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00:01 Well, welcome back, welcome back. Okay.
00:03 We're gonna be doing these spicy tofu lettuce wraps--
00:05 Oh, lettuce wraps. And this is a real good one.
00:07 It's a easy one, a quick one.
00:08 And kind of goes all herbs
00:10 all we got, garlic and, you know.
00:11 Let's look at the actual recipe for itself.
00:13 Okay. Let's do it, honey.
00:47 Now this is a real good one, Curtis.
00:49 What's that bib lettuce?
00:51 Bib, well--all these different lettuces have different names.
00:53 Okay, that's was new to me.
00:54 Some of them are softer, some of them are stronger.
00:56 And matter of fact, you can use bib lettuce,
00:58 you can use iceberg lettuce, you can use a Roman lettuce,
01:02 but all these are just a ways of actually
01:04 using lettuces to put this delicious.
01:07 Delicious.
01:08 Delicious, delicious recipe together.
01:10 I've got-- I've got garlic in here,
01:11 you're talking about herbs.
01:12 I've got ginger going on here-- That's right, herb.
01:13 We've got the herb in here, okay.
01:15 I've got onions going on over here.
01:17 Okay. All that stuff there, okay.
01:18 All right. So we're gonna start--
01:19 There are lot of things going on here.
01:20 You know, I--you know,
01:22 you're on the opposite side of me,
01:23 because you're gonna be the one who's gonna
01:24 chop these onions up. Do I need to switch?
01:26 Then you need to come on over that way.
01:27 Okay, let switch. Okay.
01:28 Because I need you to do that and--
01:29 I'm doing onions or what?
01:30 Yeah, you're gonna just go ahead
01:31 and chop these onions up for me.
01:32 Okay. There.
01:33 And let me say this to and all of these it's on my mind,
01:36 one of the camera crew mentioned about CE credits.
01:39 We mentioned about CE credits.
01:41 And he said, "Maybe some people don't know,
01:43 what's a CE credit? What does CE stand for?"
01:47 'Cause I said, "It stands for Curtis Eakins."
01:50 Okay. Oh, not really, okay.
01:53 That's not-- that's not what they want.
01:54 No. No, no, that's not what they want.
01:56 Continuing Education, all right.
01:59 Of course, laws and medical profession
02:01 know about that, need to have different--
02:04 certain amount of credits for continuing education
02:07 so that's what it means.
02:08 Continuing Education Credits, all right.
02:11 Okay, here we go with the onions here.
02:13 I'm gonna put in the olive oil.
02:15 Onions, this is mentioned in the Bible and garlic.
02:17 Onions in there. Numbers 11: 5.
02:19 You know, what I'm saying? You know, what I'm saying?
02:21 So we're all going in there right now.
02:24 And then we're gonna do, I'm going to ask you
02:25 to go ahead and put those onions in--
02:27 Put them in now. Go ahead and put them in.
02:28 Okay, all right.
02:32 All right.
02:33 Anything tastes good with onions.
02:35 You know, what I'm saying? Yeah, anything does.
02:37 And this recipe specifically is going to taste good
02:40 with the onions in it.
02:41 I'm doing lemon zest-- Because--
02:42 No, no, the lemon zest gonna go in a few minutes.
02:44 Oh, okay. What we're gonna do now is,
02:45 I'm gonna actually go ahead and put in.
02:46 And this is ginger, we already just kind of gotten it,
02:48 already ready to go.
02:49 Okay. Let me just get this.
02:51 This ginger helps to brings,
02:52 makes this come alive also as well.
02:55 And then you have over there-- I've got garlic also right here,
02:57 already minced up. Okay.
02:58 Let's go a head and put that garlic in.
03:00 Can you give same spatula.
03:02 Oh, okay. Put garlic in.
03:04 All right. Okay.
03:07 Now we love these lettuce wraps.
03:11 Now we go to one favorite restaurant
03:13 in Huntsville that has lettuce wraps.
03:15 Yeah, lettuce wraps.
03:16 We love to go there and get lettuce wraps.
03:17 As a matter of fact, that's one of the ways
03:19 I got an idea for this particular program--
03:21 Oh, that's right.
03:22 Is that actual--I can eat them all or all the time.
03:26 All the time. I would say all day long,
03:27 but somebody might be calling me on the phone about
03:28 that so I better be careful with that saying all that.
03:31 We do in moderation. In moderation.
03:33 Simply that's why we want to ate natural remedies.
03:34 Yes, yes. Okay.
03:35 And then it cause for believe or not.
03:37 Now this is the water of chestnuts
03:38 that's gonna be added to this as well
03:40 and this kind of gives a crunch to it.
03:42 And get a sponge.
03:44 Okay. I mean the-- Spatula.
03:45 Spatula and get that all the way here.
03:47 And then we also have, now Curtis, I said ounce,
03:50 16 ounce tofu extra firm.
03:53 But on the market right now, believe it or not, there--
03:56 the tofu's have just come along ways,
03:58 is they're now coming out with a smoke type of tofu,
04:01 they're coming out with a some thing like
04:03 tarragon sauce or a basil sauce to it.
04:06 And I not only found this extra firm tofu,
04:09 but I found one it had like a kind of a smoked flavor
04:11 and almost mimics that the restaurant
04:13 we like going to, to get on the pans as well.
04:15 So we're gonna go ahead and put that in also.
04:18 And I cut that kind of thinly-- chopped it up there.
04:22 Okay.
04:23 Look at that, look at that. Look at that.
04:25 You could smell that smoke flavor there,
04:26 can you smell that coming from it.
04:28 Okay. Now we have some other things here--
04:29 Now the last one we're gonna put in there
04:31 is believe it or not is soy.
04:34 Let's go ahead and put that soy in.
04:35 Right here. Yeah, this is soy sauce, okay.
04:38 It is help to gives that flavor it needs to have
04:40 and if you'll take that this right here,
04:43 you're--grater and go ahead on
04:45 and just a little bit, we call it lemon zest.
04:47 Just kind of strip-- This.
04:48 Yeah, this like little bit. Just little bit in there.
04:50 That's all inside.
04:51 Yeah, there you go. There you go.
04:52 Just a little bit, just a little bit.
04:53 Go ahead and do a little bit more.
04:55 All right, all right.
04:57 Okay, and that's about, that's about enough,
04:59 that's about enough.
05:01 And now we're gonna put in the vegetarian, chilly.
05:03 You know, the spatula there again.
05:05 All right.
05:06 And I'd like this wrap, these are delicious
05:09 and what's gonna happen, Curtis,
05:11 is I'll just take and stir all this up.
05:13 So now you're just gonna mix it up.
05:14 Mix it all together.
05:15 So all this will go in the lettuce.
05:17 It goes into that. Yes, it does, yes, it does.
05:19 As matter of fact,
05:20 I know that you are just dying to taste this so.
05:23 Do I have a chance to do that in this show
05:25 or could I've been pretty good so far, haven't i?
05:27 You've been good. You've been good.
05:28 You've been good.
05:30 So let's go ahead on and try that, okay.
05:31 You want to do it
05:32 when we come back after break or?
05:33 Yeah, let's do it when we come back.
05:34 As a matter of fact,
05:36 I'm gonna continue to stir this up.
05:37 And then when we come back,
05:39 you will see the finished product.
05:40 So stay by.


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