way
03:36 and that is well for me,
03:38 because we want to have to put that
03:39 burritos together and on top of that
03:42 we're gonna also be using not only a brown rice.
03:46 We're also gonna be using whole wheat tortilla shells,
03:48 how about that, all right.
03:49 Okay, whole wheat tortilla shell for what?
03:50 Just go ahead and mix that in.
03:52 Well that goes right into the bowl there.
03:53 I didn't knew with that. Okay.
03:54 Let me turn the fire off.
03:59 Okay. Okay.
04:01 Give me a big spoon here, honey, so I can stir that.
04:05 Big enough, you want something bigger than that.
04:07 Well, I was thinking more like the plastic one,
04:08 you get me a plastic one there.
04:11 Okay. Okay.
04:12 You want to go ahead and mix that up.
04:17 So this doesn't really need to sit, does it?
04:19 No, no, no, no. Okay.
04:21 That is actually gonna go inside that burrito shell.
04:22 Well, everything is cooked, the rice is already cooked.
04:24 Rice is cooked. White.
04:25 Okay, that's ready.
04:27 And two things gonna happen when you don't use shells.
04:30 I like to get it nice and the ones that are nice
04:32 and flexible, so we're gonna make it--
04:34 Yes, isn't that hard.
04:35 You just sit that over here for few minutes there.
04:38 Okay, now also I have someone who might not know
04:41 and that is a soy sour cream.
04:43 Now, where can we get that?
04:44 Okay, which is totally different from a cottage cheese
04:46 or regular milk or dairy type of sour cream.
04:51 This is soy sour cream, it's in your regular grocery stores.
04:53 Oh, okay. That's what I said right now.
04:55 The soy sour cream we're gonna use
04:57 and I like to take a little bit of it
04:59 and put it right inside my burrito shell.
05:02 Oh, you just want to coat it. Coat a little bit.
05:04 Just coat it. Yeah, okay.
05:06 And then I want to take
05:08 about a spoon full of the bean and rice combination.
05:13 Okay. And--
05:17 And I going to, no, I'm gonna wrap it up.
05:19 Well, wrap it up.
05:21 And I'm gonna turn it upside down inside of my dish.
05:24 Same side down. Same side down.
05:26 Same side down.
05:27 Can I do one of those bad boys?
05:29 Yes, you can. Okay, so here we go.
05:34 We just gonna-- Right down the middle of here.
05:36 Right down in the middle.
05:40 Okay, then you're going to spoon your burrito mixture there.
05:43 Okay. It's gonna go in there.
05:46 And a spoon here. Its rice and bean.
05:48 Is camera getting us, okay, yeah that's good.
05:51 Very important move right here, this is very critical.
05:53 Just little bit more there. Very critical.
05:56 All right. Here somebody is laughing.
05:58 Okay. Now here we go.
06:02 Wrap one over and then we complete
06:04 the over it and upside down.
06:07 And upside down. There we go.
06:11 Let's go head and get a couple of more of these together there.
06:14 I said the soy sour cream is the best way to go with that.
06:17 You can use this and guess what?
06:18 You can also take and do something like
06:20 either a ranch type dressing. Oh, okay.
06:22 Or you can use any kind, you can even use
06:24 little bit of your sauce if you want to do that as well,
06:26 but I like to put in, because you knows
06:28 now is the beans and the rice combination is nice
06:31 and liquidy like, you know, it's nice
06:33 and we're going just wrap it
06:36 and we're going to just sit it in the bowl.
06:41 We have time to do one more and just one more one more.
06:43 Okay, let's do one more, we have very little time.
06:44 One more, we got to fill that bowl up right there.
06:46 Fill it up, okay. Put it over.
06:49 You gonna see that at the end of the program,
06:50 we're gonna see that
06:52 and you gonna put that last one in last corner right there.
06:55 So we have of course the beans and rice combination,
07:01 this is actually a one meal dish by the way too.
07:04 You can serve this up with the salad
07:06 and you are good to go. We're just good to go.
07:07 All right, little bit more,
07:09 little bit more on the top there.
07:10 Yes, dear.
07:12 How about that? That's good.
07:13 All right. All right.
07:17 And that's the last one we're gonna sit here
07:18 in this corner right here.
07:20 And same side down. Very good.
07:24 Now we talked about using that whole wheat
07:26 and using that whole wheat, more fiber,
07:28 talking about the beans more fiber.
07:31 These are real good foods that you want to eat.
07:33 When we talk about also foods
07:36 that you want to get in that are good and nutritious
07:38 and absolutely delicious.
07:40 Absolutely. So guess what?
07:42 We're going to take a break and when we come back,
07:45 you will see the finish product
07:46 with all the other fixings on top of that burrito
07:49 and something else that goes along with this, so stay by.


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