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The 3 Diets

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00:01 Well, we've accomplished this. Okay, team effort.
00:03 Yes, yes, yes. So spicy, spicy.
00:06 Spicy.
00:07 Black-eyed peas and tomato soup.
00:09 That's exactly what we've made over here.
00:10 On the side there-- And some cornbread.
00:12 Not cornbread, but cornbread.
00:13 This is thyme and chili. Thyme and chili.
00:16 So we got fresh thyme. All right.
00:18 And we go the chili in there as well.
00:19 So it's nice-- It looks magnifying, baby.
00:21 You know--
00:22 Based on God's original best diet for mankind,
00:25 longevity and health as well.
00:27 Now honey, over the years, the USDA,
00:29 Department of Agriculture is coming out
00:31 with several food suggestions, how we should eat.
00:35 Had the flour food groups years ago,
00:37 had the pyramid chart.
00:38 What's the latest now as far as the food groups are concerned?
00:41 Well, believe it or not,
00:42 the newest one now is called the "My Plate."
00:44 And the "My Plate" concept is, you know,
00:46 the pyramid chart was like that pyramid.
00:48 And no one really understood that, okay.
00:50 Should we eat up to the top or down
00:51 to the bottom, how should we do that?
00:53 Well, now the 'My Plate' concept
00:54 is the actual plate of food.
00:56 And one half of the plate should be
00:58 your fruits and your vegetables
01:00 and then one fourth of your plate
01:02 is going to be your carbohydrate,
01:03 that's your complex carbohydrates, and then,
01:06 now we also want that last part to be lean protein.
01:09 And we say lean protein, low fat milk and also
01:13 really-really small amount of dairy.
01:16 So now the USDA is now getting closer
01:18 to man's original best plant-based diet, right?
01:22 Okay.
01:23 Well, we now offer you, people out there
01:25 God's free health plan based on what we've been
01:27 talking about in today's program and other few weeks coming up,
01:32 it's about 80 Bible texts about what God had to say
01:34 about healthful living as well.
01:36 So, again, amazingfacts.org.
01:39 John 10:10, Jesus said, "I have come
01:41 that they might have life and have it more abundantly."


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