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00:01 This is another good one.
00:02 This is another good one, Curtis.
00:03 These are banana oat pancakes
00:04 and let's look at the ingredients. Okay.
00:07 Banana Oat Pancakes.
00:27 Okay. Now we make baked oat meal--now oat meal pancakes.
00:32 Yeah. We baked it, we then made sausages. Sausage.
00:35 And now we're gonna make pancakes.
00:37 Our breakfast with some oats.
00:38 These are--yeah, our breakfast or dinner. Or dinner?
00:40 Or dinner from oats. That's true. That's true.
00:41 And that's the thing is so interesting,
00:43 because it took me a long time to get this particular recipe
00:45 here together, because no eggs. Yes.
00:48 No real milk. So nothing is abandoned.
00:49 Nothing to bind it, but well, the oat will absorb.
00:51 The oats are gonna--remember now here we go, that's the instant.
00:54 Now the instant oats is gonna automatically do it for us
00:56 and give us that kind of texture we need to have,
00:58 all right. Still grain.
01:00 Oh, that still grain would not make this patty. Yeah.
01:02 One time, I made--I have this regular waffle recipe.
01:07 And someone called me up and he said,
01:09 I took your recipe, your waffle recipe,
01:11 I tried to make pancakes.
01:12 And as soon as I heard that
01:14 I knew, I knew, I knew, I said. I said.
01:17 You knew before she said something. I said.
01:20 What did you say, honey?
01:21 That didn't work, did it? And he said, no.
01:24 I said, no, no, no, it's a different recipe altogether.
01:25 They use still grain.
01:27 They used old fashioned, you know,
01:28 because that recipe is old fashioned
01:30 and so it didn't work out, any way.
01:31 Just follow your recipe exactly.
01:33 You got to follow it to the max, to the max.
01:34 But now for this one here,
01:36 we're gonna put our instance oats in first. Okay.
01:39 And then we're gonna put in our unbleached flour
01:41 with the germ, it's gonna go in.
01:43 And then we also have our Soya flour as well,
01:45 this gonna go in here.
01:47 Lots of, lots of nutrition in this one,
01:48 by the way. Aluminum free.
01:50 We got that aluminum-free bake--
01:51 add up there for me, sir. Okay.
01:53 I'm gonna go ahead.
01:54 So I'm getting our skillet ready. Get up there.
01:58 'Cause this needs to be nice and nice and kind of hot
02:01 to get that pancake going. Okay.
02:03 It's right down there. And then we have our baking powder.
02:06 Let me go ahead and sprinkle that in. All right.
02:07 Okay, and these pancakes are so good,
02:11 so good, so good, okay. Just so good.
02:13 Now what's gonna happen is I'm gonna take,
02:15 I'm gonna stir while you're gonna actually add
02:17 in the milk itself, okay. Okay.
02:19 And this is almond milk, we're using almond--if you use Soya,
02:23 you can use rice, any of those in a recipe itself.
02:28 Now, wait a minute-- it's gonna actually start
02:30 to get thicker, like a pancake does.
02:34 Oh, okay. You know.
02:36 Now where does this banana comes in?
02:38 Now the banana, believe it or not is in this recipe,
02:40 because it's gonna be what we're gonna actually use--
02:43 now here's that word that when you want to use
02:45 before that word called fold--
02:49 Oh. Okay, can I--can I fold?
02:51 Well, not, not, wait just a minute
02:52 because what happened is--
02:53 We got to have something to folding to, right?
02:54 We got to have something to fold, okay.
02:55 Yeah, there's nothing we should fold.
02:56 So what I usually do with this.
02:58 And sometime let sit it little while,
02:59 just sit little while, because remember now
03:00 it's a old fashioned oats and we also had
03:02 the flours in there as well.
03:04 So I'm gonna thinly, thinly slice the bananas
03:08 to go in this recipe.
03:10 Okay, you want to do it thin, you don't want real thick.
03:12 And sometime I do this, Curtis,
03:14 also what I'll do is I'll actually mashed the banana up
03:18 and put it in there as well.
03:19 All put it in there, okay.
03:20 You can do it either way, but this one here,
03:21 we're gonna fold the banana,
03:23 which I know you just really cannot wait to do this one.
03:26 And there is a technique.
03:27 There is a special technique to folding and-- Specialize.
03:30 You are the one that knows how to do it, how about that?
03:33 And we only have to go to school for this.
03:35 Okay, well, I want you to do is go ahead on
03:36 and start your folding.
03:37 Okay, so they can see your--
03:39 Maybe I talk too much.
03:40 Let's go, let them see how you go ahead and fold them.
03:42 Can I use this, honey?
03:43 Yeah, you can. You can do that. Okay.
03:45 Okay. We're gonna fold. Did the camera, ready?
03:48 I believe the cameras on you, okay.
03:50 Okay. Okay.
03:51 I'll see--oh, they're coming down now, okay.
03:56 Okay, all right.
03:58 Folding, everything has been folded over.
04:03 Hope you ladies and gentlemen have taken notes on this,
04:06 is actually all in a wrist action.
04:10 There we go, see there.
04:11 That looks lovely. Oh, yes, yes.
04:13 Looks lovely. There you go. Okay.
04:15 Okay now I can through folding.
04:16 All right, you finished folding.
04:17 Yes. Okay.
04:18 I've done my folding for today.
04:19 Now that you're finished folding,
04:20 now that you're just finished folding.
04:21 Honey, you just messed up my folding,
04:22 you just mixed all them up now.
04:26 All I'm doing is I'm gonna go ahead on now
04:29 and we're gonna put down. Hmm.
04:34 We're gonna turn that fire down,
04:35 like I always see right now,
04:36 that is what I want it to burn,
04:38 I want the pancakes to burn.
04:40 Put it back down.
04:41 Romana--Oat pancakes. lightweight.
04:45 I have this whole breakfast before. Yes, you have.
04:50 Yes, I have. Yea, you have.
04:51 I have the sausage. I had the pancakes last Sunday, I think.
04:54 Yes, you did. Didn't we?
04:55 Yes, you did. Yeah.
04:57 It's easy one, it's a quick one.
04:58 I'm so glad that I've met you, honey,
04:59 I know my bread and water is sure.
05:00 Absolutely. Absolutely.
05:02 And if I leave. I'm going with you.
05:08 So we let it cook for a just half second. Okay.
05:10 And then we're gonna take our spatula.
05:11 Now, you know, just like regular pancakes,
05:13 you know, you're gonna get that bubble going on.
05:15 And once the bubble starts in there then, of course,
05:17 it's ready for you to actually turn it over.
05:19 It takes a little bit longer than
05:20 your regular instant pancake mix this, okay.
05:23 But basically, you could see they're actually coming in now.
05:25 And let's just see if that's kind of--
05:27 That's not ready, oh. Okay. Oh-oh, oh-oh.
05:31 Wasn't--wasn't quite ready, baby.
05:32 It wasn't ready. Yeah.
05:34 It wasn't ready. You did not see that.
05:36 Well, now they did see it. They did see it?
05:38 Yeah, let's just wait in awhile.
05:39 Okay, well, let's just-- let's just hold up.
05:40 Yeah. Okay.
05:41 That one is a different pancake, how about that?
05:44 Yeah, okay, but I tell you one thing I still want to eat
05:46 that pancake, you know, why?
05:48 That pancake is still going down.
05:49 Still going down, no matter what.
05:50 Yeah, no matter what.
05:51 Okay, we're gonna turn up a little bit more than,
05:53 turn up a little bit higher, little bit higher. Okay.
06:00 I'm gonna put them back on.
06:03 And I believe that how about we want to try another one.
06:07 Yeah, let's wait a little while and--
06:08 We're still waiting a little while.
06:09 Now, with your pancakes-- once these are over
06:12 or done what kind of syrup,
06:15 'cause sometimes you make a food spread.
06:17 Yes, I'll do.
06:18 As supposed to hot--syrup or you use maple syrup,
06:20 what kind of spreads?
06:21 And when I do, when I do my food spreads,
06:23 um, I'll just take some orange juice
06:25 and then I'll put it in a sauce pan
06:27 and then I will take strawberries or peaches
06:30 and I'll put that in there.
06:31 And then I'll take a little bit,
06:32 just a little bit of either juice
06:34 from apple or orange juice,
06:36 put a little bit of cornstarch in it
06:37 and then I'll stir it up and add it to that
06:39 and then I'll make like a food combo
06:41 that actually goes over the top of your pancake. Okay.
06:43 Because, you know, why do pancake make it
06:46 so nourishing and then turn around
06:47 and put things in it,
06:48 there should not be a part of it, okay. Right. Okay.
06:50 There we go. There we go.
06:52 All right. And, oh, you smell that banana.
06:53 You smell that banana smell?
06:55 Yeah. I smell, you, honey, that's what I smell
06:57 right now. Okay.
06:58 You're smelling good too, by the way. Thank you.
07:00 No, thank you. Okay, I'm making nervous on you.
07:04 You kind of, you kind of making me nervous.
07:06 Okay, I need to stop talking at this time.
07:07 Yeah, yeah. Okay, I will.
07:09 Okay, so they're gonna bake on the other side
07:10 just like that as well.
07:11 Now the other one thing I do also,
07:13 we've talked about the orange juice
07:15 with strawberries. Yeah.
07:16 We've talked about-- you can do blueberries,
07:18 you can do apples, all those things,
07:20 but a little bit of orange juice is gonna be the medium,
07:22 you're gonna actually use that cornstarch. Okay.
07:24 And then sometimes, I'll just take pure maple. Syrup.
07:28 Syrup. And serve up with it as well. Okay.
07:30 But, you know, you think about it.
07:32 We've actually done this program.
07:33 We've done the blueberries,
07:36 baked oatmeal with blueberries. That's right.
07:38 And we've done sausages which I know you just cannot believe.
07:41 And then now we've done the actual pancakes themselves.
07:44 And so-- With bananas.
07:46 So what's gonna happen is we're gonna go away.
07:48 And when we come back, we're gonna show you
07:50 the finished products of what we've done.
07:51 So just stay by.


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