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00:01 Nearly one third of the senior population
00:02 are taking at least five prescription drugs.
00:05 Those who have chronic illnesses are taking up to 20 or more,
00:09 totaling over 100,000 deaths per year.
00:13 What went wrong? Is there another alternative?
00:16 Well, today's program is entitled,
00:18 "Medicines from the Earth". We'll be right back.
00:48 Hi, and welcome to "Abundant Living."
00:50 This is Curtis Eakins, your co-host
00:52 and of course I have another co-host as well
00:55 that would be my beautiful bride.
00:56 And why don't you introduce yourself for me please.
00:59 For you, Paula. Paula.
01:02 And is there a last name to Paula?
01:04 I'm your bride, so, Eakins. Eakins, okay.
01:07 Very good, I'm glad you're with me with all these programs.
01:11 I'm glad to be here as well.
01:12 Yes, okay, and so why is the laughter?
01:16 This is the new series. Yes, it is.
01:18 Well, why don't we talk about that?
01:20 Yeah, let's talk about that.
01:21 Well, this series is about-- now again this is my new series
01:24 as my wife have said and this series is entitled
01:27 "The Eight Natural Remedies."
01:31 And some of the Adventist Christians known about
01:32 the eight natural remedies for, I guess over 40 years now.
01:36 And lot of us are Seventh-day Adventist Christians
01:38 and others as well has heard to a lot of
01:41 these eight basic principles of health reform.
01:44 And so there's one way to remember
01:47 these eight natural remedies, it's a acronym.
01:49 So, honey, let's walk them through the acronym
01:51 of the eight natural remedies, this is the acronym for that.
01:54 And let's talk about the eight natural remedies
01:56 that we'll be sharing with them for the next few weeks.
01:58 Well, you know, for sometime people have tried
02:00 to change them up a little bit.
02:01 Yeah, that's a different version.
02:02 Well, basically, it's called the eight naturals,
02:04 I say doctor's, eight natural laws,
02:06 eight natural principles,
02:08 but it actually is called new start.
02:11 I like that because in the Book of Psalms,
02:13 it talks about that new creation also as well. Okay.
02:15 But new start. The 'N' stands for nutrition.
02:19 The 'E' stands for exercise.
02:21 The 'W' stands for water.
02:23 The 'S' for sunshine.
02:25 The 'T' for temperance.
02:27 The 'A' for air.
02:29 The 'R' for rest
02:31 and the 'T' trust in divine guidance.
02:35 That is just excellent. Can you do that backwards?
02:39 One day I'll be able to do it backwards,
02:41 but let me just say, the word new start
02:45 actually came from our understanding from a gentleman
02:48 that was trying to remember the eight natural laws
02:50 from the book Ministry of Healing
02:51 written by Ellen G. White, we'll talk about her later also.
02:54 But basically he put that together
02:56 in the new start philosophy.
02:58 If you think about it,
02:59 the trust in divine guidance was the last one.
03:01 However, I submit to you that if we--
03:06 enable for us to able to do the eight natural. Okay.
03:09 We actually have to trust in divine guidance first
03:12 then He could move us through nutrition,
03:13 exercise and water, sunshine,
03:15 temperance, air, rest and trust in Him.
03:18 Oh, okay, I think there's a lot of acronyms
03:20 as my wife has said, I think, one is called godly trust
03:24 or something like that and of course
03:25 'G' would be godly trust, okay that be first but again.
03:29 And these principles are good for those who are sick
03:32 to help to reverse a lot of diseases
03:34 and also those who are well to keep them well.
03:37 And so as Seventh-day Adventist Christians
03:38 we are here to allow these principles
03:41 and we have enjoy a measurable degree of health
03:44 and longevity and we thought that
03:46 we'll put this into a series to also share with you
03:50 these benefits that you can receive as well,
03:52 the eight natural remedies.
03:54 So stay tuned for the next few weeks,
03:55 we'll be walking through into these eight natural remedies
03:59 to one degree or another, we'll make some changes,
04:02 some variations but basically we'll cover all eight.
04:05 We know, the last time we came together,
04:07 you kind of talked about nutrition
04:09 and you looked down some things
04:10 about all the different diets out there in the market
04:12 and you spoke about the fact
04:14 that there was two main individuals that was left out.
04:17 And we came to find out that those two individuals
04:19 was God himself, the Creator
04:22 and the other one was once again the author Ellen G. White
04:25 with the book Ministry of Healing.
04:26 And so my question once again
04:28 and that is these two individuals
04:30 have these main references and so these references
04:33 also move into the area of herbal medicine as well.
04:36 So, you know, what about these main references
04:39 as it relate to our medicines from the earth?
04:42 Okay, let's go with first God's word
04:44 because God's word had to say something about drug therapy.
04:47 If you mentioned In--
04:49 and lot of people are taking drugs.
04:51 Here in United States we take--
04:52 we spend twice as much money on drugs
04:55 that anybody else in the world and we take two times
04:59 more drugs anybody else as well.
05:01 Yet, we're still one of the sickest nations on earth.
05:05 So the Word of God, this is God's word,
05:07 it's one of the standards of truth
05:09 that we'll be using as, Paula, our reference going through
05:13 the eight natural remedies and God's word
05:15 has to say something about drug therapy.
05:18 So I want you to turn to your Bibles to Revelation 18:23,
05:25 now this maybe an eye opening for a lot of people.
05:28 But God's word is clear
05:30 and we'll be using this as our spring board
05:33 and to talk about what God's words had to say
05:35 about drug therapy as well.
05:37 So Revelation Chapter 18 and the last part the Bible says
05:42 "For thy merchants were great men of the earth,
05:48 for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived."
05:54 All right, merchants, those who are in business,
05:59 great men, presidents, CEO's,
06:03 "it says, by thy sorceries all nations were deceived."
06:10 Now, honey, when most people read or hear the word sorcery,
06:17 what word comes to mind, honey? Witchcraft.
06:21 Okay, and that's right
06:22 and most people will say witchcraft, all right.
06:25 Now keep in mind, the Word of God was written in
06:28 Greek, Hebrew and some portions are Aramaic.
06:30 In Revelation, the Bible of course was written in Greek.
06:34 The word sorcery in Greek is the word Pharmakeia,
06:41 in which we get the words pharmacy, pharmacist,
06:48 as in medication or druggist, sorcery,
06:55 taking medication, all right.
06:57 So this is very profound and we're gonna highlight
07:00 that as well as we go through the series
07:03 or this particular problem
07:04 as far as all nations were deceived.
07:06 Well, lot of people think, well, I take a drug,
07:09 oh, wait a minute, I'm cured.
07:12 Well, not necessarily so.
07:15 So again this is very profound,
07:17 the Word of God is clear on this
07:19 as far as sorceries were all nations were deceived.
07:22 Again the merchants, the great men on the earth,
07:25 of course pharmaceutical companies
07:26 are some of the greatest companies on planet earth
07:30 as far as our sales is concerned so,
07:32 again this apply to, we believe based on Greek,
07:36 sorcery, Pharmakeia which is pharmacy and pharmacist.
07:42 Now you said pharmaceutical,
07:44 so that means that the Food and Drug Administration,
07:46 they actually put up a safety on drugs, right?
07:50 I mean, how safe they are that's what they do, is that right?
07:53 Well, not, it would appear,
07:54 the Food and Drug administration--
07:56 I mean, again it's called the Food and Drug Administration
08:00 as far as safety is concerned.
08:02 I got a statement here that-- I want to read this statement,
08:05 this is a quote, after I read the statement,
08:08 I want you to guess who made this statement, all right.
08:11 Here's the statement. This is a quote.
08:15 "Today we are faced with what
08:17 may be the single greatest drug safety catastrophe
08:24 in a history of this country.
08:27 In my opinion, the FDA has led the American people down
08:34 and sadly portrayed a public trust."
08:40 Now this is a congressional testimony.
08:44 Who do you think will make such a statement?
08:45 I mean, I'm talking about
08:47 the Food and Drug Administrations
08:48 both to protect the safety of drug,
08:50 you know, usage, can you give me any idea
08:52 who will make such a statement as far as
08:55 the Food and Drug Administration,
08:57 as far as letting the American population down
09:00 and also betraying the public trust.
09:02 You have any guesses,
09:03 any idea who will make such a statement?
09:06 I have no idea.
09:07 Okay, I want you to hold on to your seat,
09:09 I want you to hold on to your seat. Okay.
09:11 The person who made the statement,
09:13 Dr. David Graham, guess what? What?
09:16 He works for the FDA.
09:20 He is the Associate Director of Drug Safety
09:24 or the Food and Drug Administration.
09:26 He made the statement just after a box
09:29 back in a few years ago and so because he's right there
09:33 dealing with the drug safety and efficacy
09:35 of the food and drug administration.
09:37 So he's aware of that, again, you know, at sometimes
09:40 we watch television, honey,
09:42 and we all will chuck amongst ourselves
09:44 because when a drug commercial comes on-- Yes.
09:46 And over 50% of commercials are drug related.
09:49 You know, probably about 80% of the drug commercials
09:52 itself is listing all the side effects.
09:54 Yeah, yeah, yeah.
09:55 Take this drug and it does this and does this.
09:57 But if you're pregnant, or you want to get pregnant
09:59 or know someone who is pregnant
10:01 and don't take this drug or you can't operate heavy machinery,
10:04 light machinery and you can't drive your automobile
10:07 and you can hardly do anything, you know.
10:10 And I don't see if this drug is right for you,
10:12 you know, with all those side effects.
10:13 So again you have a lot of side effects
10:16 and but again lot of people
10:18 are taking medication and drug therapy.
10:21 But again you have some Belfort side effects as well.
10:24 So and you could be mind full of that
10:26 and thousands of people are dying
10:28 because of misuse and side effects of drug therapy.
10:33 Well, I was just thinking about before
10:35 when those commercials used to come on.
10:36 They would only be-- that we're speaking
10:38 really fast when we talk about the side effects.
10:40 Right, real fast.
10:41 Now they have actually slow, really slow down.
10:45 There's one particular one it came up this out,
10:47 it talks about, you know,
10:48 if you are going through depression. Oh, yeah.
10:51 And that one there and when you say that--
10:52 I mean, you know, you almost gonna fit well--
10:55 where you find out exactly what you are saying
10:57 as all the side effects.
10:59 Is worst then what you have in first place.
11:00 Really, mind will stay depressed, as they depress.
11:02 But praise the Lord, there's a way out off all this.
11:04 Yeah, more drugs for the side effects
11:06 or the list goes long and longer.
11:07 What does the other reference say about this whole thing?
11:10 Yeah, there's one inspired writer
11:12 of course this is all other reference Ellen G. White,
11:15 the author who has written more volumes
11:19 on health, healthful living
11:20 been translate more than any other author in United States
11:22 second in the world has something to say
11:24 about this topic and this is an eye opener as well.
11:27 Let's go to the screen
11:29 and look at what this author said about drug therapy.
11:32 "Drugs for a Cure?"
11:35 This is taken from the book Selected Messages,
11:37 book 2 page 451.
11:39 She simply put "Drugs never cure disease.
11:45 They only change" get this
11:48 "the form and location." All right.
11:54 Now that's a very powerful statement.
11:58 They never cure disease just simply change
12:01 the form and the location.
12:04 She goes on to say, they didn't have reference
12:06 for the rest of the quote but what happens is that years later
12:10 that form changed into a different area of the body
12:13 which has maybe another different type of disease
12:16 and people don't connect to that
12:18 because its years later and it is in different form
12:21 and in a different location.
12:23 So again drugs never cure and we're not saying
12:27 that I know that a lot of people out there
12:29 are taking drug medication for a lot of things.
12:31 We are not saying get off your drug,
12:33 we are not saying that.
12:35 You know, if God but if we're driving--
12:38 we're on a automobile on the highway,
12:40 you said this before and we get into accident
12:44 and truck hit us or whatever
12:46 rooms out of on the street
12:48 bleeding in excruciating pain.
12:51 If any of you who know us happened to be driving by
12:55 do not make me any herbal tea.
12:58 Get on your smart phone call 911.
13:02 You heard this before, why are you laughing?
13:04 And take me to the hospital and if I've to have surgery
13:07 I don't what herbs, I want the most powerful drugs
13:10 the hospital has to offer.
13:11 All right, I mean, you know, 'cause God gave us the brain
13:13 to make intelligence decisions.
13:15 But again we must me mind full
13:16 that they don't really change or cure disease
13:21 but just change the form and the location.
13:24 And then there are so many more medications and drugs
13:26 you have to take because of the side effects
13:28 of the actual drug itself.
13:29 What does God advocate when it comes to herbs?
13:32 Well, when it comes to herb and herbal medicine
13:34 the Word of God is clear as far as herbal medicine
13:37 is concerned in God's Word.
13:39 You know, on the first day--
13:40 well, on the third day of creation week
13:42 God created the earth or the field, Genesis 1:11.
13:47 And then a psalmist said in Psalm 104:14.
13:51 The Bible says, "He causeth the grass
13:54 to grow for the cattle,
13:56 and the herb for the service of man."
13:59 So herb is for our service.
14:01 So they're some few examples here
14:04 because the Word of God has lots to say
14:06 about herbal medicine,
14:07 it mentions about aloe and cinnamon,
14:10 and frankincense and myrrh
14:13 but two of the most well known herbs
14:15 that's mentioned in the word of God.
14:17 The first one is Psalms 51:7 and David says,
14:23 "purge me with" Hyssop.
14:25 That's right, "Hyssop for I shall be clean,
14:28 I should be whiter than snow."
14:30 Hyssop is an herb used to cleanse the earthly sanctuary.
14:36 It's known also to cleanse the respiratory system,
14:40 cough and bronchitis. Hyssop.
14:43 So David knew something about herbal medicine.
14:47 Now let's go to Jeremiah 51:8.
14:51 And Jeremiah talks about a balm,
14:54 I gave her a balm for her pain and she shall be healed.
14:59 Hyssop is used 12 times in Word of God.
15:01 Balm is used five times.
15:04 Elsewhere in the Word of God
15:05 Jeremiah talks about the balm of Gilead.
15:09 So there's different types of balms.
15:10 There's balm from Egypt, there's balm from Nazareth,
15:13 there's balm from Capernaum,
15:15 but the balm from Gilead is the best balm
15:18 and that's used for now today for female problems,
15:22 Melissa Lemon Balm is used for anxiety, stress, tension.
15:28 So God's word is clearer for as herbal medicine is concerned
15:32 and usually these different herbs for medicinal properties.
15:35 And by the way, you know, a lot of people say
15:37 well, you know, herbs don't really work, I use drugs.
15:40 If you look at the word drug,
15:42 the word drug has its roots in herbal healing.
15:47 For the word drug that is name from the word droge
15:51 which means to dry.
15:54 The first step into an herb into medicinal properties.
15:57 So the word drug that is roots in herbal healing.
16:01 Drug, droge are like.
16:03 I remember, and as a matter of fact there's sometimes
16:07 when I have lot things on my plate. Oh, okay.
16:09 You know, what I'm thinking about,
16:11 you know, I may have one or two projects
16:12 going at the same time.
16:13 I'm gonna use kind of people
16:15 that unless I could actually see the item
16:18 or the project completely finished
16:20 I'm not gonna go to sleep,
16:22 you know, I mean, I can get on the bed
16:23 and so think about and then get a piece of paper
16:25 and write something down and stuff.
16:26 And I remember when we first got married
16:29 and I was telling you about sometime
16:30 things are really in my mind, crawl in my mind.
16:33 And you gave me some valerian. Okay.
16:36 Now valerian is supposed to help you go to sleep,
16:38 its just kind of help to relax you,
16:40 you know, kind of empty your mind of everything really.
16:43 And I said, well, how long well this last kind of thing?
16:45 He said, well, it supposed to have a four hour time frame.
16:49 I said, okay. So he gave it to me.
16:52 Three hours and fifty-seven minutes.
16:56 My eyes open right up and I was like
16:58 okay, I couldn't take it second time,
17:00 'cause there was the morning in the next time. Yeah.
17:01 But it's kind of amazing that that actually helps
17:04 to calm you down, valerian
17:06 and takes my mind off everything going on.
17:07 And of course I take the baby children's valerian
17:12 because I don't really take the adult,
17:14 but I take the children valerian,
17:15 it does the same thing. Yes it does.
17:17 And so it's amazing how these herbs do work
17:21 and their rightful place, you know.
17:23 So I guess we have a graphic on next one as well.
17:27 Yes, this are often Allen White has something say
17:30 about herbal medicine which is a profound statement.
17:32 Let's go to screen at this time. Herbal Education.
17:35 Selected Messages book 2 page 294 she says here.
17:39 "The Lord has given simple herbs that are beneficial,
17:44 and if every family were educated,
17:49 much suffering might be prevented."
17:53 If every family were educated.
17:56 Time doesn't not permit to go list all the major herbs
17:59 and how they can be beneficial,
18:02 but again those who may take herbs
18:04 make sure that your healthcare professional be aware
18:06 that you are taken herbs,
18:07 so there will be no counter indication
18:09 with any medication that you've taken as well.
18:12 So your healthcare professional must be aware of that
18:15 for safety or precautions as well.
18:17 How can we learn more about that,
18:19 how can we learn more about herbal medicine?
18:20 Yeah, those who are interested-- good question, honey,
18:22 to learn more about herbal medicine
18:24 there is a company that have been--
18:26 we've been members are for over I guess 15 years
18:29 and let's go to screen at this time
18:31 and let's talk about this company.
18:33 It's the American Botanical Council,
18:36 this is probably the number one organization
18:39 in the United States non-private organization
18:41 dealing with herb and herbal medicine in this country.
18:45 They have a herbal course which also gave you CE credits.
18:49 They have a internship for university students
18:52 and also have a physician's guide to herbal medicine
18:55 and a lot more as well.
18:57 And so those who can just do a Google search
18:59 go American Botanical Council gives you all information
19:03 about the most prolific herbs out there,
19:05 the most 20, 25 herbs that most people use
19:08 and also they are beneficial effects
19:11 based on clinical studies,
19:13 for those who are interested may want to check
19:15 on the American Botanical Council.
19:17 You're talking about checking on American Council.
19:19 We're also going into the American kitchen,
19:22 because at this point-- I know you're thinking
19:24 that we're not doing any recipes, but we are.
19:26 We're gonna be doing the Spicy Tofu Lettuce Wrap.
19:28 So you want to get your paper and pencil
19:30 and you want to meet us in the kitchen.


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