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00:01 This is a real good recipe, Curtis.
00:02 It is a spicy black-eyed peas and tomato soup.
00:06 Tomato soup, okay.
00:08 And because of the time factor,
00:09 what we've done is that I've already gotten the beans,
00:11 the black-eyed peas are already basically finished, okay.
00:14 Already ready to go. Already ready to go.
00:15 So we're going to be just kind of adding
00:16 in the rest of the ingredients that goes along with that.
00:18 so what, we used to dumping, huh?
00:19 Yeah, we're going to do some dumping.
00:21 So let's look at what we're actually going to be doing.
00:22 What's the ingredients here? Okay. All right. Let's do it.
00:44 Okay. Now--
00:45 Now this is new. This is--
00:47 We had this before. Did you make this for me?
00:49 No, no. Well, I've had it before.
00:51 Yeah, I've made it before for you.
00:52 It's real spicy. Okay.
00:54 It's got lot of stuff going on with it.
00:55 And like I said already that the--black-eyed peas
00:57 are ready and now, and this recipe
00:59 has a lot of good stuff because it's nice and spicy.
01:01 When we talk about all that good nutrition
01:03 and everything going on.
01:04 Now this is the best diet, God's original plant-based diet,
01:07 the one that we advocated.
01:09 This is the best one. All right.
01:10 We're going to turn it-- let's turn our fire down,
01:11 just a little bit more. Okay.
01:13 Turn it down for me. Down, down...
01:16 I'm going in the opposite direction.
01:18 Okay. That's it. Good, good.
01:19 There you go. Okay.
01:20 Now, in this recipe, here's all the goodies, okay.
01:22 First, we're gonna put in the red onions.
01:24 All right. Red onions.
01:25 I'll go ahead and put them in.
01:26 You can stir as I'm doing it.
01:28 You're going to be able to do that.
01:29 I am going to get all the goodies out.
01:31 Go on stirring all those.
01:32 And in this recipe also it calls for banana pepper.
01:40 Banana peppers-- Banana peppers going in.
01:42 Now, are those hot? Banana peppers--?
01:43 No, no. No, they're not hot.
01:45 Okay. All right. No, no not at all.
01:46 And then it calls for
01:48 two garlic cloves, nice and minced.
01:50 You can see this is-- this is not playing around.
01:53 Honey hush. Mm-hmm.
01:55 You smell good already? You smell good too, baby.
01:57 Thank you. No, thank you.
01:58 And then, we are going to go ahead--
02:00 Now these are stewed tomatoes?
02:02 These are stewed tomatoes.
02:03 Let's get a better-- us a better spoon
02:05 that's got a little bit more--
02:06 Yeah. Personality there.
02:07 How about that? Spoon has more personality.
02:09 Now, really, when I do this at home
02:13 I actually cook the peppers and onions a little bit longer.
02:18 So that once it goes into the actual recipe itself.
02:21 It's not going to take as long because it's about good--
02:23 I would say a good eight minutes or so.
02:24 Okay. Okay.
02:26 Now, we're going to then take and put in our stewed tomatoes.
02:29 Just use this one here. Oh, okay.
02:31 Use this one. So we add those in there.
02:32 All right. Stewed tomatoes.
02:35 Stewed tomatoes. Stewed tomatoes.
02:38 Oh, this is going to be a good dish.
02:39 Oh yeah. Oh yeah. I can see that right now.
02:41 A good nice hardy soup. Okay.
02:44 This is one of the best diet.
02:46 Best diet. The best diet. All right.
02:48 You've got to stir it up there.
02:49 Stir it up, now.
02:51 All right.
02:52 Oops, making a wrong move there, huh?
02:55 It seems very colorful, very pretty.
02:57 Yes, it is because you are in the color.
02:59 All right. That's right. That's right.
03:01 That's right. Okay.
03:03 And then lastly what we're going to be
03:05 adding is we are going to put in--
03:06 And what are those? These are red pepper flakes.
03:08 That we're putting in, remember, it's spicy.
03:10 Okay.
03:12 And then we're going to put in--
03:13 Gonna possess little kick to huh?
03:14 And then we're going to put in the salt, okay.
03:16 Okay. You can stir that up.
03:18 All right. Made cholesterol free dish.
03:21 Cholesterol free, cholesterol free,
03:24 that's the name of the game, okay.
03:25 Lot of fiber? Lots of fiber.
03:27 Okay, let's maybe get a lid on that.
03:29 Now, you're going to let that sit for--
03:31 I'm going to let that finish cooking, and normally,
03:33 I let this go ahead
03:34 as I am gonna finished cooking,
03:35 and I let it cook for at least another,
03:37 well, I say about 10 minutes or so,
03:39 so that all the flavors can get in there
03:41 and this is going to be a real good recipe.
03:43 But you know, Curtis, this is not it.
03:45 Because believe or not, how could you have
03:47 black-eyed peas soup and not have cornbread with it.
03:51 So let's look at that recipe.
03:52 Oh, all right now.
04:24 Now this actually is one of the recipes
04:26 that kind of goes with this actual black-eyed peas.
04:29 That's right. Cornbread.
04:31 We are going to put this one together-cornbread, cornbread
04:33 and we're going to put in first a cup of cornmeal.
04:36 Okay.
04:38 And then we're going to put in our whole wheat pastry flour.
04:39 How about that?
04:41 And where can people get whole wheat pastry--
04:42 this may be new to some people.
04:43 Whole wheat pastry flour is, believe it or not,--
04:45 But now in major grocery stores, correct?
04:46 That's right. It's in new major grocery stores now.
04:48 All right. Whole wheat pastry flour.
04:49 You can go to your health food store
04:51 but they are also-- in a lot of your
04:52 other stores now that has a health food section.
04:54 All right.
04:56 It's a different fluffier, lighter type of flour.
04:57 Lighter, like the pastry flour is a different
05:00 in that unlike 100% whole wheat flour,
05:03 the pastry flour is summer wheat,
05:04 and by being a summer wheat, it's lighter in texture
05:07 and so I like to use that in things like my breads
05:09 and also in my cornbread or regular breads
05:11 or my biscuits because it really helps them
05:13 get a little bit lighter texture,
05:15 not quite as heavy and weighty as whole wheat bread, okay?
05:17 Okay. Sounds good. All right.
05:18 Now we are using aluminum free
05:20 also baking powder in this product as well.
05:23 And something a little bit different
05:24 and that's the vegan parmesan alternative.
05:28 And this is once again a vegan product
05:31 which means there's no milk, no eggs, and no diary
05:34 and yet it has a smell in a sense as is parmesan.
05:38 Not really parmesan, so we can put that in this one--
05:42 So, no cholesterol in this recipe.
05:44 None whatsoever. All right.
05:45 And then we are going to add into that
05:47 also our fructose or fruit sugar.
05:49 It's also one of those we're going to be adding
05:51 and these are cane sugars that are--
05:54 that have not been modified
05:56 or have been tampered with the process.
05:57 We're going to put in a tablespoon of that.
05:59 And of course, we've got our teaspoon of salt,
06:02 we're going to put that in.
06:04 All right. Okay.
06:05 And we've got--okay, here comes the hot stuff.
06:07 We're going to put a little bit of the chilly--
06:08 That's going to be a hot cornbread.
06:10 The red chilly peppers that goes in because
06:11 it's going to match the black-eyed peas.
06:13 They have to match the black-eyed peas.
06:14 And in this recipe, Curtis, something different.
06:17 I've done cornbreads before,
06:18 but this one actually has fresh thyme.
06:22 Ah, let's put that thyme in, okay.
06:24 And we're going to just stir it all up.
06:27 And in this recipe if you would,
06:29 you can go ahead on and mix together,
06:30 here's our soymilk. Okay.
06:32 Coming down to the wire. Okay.
06:34 We're going to mix-- no, not in there.
06:36 We're going to put the soymilk
06:37 and we're going to put three tablespoons of olive oil.
06:38 Why don't you go ahead and put that into the--
06:40 Put the oil in the soymilk. Right on in there.
06:42 Okay. Okay.
06:44 And just whiz that around for a few minutes.
06:45 I've already got my loaf pan ready to go--
06:50 And we are going to stir it up.
06:51 I want you to pour that slightly,
06:52 go ahead and pour that into that mix for me.
06:55 All right. Coming down to the wire--
06:57 All righty, all righty. There you go.
07:00 And this is going to be-- I am going to stir it up,
07:02 I am going to put it into my pan.
07:04 And then we're going to put it in the oven.
07:06 And this is going to go in the oven
07:07 at 400 degrees for about I'll say 20 minutes or so.
07:11 And so, guess what, when we come back,
07:14 we're going to put this into the pan,
07:17 we're going to put it in the oven at 400 degrees
07:19 and when we come back,
07:20 you will see the finished products.
07:21 So stay by.


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