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00:01 Well, we're gonna be doing a recipe
00:02 that's also a low calorie recipe. Low calorie.
00:04 Talk about that exercise and inactivity,
00:06 well make sure that food is matching that as well.
00:08 Oh, sounds good, honey. Let's look at the actual recipe.
00:10 Okay.
00:37 Okay, this gonna be good.
00:39 Now this, it's a good recipe, Curtis,
00:41 and it's easy to fix and everything
00:42 so what's gonna happen, I'm gonna go ahead
00:44 and just start of by just putting
00:46 a little bit of my sauce into my 9x13 glass dish
00:50 and I use about maybe about almost a cup.
00:53 All right. Almost a cup. Okay.
00:55 Okay, we'll put it to the side,
00:56 because we now gonna actually make the filling.
00:58 Now in the filling this is extra firm tofu.
01:01 We're gonna use this in the place of-in the place of--.
01:04 The cottage cheese.
01:06 The cottage cheese, all right. Okay.
01:07 And I'm gonna do is just mash it up.
01:08 Now extra firm, again with different textures is firm,
01:11 extra firm this also.
01:12 It need to be extra firm for this one.
01:14 Well, I like to use the extra firm,
01:16 you know, you can use that firm also as well
01:19 but I like to use the extra firm on this one, okay.
01:21 Has a better texture.
01:22 Yeah, because it's got to look like either cottage cheese
01:25 or it has to look like the ricotta. Okay.
01:28 Okay. All right.
01:29 That's the name of the game because, you know,
01:30 remember now, we're actually
01:32 cutting the calories down on this one
01:33 and so with that in mind,
01:35 I want to--I'm gonna just mash it little bit more.
01:37 So we don't need to exercise and then eat a fattening food.
01:39 No, we don't. No, we don't.
01:41 Okay, now let's go ahead on
01:42 and put in here the other ingredients, okay.
01:44 But I want you to put in,
01:46 we're gonna put in our Italian seasoning.
01:48 This is Italian seasoning, okay.
01:50 Okay, and you know instead of Italian,
01:52 you can always use parsley as well. Oh, okay.
01:54 Okay, we're gonna put the onion powder and the garlic powder.
01:56 Okay, and now one of this is --
01:58 Onion, that's onion. That's onion.
01:59 And that's garlic. And that's garlic.
02:01 And this is garlic, okay.
02:02 Let's get all the goodies out. Okay.
02:06 And we got a onion
02:07 and then we get all the goodies out, okay.
02:09 We didn't get no goodies out.
02:10 They just don't want to come out at all.
02:12 Okay, there we go. Okay, let stir it around here.
02:17 Okay and this well, really what makes
02:19 the seasoning for this well.
02:21 So now tofu is bland
02:22 but it just absorb the flavors of--
02:24 Whatever it's next to, it picks up.
02:26 It just snaps it up. Absolutely.
02:28 Now let's go ahead on and put in now the salt,
02:30 just go ahead and sprinkle that salt in.
02:31 Okay. Okay.
02:33 Will give that flavor we need to have for that.
02:35 I can smell it now.
02:36 Oh, don't smell good, that's not good.
02:38 Now I'm gonna put in, I want to just put in
02:40 a little bit just half of that parmesan,
02:42 this is the vegan parmesan alternative,
02:46 okay, all right. Okay. And we're going to stir that in.
02:48 So now the last you're gonna put it on top on.
02:50 On top, okay. So--
02:52 And they can get the vegan parmesan alternative
02:55 at regular grocery store.
02:57 Yes, they are selling it now,
02:58 they're selling it now in the regularly grocery store.
03:00 Yes, we prefer over the regular parmesan
03:02 because this doesn't have the calorie,
03:04 it doesn't have the saturate fat,
03:05 it doesn't have the cholesterol.
03:06 That's right. That's the bottom-line.
03:08 Now, guess what?
03:09 We already did our manicotti shells,
03:11 we have already cooked them
03:12 for about at least seven minutes,
03:13 because we're gonna actually fill these, you know.
03:15 I'm gonna back in the day when you would dry
03:17 and I was trying to do them
03:18 when you would try and fill them up,
03:19 what happens the inside will shrink
03:21 as it cooks in the oven. Oh.
03:22 So now we're gonna do it that way,
03:23 that I got something new,
03:24 that I'm gonna be doing two covers,
03:25 that is we gonna put this.
03:27 I mean, one say, how do you get that inside those shells.
03:30 Yeah, how do you do it. So what we're gonna do.
03:31 We're gonna take a big spoon
03:33 and we're just gonna put this mixture right on in this bag.
03:38 But I thought we're supposed to put it inside the shell.
03:40 We are. Oh.
03:41 I'm just gonna do a few of them,
03:42 so you can get a chance to see this live. Okay.
03:44 And then once we do that,
03:46 we're gonna actually just close the shell up
03:49 and we're make a little itty-bitty cut
03:50 in the bottom of the bag right here. Right into there.
03:54 I did do when we decorate cakes, all right.
03:56 That's right. Okay.
03:57 And then all we're gonna do is take our shell
04:00 and we're going to.
04:02 Oh, and just squeeze it, going inside.
04:04 Oh, look at that. Wow.
04:07 So we filled it up. You are so smart.
04:10 Well not-- You think, I would ever be as smart as you.
04:12 No, there's nothing smart as that.
04:14 I study and look it at lot of the stuff
04:16 and see what my other cooks are there doing.
04:19 And so, you know, I mean, I'm like,
04:20 okay, that looks good to me, that looks good to me.
04:22 I mean why struggle try to put that oil in there. Okay.
04:25 If you would take that for me and just take a spatula
04:28 and just kind of move around a little bit,
04:29 little lightly there and we're gonna sit
04:30 our first shell down in there. All right.
04:34 I'll put little bit more in there.
04:36 Fill it up, fill it up.
04:38 Okay, the tricks of the trade. Tricks of the trade.
04:42 And then we're gonna adjust, that's enough.
04:44 We're just gonna lay it down.
04:47 Okay. All right. Very good.
04:49 All right, I want to do another one there, open it up. Okay.
04:52 Squeeze it, squeeze it, squeeze it.
04:55 That is so easy to do.
04:58 Okay, you think it is easy to do.
05:00 I mean, okay, I know what's next.
05:03 Because I want to do the third one.
05:05 Oh, oh. Okay. All right.
05:07 But you know, what you're doing so far,
05:08 I mean let just, you know, keep doing that, honey.
05:11 You don't want to try that at all.
05:13 Okay, let's-- I'll do it.
05:14 You want to try one? Yes, I will try one.
05:16 Okay, let me give you something, let me give you little--
05:18 Little bit more. Okay.
05:19 Now be careful that you don't wind up having,
05:23 it's good, yeah, you put your finger at the end here.
05:25 Oh, okay. Okay.
05:26 So, it won't come out. You want me to help you with it?
05:28 I think I got it. All right.
05:29 Now you don't do that and you're going
05:31 to squeeze it down in there. Okay.
05:33 Squeeze it. You know what?
05:35 Push it, there you go. All right.
05:38 Hey look at you, look at you. Okay. Yeah.
05:41 I think I'm doing little bit better than you, honey.
05:43 I doubt that seriously let's go ahead down
05:44 the other side there. Yeah.
05:46 And hold your finger there. Hold one finger there. Okay.
05:51 I'm working so much, honey.
05:53 I'm working with someone handicapped,
05:54 you know, what I mean.
05:55 You can do it, you can do it, you can do it. Yeah.
05:57 Squeeze it. Okay.
05:58 Help me out, honey. There you go.
06:01 Squeeze it. Oh, yeah.
06:04 Well, I'm not gonna be meeting it.
06:06 There you go. All right. See that?
06:08 Yeah. Yeah. All right.
06:10 And so what you're gonna do is, you're just gonna fill them up.
06:13 I got to pad them on the sides there. Yeah.
06:15 Okay, and then you set it on the tray.
06:19 And because of course for time sake
06:21 we've already finished this
06:22 and you're gonna see at the end of the program,
06:24 because I want to go to the very next one.
06:25 We're gonna actually just pour our sauce over top of that,
06:28 little parmesan on top, 350 degrees
06:30 we're gonna go in the oven
06:32 is gonna have the foil over top of it at first
06:34 and then we're gonna take it off
06:36 and let it actually just sit there
06:38 for another ten minutes or so
06:39 and it's gonna be nice and tender and ready to go.
06:41 But let's go to our next recipe which is mini herb bread.
07:01 And this is a simple and a very easy one.
07:03 And it's so good, so good, so good.
07:05 Basically this is our herbal bread
07:07 and what you're gonna do for me is before we brush it on,
07:11 I have couple of things here,
07:13 number one, is that I have my thyme. Okay.
07:16 And also have my rosemary. Oh.
07:18 And you're gonna actually just take
07:19 the little pieces of rosemary and you're going
07:21 to just put them in there for me. Okay.
07:24 And while you're doing that,
07:25 first thyme, it smell good. Oh, yes.
07:26 And while you're doing that, I'm gonna take the thyme.
07:30 Okay. And--
07:32 It's a thyme or thyme. Depending on where you live.
07:35 Okay, we live in a South, so, what would it be?
07:38 I don't-- Good.
07:42 That was not your house, so that's what--
07:44 What would it be, what would it be?
07:46 I don't know, honey. Okay, you be careful.
07:48 Okay. Be careful.
07:49 So we're just gonna put that in there.
07:50 Well, today it's gonna be thyme. Okay.
07:52 Yeah. And it smells good.
07:53 Yes, it does. We're gonna put that in there.
07:56 Just probably to a tablespoon of each one of those.
07:59 This is very fresh.
08:00 This is what makes it really, really, really.
08:03 Now we can--I can put the stem, right? Just to--
08:05 No, not the stem. Okay.
08:06 You want to smell? There's too much fiber.
08:08 Do you smell it? That smells so wonderful.
08:09 They're gonna email us? Yeah, no.
08:12 Oh, what this is smeller dish.
08:13 One time a guy called and he said I wish--
08:15 he said when you all start there cooking
08:17 I just really want to just go get me something to eat.
08:20 You know what I'm saying.
08:21 Okay, we're gonna actually cut this on a slant, okay.
08:24 Oh, okay.
08:25 Bread pieces, nice big pieces there.
08:28 Whole wheat bread?
08:29 Yeah, whole wheat bread? With fiber.
08:31 Okay. All right.
08:33 And then we're gonna go ahead and do the same thing
08:34 but just one and we're gonna actually just turn around--
08:38 Are we going to-- are we gonna paint the bread?
08:40 If you want to paint the bread, go ahead.
08:42 Paint the bread. Okay. All right.
08:46 Well, what I could do is I have these two things
08:48 like together and I just take this--
08:50 we're gonna stir it around.
08:52 We got to put that-- put a garlic in, baby. Oh, okay.
08:54 Garlic in there, maybe use a fork. Okay.
08:58 Okay, okay. Put that in. Okay.
09:03 It's very good. All right.
09:04 And then we're just gonna stir around a little bit,
09:06 because this is--what's going to go on our bread.
09:11 Now it's like just you paint it.
09:13 We are painting the bread.
09:16 With that garlic, with that thyme.
09:22 Okay and thyme, whatever way you want to pronounce it.
09:25 Okay. Okay.
09:27 Now this goes what you put it on the boiler?
09:29 It's gonna go in the oven. Yeah.
09:31 You boil it for--I guess well, may be a few minutes
09:33 is all you what we need. That's all, till you brown it.
09:35 It's gonna actually what's gonna happen,
09:37 we're gonna actually put in the foil.
09:38 Okay. Okay.
09:40 We're gonna put in a foil, put that everything there,
09:43 and they get the idea what it looks like. Okay.
09:45 What's gonna happen is, this is the last piece right here,
09:48 let's go ahead and put that on. Very good.
09:51 Okay. It's marvelous.
09:52 All right and then we're gonna put it back together. Okay.
09:57 We're gonna put it back together
10:00 and we're gonna go ahead on and put it inside of our foil.
10:04 Oh, I see. Okay and wrap it up.
10:12 And guess what?
10:14 I know you're saying what's gonna happen with that,
10:16 it's going into the oven on broil and when we come back.
10:18 You're gonna see the finished product
10:20 which is the manicotti stuff and also the herbal bread.
10:23 So stay by.


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