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00:01 Everybody knows what happens
00:02 when automobiles run out of gasoline
00:05 but what happens when our bodies
00:07 run low on this most important fuel.
00:10 We will find out in our program entitled 'Living Waters.'
00:14 We will be right back.
00:40 Hi, welcome to 'Abundant Living.'
00:42 This is Curtis Eakins, your co-host.
00:44 I'd like to introduce my beautiful bride
00:46 of 18 wonderful glorious years, Paula Eakins.
00:51 Okay, the bride of 18 wonderful glorious years, hello.
00:54 Hello. Hello.
00:55 And thank you for being with me
00:57 all these years too, I appreciate you.
00:58 Yes, yes, thank you, I appreciate you too.
01:01 Okay, make sure you say it out, appreciate that.
01:05 We are continuing our series,
01:07 talking about eight natural remedies.
01:09 Eight natural remedies.
01:10 And we are moving, we are moving down, moving down,
01:12 we still got a few to go,
01:14 and you know people often ask the question about--
01:17 The eight natural remedies? Where is that?
01:19 And this is a coin phrased by Seventh-day Adventist church
01:23 where most people know about this
01:25 and other people too outside
01:26 the Seventh-day Adventist church community,
01:28 the eight natural remedies, so honey, let's talk about that
01:31 because we are going to be talking about
01:32 the eight natural remedies for the next few weeks or so.
01:35 What are they?
01:36 And how can we remember all eight,
01:38 is there acronym, help us out.
01:40 Yes, there is a acronym
01:41 and the acronym is called 'Newstart'
01:43 and with this acronym its easier to remember
01:46 what those eight natural laws,
01:48 some people call it principles, some people call it doctors.
01:51 'N' stands for nutrition, 'E' stands for Exercise,
01:56 'W' water, 'S' sunshine,
02:00 'T' temperance, 'A' air, 'R' rest,
02:05 and 'T' for trust in divine guidance. Amen.
02:10 Okay, I like that one, I like that one
02:11 that was coined by gentlemen I understand.
02:13 There was a one of the institute's Weimar Institute
02:16 which is a life style centre and he couldn't remember
02:19 how to put those eight laws together,
02:21 eight principles, so he kind of came with that coin
02:24 that word 'Newstart' and this is that someone told me that.
02:28 Yeah, that somewhat, I think 40 years ago
02:30 somewhere back in 70's.
02:32 But, I think the thing is so interesting
02:33 is that that trust in divine guidance
02:35 because you know unless you really have that trust in God,
02:38 unless you are really depending on Him
02:40 then really and truly all the other ones,
02:42 the nutrition, exercise, the water,
02:44 it just does not fit in like it needs to.
02:46 We need God's help.
02:48 Yeah, and sometime the acronym, we reverse
02:50 I think God's plan where God G is for godly trust,
02:54 so I put it again it's still the eight natural remedies
02:57 or the eight doctors, the eight laws, etc.
02:59 So but- you go ahead, honey.
03:02 We have been talking about
03:03 as we've been going to the series thus far,
03:05 we are talking about all different
03:06 kind of references out there.
03:07 You know, we talked about the scientists
03:08 they say certain things, you know,
03:10 we talked about the Bible say certain things
03:12 and we talked about peoples write books
03:14 and stuff and talk about things
03:15 when it comes to these eight natural remedies
03:17 and just specifically any one of these
03:18 one like may be nutrition or water amounts,
03:21 so whatever we are on like today.
03:23 So today we are going cash it on
03:24 I know once again our two major references
03:27 which is God and Ellen G. White
03:30 Okay, God's word and Ellen G. White.
03:31 And God's word is the standards of truth for healthy living,
03:35 so I invite you to the 'Abundant Living' program
03:38 for the next couple of weeks or so
03:40 to have your Bibles available
03:42 and also the second sources is Ellen G. White an author
03:46 as known by based on the Library of Congress,
03:49 in Washington, D.C., is translated,
03:52 most translated all through the United States,
03:54 second in the world
03:55 and has written many scores of health volume.
03:58 Those who follow her counsel and God's council and God's word
04:02 have also have a measurable degree of health in longevity.
04:06 So we are just going to share that with you
04:08 for the next few weeks as far as that is concerned.
04:11 Well, let's start of with God.
04:12 What does the Bible actually have to say about water?
04:15 Well the water, they had to say quite a bit about water.
04:18 Now think of particularly when it comes to healing,
04:22 you know Naaman the Leopard,
04:24 he was told to dip into the River Jordon seven times
04:28 and he was healed off his leprosy.
04:30 So, water was dealt with healing with that.
04:33 The Pool of Bethesda,
04:34 angel came down and troubled the water,
04:36 and whoever stepped in first
04:38 was healed at the Pool of Bethesda.
04:40 So healing was associated with water with that.
04:42 When Jesus healed the blind man,
04:44 he told the blind man now go wash in the Pool of Siloam,
04:49 healing was dealt with that.
04:51 Even in cleansing of sin water,
04:56 water baptism total immersion,
04:58 not sprinkly but total immersion.
05:00 So water is used for not only physical health
05:03 but also spiritual cleansing as well.
05:07 But, now to go back to the beginning,
05:08 let's look at the Word of God,
05:10 Genesis 2 and I'm gonna look at verse 10.
05:13 Genesis 2:10, because God did something
05:17 for our first parents that's very profound.
05:20 Genesis 2:10, the Bible say "And a river, get this now,
05:26 went out of Eden to water the garden
05:31 and no doubt our first parents
05:33 and from thence it was parted,
05:35 and became into four heads."
05:38 So God situated our first parent in the Garden of Eden
05:41 for their food and for their livelihood
05:43 but also it went out of the garden in river,
05:47 so the river started in Eden for them to have the water
05:51 as well for convenience to say so.
05:53 The Bible has a lot to say about water,
05:55 not only about healing
05:56 but also to give our first parents
05:59 the water that they need on daily basis.
06:01 Of course, I knew someone saying for instance,
06:04 why I might be thinking this.
06:06 Now you know I hear, I see a lot of things about
06:08 how much water, I hear how much water,
06:10 I have even try to drink
06:11 the amount of water I've heard in.
06:13 I've heard it from the size you are to all kind of stuff
06:17 and I am just totally confused, could you really help
06:21 to straight me out on how much water
06:23 do I really need to have on a daily basis?
06:26 Okay, well, now I need to straight you out
06:28 because you know, but you're speaking on behalf of other.
06:31 I want to make a statement, that's all.
06:32 Okay, all right. Yeah.
06:33 If we get so much information
06:36 as far as how much to drink based on your body weight,
06:38 probably the most popular one is based on your body weight.
06:42 You drink half of your body weight in ounces.
06:44 In other words, if you weigh 200 pounds,
06:47 half of that is 100.
06:49 If you drink 100 ounces which equals about 12 cups,
06:53 that is we believe more than twice
06:57 as much as what the body needs,
06:58 so we do not advocate based on your body weight.
07:03 Although, that's a very popular way most people believe
07:06 and how much water we should drink.
07:08 God has something to say about a mouth of water to drink.
07:13 Ezekiel 4:11, because this is very profound,
07:19 so we're gonna read this text, Ezekiel 4:11.
07:23 Now in verse 9, it tells,
07:25 God tells Ezekiel how to make bread
07:27 and in two verses later tells Ezekiel how much water to drink.
07:31 So listen to these words, Ezekiel 4:11
07:36 "Thou shalt drink also water by measure,
07:42 the sixth part of a hin,
07:48 from time to time shalt thou drink".
07:53 So God says, Ezekiel,
07:54 I told you how to make bread to verse a later now,
07:57 I want you to drink water but I want you to measure it.
08:00 Now, let's go to the screen
08:02 and let just do the math all right.
08:04 See what God told Ezekiel to do.
08:06 Now, a hin is about 3.87 qt
08:12 equals about 123 ounces.
08:14 Now hin is a liquid measure
08:15 so its about 123 ounces that's a hin.
08:18 But the Bible says not drink a hin,
08:20 God told Ezekiel to drink the six part of a hin.
08:25 So that's 1/6 of 123 ounces
08:29 and that equals to be 20 ounces.
08:32 Then God told Ezekiel to drink it from time to time,
08:38 two times, therefore two times 20 is 40 ounces.
08:44 40 ounces is five cups of water.
08:51 So, now keep in mind, keep in mind.
08:54 If we read that chapter,
08:57 God told Ezekiel to lay on his left side,
09:00 to lay on his right side,
09:02 so people who will just laying around,
09:06 lazy need at least five cups.
09:10 I mean, you know, based on scripture now.
09:13 Lay on the left and lay on the right. All right.
09:15 so at least that gives us idea
09:17 of basically what God told Ezekiel to drink the water
09:20 but he says, I want you to measure it
09:25 so that comes about five cups.
09:26 If you look at the clinical studies,
09:28 some clinical studies even suggest
09:30 about five and half cup too.
09:31 Now it can vary based on the activity
09:33 because they says terminology in medical term
09:37 its called water balance.
09:39 We lose x amount of water through our feces,
09:42 our urine, perspiration and breathing.
09:46 We do not gain that much when we eat food,
09:49 so we must drink x amount of water
09:51 to make up the difference and we call that water balance.
09:53 So if we are more active in high climate,
09:56 we probably need more because we lose more.
09:59 When at the time we're less active,
10:00 we need less, so but again give or take about five cups,
10:03 six cups, its around that area,
10:05 but basically your body weight 12 cups
10:08 is more than twice as much as most people need.
10:11 Well, you know, if we're thinking about
10:12 the plant based diet really and truly
10:14 because of the fact that your fruits
10:15 and your vegetable have an adequate amount of water
10:17 already in those fruits, that makes sense they didn't go
10:20 and add in that five and half cups of water.
10:23 And of course like you said before
10:24 if you are in a hot climate or in a summer time,
10:26 you might want to drink a little more,
10:27 but I know that you probably help a lot of people out
10:30 because one and number one things we go through
10:32 we actually do in our programs
10:33 in our community is there people like,
10:35 I hate water, I just don't want to drink it.
10:39 Well, surely if you say according to your body weight
10:41 but now you say just five and half cups,
10:42 they might like well, may be, may be I could try it.
10:45 Give and take, yeah, yeah.
10:46 But based on your body weight
10:48 is sometimes more than twice as much
10:50 than what the body needs.
10:52 Well, speaking of that then,
10:53 speaking that on the same line and that is dehydration.
10:56 How does the person know when you are dehydrated?
11:00 And what are some of the problem of dehydration?
11:02 Okay, there are many symptoms of dehydration.
11:04 When you are thirsty you're already way past dehydration.
11:07 Thirst is not really indication that you are first dehydrated
11:11 because normally thirst is later on.
11:14 But, sometimes irritability, cramping, nausea, headache,
11:21 dark gold urine, which has a strong ammonia odor.
11:27 These are signs of dehydration.
11:31 Wow, what are the dangers?
11:33 Well, we have a next graphic,
11:35 it talk about the detriments of dehydration.
11:37 Let's go to screen at this time,
11:40 Mild dehydration was about
11:43 one or two percent of also body weight,
11:45 that's mild produces negative alterations
11:48 such as concentration, alertness, fatigue
11:53 and short term memory,
11:57 just by being dehydrated
11:59 one or two percent of body weight loss.
12:03 So, again that can and then we know about water.
12:07 Water can also decrease our high blood pressure.
12:12 Water can help ease your stools
12:14 or less risk of hemorrhoids, less of headaches,
12:19 so all these things can help when we increase our water.
12:22 And not to mention our body needs to have that water,
12:24 so it can actually circulate through the body
12:26 and actually cover and support our actual body organs,
12:30 the lungs, the heart, the brain,
12:32 so the water is very, very important
12:34 and kind of a socking note,
12:36 when you were just talking about that,
12:37 I was just thinking about.
12:39 Sometime we do a program,
12:40 we talk about high blood pressure
12:41 and people are amazed because we talk about
12:43 when you don't have enough water,
12:44 then your blood actually becomes very, very thick
12:47 and our vessels are size of a straw,
12:50 a stirring straw, very small.
12:52 And so with that in mind that the blood is that thick
12:54 and you are trying to move it through the vessel,
12:56 it can't move through.
12:57 Just by drinking that water,
12:59 can help it to move through the organs
13:02 or to the vessels like it needs to do
13:04 and so people are surprised
13:05 and people who have headaches they are surprised,
13:07 that they just drink it out water that could actually help
13:10 the whole act. That's true honey.
13:12 And I like to explain just briefly the role of the kidneys.
13:16 Lets go to the screen at this time.
13:18 We have the kidneys here.
13:19 Now of course we call the kidneys
13:21 our internal washing machine, all right.
13:25 It filters the blood, it goes through the renal artery
13:28 and comes out of the renal vein
13:29 and it filters the blood
13:31 and the waste products goes out into of course the bladder.
13:34 And so if the kidneys are not working properly
13:36 because there is not adequate amount of water
13:40 therefore our bodies becomes dirty on inside as well.
13:43 So, our kidneys again is our internal washing machines.
13:48 So keep that in mind.
13:50 What about other references about water?
13:54 Okay, Ellen White, author,
13:56 one of the other main references
13:58 has a profound statement about water.
14:00 Let's go to screen at this time. This is what she says.
14:05 Solemn thought! "Thousands have died
14:09 for want of pure water who might have lived."
14:14 Thousands have died you know it reminds me of John 4,
14:19 where Jesus was talking to a lady from Samaria
14:22 and Jesus asked her for water.
14:26 And she said, well, you know,
14:27 we don't really talk with Jews, you know,
14:28 because I'm a Samaritan.
14:30 And Jesus say, if you knew who was asking you for water,
14:33 you ask me for living water. Jesus is known as living water.
14:37 Even though thousands have died for want of pure water.
14:41 Honey, millions would die
14:44 for want of the living water, Jesus Christ.
14:48 So let's keep things in a proper perspective.
14:50 Water is important but Jesus Christ,
14:53 the living water is even more important than that.
14:56 So I invite you to receive Jesus Christ,
14:59 the living water into your hearts.
15:01 What can you say to that one,
15:02 I mean that is the Cooder Graw, that is the top in a line.
15:07 When you look at something like about water, living water.
15:10 Jesus is the living water.
15:11 And open and willing to give it to anybody that asks.
15:14 Anybody. Anybody that ask it.
15:17 Well, I know talking about that living water.
15:19 I guess you are saying what about some living food too.
15:22 I knew, well, I know you're thinking,
15:24 are they going to go in that kitchen today?
15:26 Well, we had a lot of informational today
15:27 and even more we talked to you about.
15:28 But we are going into the kitchen
15:30 because we are actually going to fix
15:32 a red bean and rice burritos,
15:36 so get your paper and your pencil
15:37 and meet us in the kitchen.


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