Abundant Living

Medicines From the Earth

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Program transcript

Participants: Curtis & Paula Eakins


Series Code: AL

Program Code: AL000202C

00:01 Well, we just completed those spicy tofu lettuce wraps.
00:04 Curtis, we got that dressing right there.
00:07 Right in the middle.
00:08 Just that sauce that actually goes with it as well.
00:10 And I'm gonna tell you right now,
00:11 my favorite thing is just to make it--
00:13 You got something already made up for me.
00:14 I've made one up already.
00:16 For you or for me? Well.
00:18 Okay, you better we're running out of time--
00:21 Let me go first. Okay.
00:24 Well, that's pretty good.
00:25 Okay, I will let you, you know, that would be,
00:27 I go ahead and close.
00:28 Okay, that's good. Okay, okay.
00:29 John 10: 10, Jesus said,
00:31 "I come that they may have life,
00:34 and have it more abundantly."
00:38 See you next time.


Revised 2014-12-17